» » The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Little Pistol (1955–1961)

Short summary

While Earp is having dinner with the Hollidays, a gang robs Doc's saloon of $20,000 and kills a dealer. Earp and Doc track and ambush the gang but they all escape except for a young girl who calls herself Little Pistol. She has a flesh wound on one arm but it doesn't stop her from fighting Earp and Doc. They take her back to Dodge City where Kate Holliday tends to her. She likes Earp but not Doc. They try to get her to talk but she refuses although her nightmares indicate she was taken during an Apache attack on her family. Due to a couple of impacted teeth, Doc gives her nitrous oxide to let him pull them and hopefully to get her to talk. Her babbles give Earp enough information to get some answers. Doc wants his money back but Earp realizes Little Pistol who is Susan Leonard may be in danger as Doc also worries Kate may want to adopt her.

Tina Thompson's final credited role.

Episode cast overview:
Hugh O'Brian Hugh O'Brian - Wyatt Earp
Douglas Fowley Douglas Fowley - Doc Holliday
Carol Stone Carol Stone - Kate Holliday
Tina Thompson Tina Thompson - Susan Leonard
Glenn Strange Glenn Strange - One-Eye Milburn
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