» » The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Indian Wife (1955–1961)

Short summary

Dick and Laura Melaney arrive in Dodge City with their toddler son on their way back east for a vacation. The daughter of Cheyenne Chief Two Moon, Laura attended an Indian school where she became accustomed to the white life style. Dick married her and together they have built up a nice spread in Kansas. The trip is to allow Laura to see the eastern US and see how well she is accepted although Indian wives are not always accepted in the west due to hard feelings. At the hotel the drunk Rex Jones tries to make a pass at her twice. The first time Earp stops Dick from killing Rex in a shootout while Laura wounds him with a pistol when they meet alone in the hall later. Fearing she will run afoul of the law, Laura leaves with their son and returns to her father's camp. Two Moon does not like his son-in-law and treats his daughter as property. Earp with the help of Mr. Cousin and Mr. Brother tries to intercede but Two Moon takes Dick captive and wants him to kill Rex Jones. Earp has a ...

Episode cast overview:
Hugh O'Brian Hugh O'Brian - Wyatt Earp
Carol Thurston Carol Thurston - Laura Melaney
Richard Garland Richard Garland - Dick Melaney
Lane Bradford Lane Bradford - Two Moon
Sheb Wooley Sheb Wooley - Rex Jones
Rico Alaniz Rico Alaniz - Mr. Cousin
Rodd Redwing Rodd Redwing - Mr. Brother
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