» » Красавица-воин Сейлор Мун Enemies No More (1995–2000)

Short summary

Wiseman predicts that Chibi-Usa will appear at Hikawa Shrine. Learning of this, Rubeus orders Koan to go down there and eliminate their target.

Catsy's voice actress changes with this episode.

Episode credited cast:
Steven Bednarski Steven Bednarski - Chad (voice)
Karen Bernstein Karen Bernstein - Amy / Sailor Mercury (voice)
Tony Daniels Tony Daniels - Wiseman (voice)
Norma Dell'Agnese Norma Dell'Agnese - Prisma (voice)
Jill Frappier Jill Frappier - Luna (voice)
David Fraser David Fraser - Grandpa Hino (voice)
Katie Griffin Katie Griffin - Raye / Sailor Mars (voice)
Jennifer Griffiths Jennifer Griffiths - Avery (voice)
Terri Hawkes Terri Hawkes - Serena / Sailor Moon (voice)
Tracey Hoyt Tracey Hoyt - Rini (voice)
Kathleen Laskey Kathleen Laskey - Birdie (voice)
Mary Long Mary Long - Catsy (voice)
Stephanie Morgenstern Stephanie Morgenstern - Mina / Sailor Venus (voice)
Toby Proctor Toby Proctor - Darien / Tuxedo Mask (voice)
Susan Roman Susan Roman - Lita / Sailor Jupiter (voice)
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