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A group of schoolgirls discover they are incarnations of super-powered alien princesses, and use their abilities to defend the earth.
14-year-old crybaby Usagi Tsukino is always late, irresponsible, is boy-crazy, never serious and gluttonous. She's chosen by the talking guardian cat Luna as the leader Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight the evil of Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom and locate/protect the Moon Princess. She's joined by Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino and Minako Aino, the other four (more serious) Sailor Senshi. The senshi is occasionally rescued by the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen.

Trailers "Красавица-воин Сейлор Мун "

Sailor Moon's "Moon Tiara Action" attack has her throwing her tiara at her enemy. This is a tribute to the superheroine Wonder Woman, who could also throw her tiara as a weapon.

The Sailor Senshi's civilian names relate to their superhuman roles:

  • the name of Usagi Tsukino is loosely translated as "Rabbit of the Moon" ("usagi" means "rabbit", and "tsuki" means "moon").This pertains to a Japanese folktale about a rabbit that can be seen in the Moon, and also to her moon-based powers.
  • Chibiusa is a loose term of "little Usagi" ("chibi" means "little" or "mini"), she being Usagi's daughter and Sailor MINI-Moon.
  • Ami Mizuno reads "Asian Beauty of Water" ("A" means "Asian" and "mi" means "beauty", while "mizu" means "water"), which reveals her power to control water.
  • Rei Hino's surname relates to fire ("hi" means "fire"), which reveals her power to control fire. The word "rei" could be translated as "beautiful", "companion", "spirit", or "soul" (the latter fits her "Fire Soul" cry), but the name "Rei" is always written in Katakana, which suggests that it doesn't have any Japanese meaning.
  • Makoto Kino translates as "Tree Spirit Makoto" ( "ki" means "tree" and "spirit"), and her power is control over nature (mostly trees/lightning).
  • Minako Aino reads "Beautiful Child of Love" ("mi" means "beauty" and "ko" means child, while "ai" means "love"). This pertains to Venus being the goddess of love.
  • Setsuna Meioh is loosely translated as "Moment of Pluto", which alludes to her power over time ("setsuna" means "moment", while "mei" and "o" mean "dark" and "king" and are derived from "meiosei"-"Dark King Star" which describes Pluto).
  • Michiru Kaioh means "Neptune Rising" ("michiru" means "rising", while "kai" and "o" mean "sea" and "king" and are derived from "kaiosei"-"Sea King Star" which describes Neptune), which alludes to her powers coming from the ocean.
  • Haruka Tenoh means "Distant Uranus" ("haruka" means "distant", while "ten" and "o" mean "sky" and "king" and are derived from "tenosei"-"Sky King Star" which describes Uranus) which alludes to her powers coming from the sky/wind.
  • Hotaru Tomoe is loosely translated as "Firefly of Saturn" ("hotaru" means "firefly", while "to" means "earth" and is derived from "dosei"-"Earth Star" which describes Saturn). Fireflies are associated with spirits of the dead, which allude to her power of death/rebirth.

Keiko Han, who voices the moon cat Luna and the villainess Queen Beryl, would amuse the cast by switching between Luna's fussy-nanny voice and Beryl's deep-contralto voice.

Fans of the series have classified the Sailor Senshi into two groups, Inner (Sailors Moon, Chibi-Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter) and Outer (Sailors Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn). The Inner Senshi serve as guardians to Sailor Moon, while the Outer Senshi guard against threats from beyond the solar system.

Sailor Mercury, since she possessed almost-inhuman intelligence, was originally going to be a cyborg, with a built-in accelerator. Naoko Takeuchi had planned a storyline centered on this concept, where Sailor Mercury would suffer a crisis of humanity due to her robotic nature, and would lose her powers or her life. These concepts were rejected in favour of making her a fully human character like her friends; however the cyborg element was given to Hotaru Tomoe.

While in college, Naoko Takeuchi worked at the Shiba Daijingu Shrine as a "miko" (temple maiden). She incorporated this trait into Rei Hino: she works as a miko at her grandfather's shrine, and possesses abilities like fire reading (a divinity skill), prophetic dreams and the use of ofuda (good luck talismans). Her Sailor Senshi uniform is also coloured like miko robes, and an attack of hers (Mars Flame Sniper) pays tribute to the archery skills miko are traditionally schooled in.

A primary location in the "Sailor Moon" saga is the Hikawa Shrine, where Rei Hino works. In the real world, there are three Hikawa shrines, situated in the town of Minato, Tokyo (in the districts of Azabujuban, Akasaka and Shirokane . The shrine seen in the comic is the Azabujuban shrine, the shrine seen in this anime is based on the Akasaka shrine, and the shrine in Shirokane was an actual filming location for Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon (2003).

Tuxedo Mask's costume was inspired by the Gaston Leroux-Andrew Lloyd Webber work "The Phantom of the Opera", which was about a mysterious man in a tuxedo/mask whose herald is a rose, and who watches over a certain girl he is in love with...

Originally, Tuxedo Mask was going to be named Mysterious 2098 Face. Naoko Takeuchi was later bewildered that she could come up with such a flamboyant-but-meaningless title.

Initially, Naoko Takeuchi wanted Sailor Moon to have pink hair. This evolved into Sailor Moon having both blonde (as Usagi) and silver hair (as Sailor Moon), but Takeuchi's editor explained that silver hair would make the heroine look too plain. The concept of hair colour changing between transformations was adapted into the live-action series Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon (2003).

Sailor Jupiter would sometimes perform her "Supreme Thunder" attack calling out: "Waga shugo Mokusei yo! Arashi wo okose! Kumo wo yobe! Ikazuchi wo furaseyo!" This meant "My guardian Jupiter! Brew a storm! Call the clouds! Bring down the lightning!"

In the "Sailor Moon" manga comic, the Sailor Starlights were women who disguised themselves as men on Earth. In the series, they BECAME men, and changed back to females only when transforming into their Senshi forms. Naoko Takeuchi was appalled at the change, claiming it contradicted a prime directive in her "Sailor Moon" saga: all Sailor Senshi are and should be only FEMALE.

When Sailor Moon was broadcast in South Korea beginning in 1997 all kissing and the Hikawa Shrine was cut. Episodes where a lot of time was spent at the shrine or that had any kissing weren't broadcast at all. Of the 200 episodes of the Sailor Moon series 44 weren't broadcast in South Korea.

While Artemis is the Roman goddess of hunting Artemis the character is ironically a male. In the French version he was initially referred to as she but the mistake was corrected before it was shown that he and Luna had a kitten together.

Naoko Takeuchi planned to kill off all of the Sailors in the manga but her bosses steadfastedly refused. She was extremely annoyed when they all ironically died in the anime's first season even though they came back to life.

A Hebrew dub of Sailor Moon was broadcast in 2011, 18 years after the first broadcast of Sailor Moon outside of Japan. Zoisite and Kunzite remained gay with Zoisite and Fisheye getting stereotypically gay voices. In parts nudity was censored and in others it wasn't.

The sailor soldiers use English words to activate their powers.

Naoko Takeuchi had started up the whole saga with "Codename: Sailor V", a manga comic about a young schoolgirl, Minako Aino, who gains superpowers and the form of a young woman and fights for justice under the codename Sailor V. She was accompanied by a cat named Artemis and had a magical compact and pen to assist her. Run-Run, the company that published the comic, intended to make an anime series about Sailor V (in the time-honored tradition of making manga and anime series together), but unfortunately went bankrupt before production started. The idea of a celestial superheroine was retained/expanded/refined, but Sailor V ended up as Sailor Moon's friend and comrade Sailor Venus.

The series is based on "Taketori Monogatari", a popular Japanese folktale about a princess from a kingdom in the moon, who came down to live on earth.

Naoko Takeuchi has stated that Tuxedo Mask takes the place of Sailor Earth. Mamoru Chiba's own name implies his previous life as the Earth's protector ("mamoru" means "protect", and "chi" and "ba" mean "earth" and "place" which together mean "local").

The cats Luna, Artemis and Diana were all named in relation to the moon: Luna is the Latin term for "moon", while Artemis and Diana were the names of the Greek and Roman goddesses of the moon.

For its release to the United States as Sailor Moon (1995), changes in names had to be carried out (main cast):

  • Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) became Serena Tsukino
  • Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask) became Darien Chiba
  • Chibiusa (Sailor Mini Moon) became Rini
  • Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) became Amy Anderson (but also referred to as Amy Mizuno in later episodes)
  • Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) became Raye Hino
  • Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) became Lita Kino
  • Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) became Mina Aino
  • Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Pluto) became Trista Meioh
  • Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) became Michelle Kaioh
  • Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Uranus) became Amara Tenoh
  • Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn)'s name remained unchanged.

Each of the superheroines is a "Sailor Senshi." The term "senshi" means "soldier" or "warrior", while the "Sailor" is obviously inspired by the sailor suits worn by the heroines.

The distinctive sailor uniforms worn by the Sailor Senshi were based on the "sera fuku", a Japanese schoolgirl uniform that resembles a sailor suit.

According to Naoko Takeuchi, Usagi Tsukino's personality is closest to herself.

In college, Naoko Takeuchi wore her hair on the "odango" hairstyle (a combination of bun and pigtail hairstyles) before facing difficult classes/examinations. She incorporated this hairstyle into her heroine Usagi Tsukino.

Rei Hino works at the Hikawa Shrine. In the series, the "hi" in "Hikawa" means "fire", serving as a sign to Rei Hino's ability. In real life, the "hi" stands for "ice" (ironic, isn't it?).

Originally, Makoto Kino was going to be a smoker, and a "sukeban" (the leader of a gang of girls), but her delinquent nature was toned down to her getting into fights with girls.

Naoko Takeuchi had wanted to create a character like Haruka Tenoh ever since the beginning of her career, describing her as "a girl's best friend and fairytale prince in one." She also created Michiru Kaioh to serve as a match to Haruka, explaining it was only natural for a masculine character like Haruka to fall in love with a feminine one like Michiru (even if they were BOTH female).

Naoko Takeuchi originally intended Tuxedo Mask to play a greater part in the saga, and uncover more mysteries that would play a part in the Sailor Senshi's destinies.

Sailor Moon's voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi was ill between episodes 44-50, and during that time she was substituted by Kae Araki. Araki would later go on to voice Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon's daughter.

Many of Usagi Tsukino's family members are based on Naoko Takeuchi's own family: she had a devoted but busy father, a loving but nagging mother and a bratty younger brother. They even have the same names of Kenji, Ikuko, and Shingo.

Queen Beryl and the Shitennou Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite were all named after crystals. Beryl is a mineral; Jadeite and nephrite are two varieties of jade; zoisite is also known as blue tanzanite, and kunzite is a type of pink genstone.

Crimson Rubeus's minions, the Ayakashi Sisters (Petz, Calaveras, Koan and Berthier) are all named after the minerals petzite, calaverite, "koanko" (Japanese for kermesite) and berthierite. An "ayakashi" is also a female spirit/siren who searches the oceans for lost sailors.

The members of the Amazoness Quartet are named after the goddesses of Roman mythology:

  • CereCere, whose powers are plant-based, was named after the goddess of nature Ceres
  • PallaPalla was named after the goddess of wisdom Pallas - however in Italian "Palla" means "ball", and her powers involve bouncing balls
  • JunJun, who acts in a motherly way towards her victims, was named after the goddess of motherhood Juno
  • VesVes, who has an independent feminist nature, was named after the goddess of femininity Vesta.

Rei Hino uses an attack with ofudas called "Akuryo Taisan." This was an exorcism chant meaning "Evil Spirit, Be Gone." Sometimes she would additionally chant "Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!" ("all warriors have been lined up in formation here").

Sailor Mars's "Burning Mandala" attack features the appearance of eight Buddhist symbols; these symbols stand for the eight corners of the world (north, northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest). The "mandala" is itself a Buddhist term, emphasizing the spiritual nature of Sailor Mars.

Sailor Pluto's "Dead Scream" is aptly titled, as Pluto was the god of the underworld, the resting place for the dead.

Prince Helios is named after the god of the sun. There has been speculation that Helios takes the place of Sailor Sun.

According to Naoko Takeuchi, she always wondered whether the leg-slit on the Black Lady's dress was a bit too far, especially when she saw the Black Lady in the anime (she was shocked to find she looked more voluptuous in the anime than in the manga).

Each of the Sailor Senshi's blood-type was chosen, based on a Japanese horoscope that a person's personality traits depend on their blood type:

  • Usagi Tsukino's blood-type was chosen as O, which indicates friendliness, optimism, and carelessness
  • Ami Mizuno's blood-type was chosen as A, which indicates sensibility and fastidiousness
  • Rei Hino's blood-type was chosen as AB, which indicates a calm but critical nature
  • Makoto Kino's blood-type was chosen as O, which indicates friendliness and vanity
  • Minako Aino's blood-type was chosen as B, which indicates optimism and an adventurous nature
  • Setsuna Meioh 's blood-type was chosen as A, which indicates sensibility and over-earnestness
  • Michiru Kaioh's blood-type was chosen as O, which indicates agreeability and vanity
  • Haruka Tenoh's blood-type was chosen as B, which indicates cheerfulness, wildness and selfishness
  • Hotaru Tomoe's blood-type was chosen as AB, which indicates coolness, rationality and indecisiveness.

The first non-Japanese country to air the show was France in December 1993. As with most foreign adaptations the homosexuality was removed and the characters' names were changed.

Naoko Takeuchi was inspired to create Uranus and Neptune from a picture of a couple she saw in a fashion magazine and wanted to give them a lesbian image. According to the manga she couldn't remember at the time why she made them lesbians and can't remember now either. According to an interview she did with Kappa Magazine in September 1996 it was to show that friendship between 2 girls can become romance. It's heavily implied in the anime that they have sex confirming that they are indeed in love and not so close that you'd think they were in love.

In foreign broadcasts of Sailor Moon Zoisite is commonly changed to being female to hide the fact that he is in a gay relationship with Kunzite unlike in the manga. A long lived fan rumour stated that he was female in the Swedish dub because having a gay villain would look homophobic. The dubbers have stated that his voice was so feminine in the original Japanese that they simply didn't know that he was a man in the first place.

Ami Mizuno's appearance was based on Japanese pop singer Noriko Sakai.

Sailor Mars has the assistance of two crows at the Hikawa Shrine, named Phobos and Deimos. In Greek mythology, Phobos and Deimos were the embodiments of fear and terror, twin brothers and the sons of the war god Ares (known in Roman mythology as Mars).

Sailor Jupiter was originally going to be called Mamoru Kino, but the first name was given to Tuxedo Mask instead. The name "Makoto" which is usually a boys' name, was given to Sailor Jupiter to highlight her tomboy nature.

Setsuna was the only one of the main Sailor Senshi in the series to invent a civilian identity for herself, rather than have one before becoming a Senshi. This could be due to her role as the guardian of time meaning she was eternal, and so rather than being reborn she would need to create a new identity.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were created as a duo together, to serve as complementary but opposite characters.

Naoko Takeuchi was shocked that Sailor Uranus was portrayed in the series as more masculine; but she was glad that even with such radical changes, fans liked the character.

In the series, the male Shitennou Zoisite and Kunzite are portrayed as lovers. In Sailor Moon (1995), Zoisite was made a woman to tone down the adult-themed relationship. No such relationship between the pair exists in the original manga.

The aliens Airu (Ail or Ali) and Ann take the human aliases of brother-sister Seijuro and Natsumi Ginga. The surname "Ginga" means "galaxy" and the individual names are also cosmically descriptive:

  • Seijuro translates to "10th Son of the Stars" ("sei" means "star", "ju" means "ten" and "ro" is derived from "rou" which means "sons"), and thus his full name can be read as "10th Son of the Galaxy Stars".
  • Natsumi translates to "Summer Beauty" ("natsu" means "summer" and "mi" means "beauty") , and thus her full name can be read as "Summer Beauty of the Galaxy".

The word "Makaiju" means "Hell Tree". In Sailor Moon (1995), this was changed to "Doom Tree."

The members of the Black Moon Clan are named after precious jewels

  • Crimson Rubeus's last name is Latin for ruby
  • Green Esmeraude's last name is French for emerald
  • Blue Saphir's last name is French for sapphire
  • and Prince Demand's name is close to diamond.

The members of the Amazoness Quartet (CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun, and VesVes) are named after the planets Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta respectively. These are the first four planets discovered (in that order) in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in the early 19th century. By modern definition all asteroids are classified as minor planets, except Ceres, which is classified as a dwarf planet.

Sailors Pluto, Uranus and Neptune carry three talismans that are used to form the Holy Grail of the Moon Kingdom - the Space Sword (Sailor Uranus), the Deep Aqua Mirror (Sailor Neptune) and the Garnet Orb (Sailor Pluto). These talismans are based on the imperial treasures of Japan: a sword (for valour), a mirror (for wisdom) and a jewel (for benevolence). These treasures were given to the Japanese Royal Family by the sun goddess Amaterasu (represented in this series, ironically, by Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom).

Sailor Mercury's "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody" attack has her summon a watery lyre and play it, to fire blasts of water. The lyre is said to have been invented by the Roman god Mercury.

Sailor Jupiter's "Jupiter Oak Evolution" involves her firing leaf-shaped blasts of energy at her enemy. In Roman mythology, nature (particularly the oak tree) was sacred to Jupiter.

Naoko Takeuchi says Helios got his "irresponsible ways" from herself.

The Sailor Starlights assume the identity of a pop music band called the "San Hikari" (Three Lights). In the Shinto belief, the three lights are identified as the sun, moon and stars:

  • Kou Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter) is associated with the sun, and so wields a red rose
  • Kou Taiki (Sailor Star Maker) is associated with the moon, and so wields a white rose
  • Kou Yaten (Sailor Star Healer) is associated with the stars, and so wields a yellow rose.

The Sailor Starlight Kou Seiya was based on Jenny Shimizu, and was meant to be a fusion of the masculine personalities Haruka Tenoh and Mamoru Chiba.

Naoko Takeuchi wishes that Sailor Cosmos (an all-powerful Senshi from the future and considered to be Sailor Moon's ultimate incarnation), a character who only appeared in the manga comic, had made it into the series.

The Sailor Starlight's black costumes are very similar to the new black and white Wonder Woman comic book costume which was first shown in 1995, a year before the Sailor Stars series was released.

The Inner Senshi all have surnames with the title "no" (meaning "field") in them, while the Outer Senshi have surnames that are based on their individual planet.

Naoko Takeuchi based Tuxedo Mask on Leiji Matsumoto's space pirate Captain Harlock, who she felt represented her own ideal man: "strong, silent and unshakeable."

The Sailor Animamates of the Shadow Galactica take civilian identities based on their names:

  • Sailor Iron Mouse takes the name of Chiuko Nezu ("chu" is the sound mice make, and "Nezu" is short for "nezumi", which means "mouse." )
  • Sailor Aluminium Siren takes the name of Reiko Aya (this is a word pun on "mermaid" and "puppet"' mermaids are infamous for acting as sirens to make men puppets )
  • Sailor Lead Crow takes the name of Akane Karasuma (these are the words for a certain shade of red; "red" and "lead" are given the same writing in Japanese)
  • Sailor Tin Nyanko takes the name of Nyanko Suzu ("nyanko" is colloquial slang for "cat", while "suzu" means "bell").

Naoko Takeuchi claims she had to draw Helios in a hurry due to time deadlines, so she was unhappy with his outfit design.

The Sailor Starlights were minor characters in the "Sailor Moon" manga, created to represent the vast number of Sailor Senshi spread out across the galaxy. In this series, however, they were given a major role, in fact they even served as protagonists.

The Sailor Starlights bear distinct parallels to Hindu mythology, particularly the Trimurti: the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer.

Most of the antagonists are named after a crystal, precious gem, or mineral.

In an early episode a shop says Valentino Rossi. It is learnt much later that Haruka is a motocross racer, just like Valentino Rossi.

Olav F. Anderson wrote new Swedish lyrics for the opening and ending songs and worked as a voice actor on the show as well as translating from English scripts provided by Toei. He has described the scripts' linguistic quality as atrocious.

In an interview with MixxZine the creator of the manga the show was based off of, Naoko Takeuchi, stated that Sailor Moon is most like her own personality (clumsy but with a kind heart) and Sailor Neptune is the one most different to her (calm, serious and ruthless).

Sailor Senshi color themes are related to the Japanese names of their respective planets: "Kasei" (Mars) means "Fire Star" and Sailor Mars has a red color theme, "Suisei" (Mercury) means "Water Star" and Sailor Mercury has a blue color theme, "Mokusei" (Jupiter) means "Tree Star" and Sailor Jupiter has a green color theme, and "Kinsei" (Venus) means "Gold Star" and Sailor Venus has a golden color theme.

When Viz Media took over the series and produced their own english dub for the United States, all the original names for the characters and special attacks were completely restored to what they were in the Japanese version, and unlike with the previous releases, the rights for the fifth and final season Sailor Stars were also acquired, with the episodes for the Japanese version posted on Hulu for that season as well as the others.

Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi was not pleased that Toei Animation took the liberties of making the Starlights males in their civilian forms. In the original manga (Japanese comics), the Starlights are females regardless of whether they become Sailor Soldiers or appear in the civilian forms.

This was the last season to be dubbed in French, English, and Hungarian. However, France and the United States would eventually get "Sailor Stars" with a new voice cast.

The full title of the third season of Sailor Moon is "Sailor Moon Super", which can be herd in the eyecatch before and after the comershal breaks in the original Japanese version.

Contrary to popular belief among Sailor Moon fans, the Starlights' surnames are not "Kou" (literally, "light"). Kou is the personal name they each share. Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki are their surnames. Because the Starlights share the same personal name, they are known by their surnames.

The early episodes of Sailor Moon Stars are a continuation of a story arc from Sailor Moon SuperS.

The success of this Sailor Moon series saved it from declining ratings and near cancellation during the Sailor Moon SuperS airings.

Toei animation stopped production of Sailor Moon when Sailor Stars was assigned and america lost its rights to Sailor Moon.

The planet Jupiter is notable for its turbulent weather (huge storms, lightning, etc.). One of Sailor Jupiter's abilities is to call up lightning.

Naoko Takeuchi was inspired to create Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus by the Takarazuka Revue, an all-female troupe of stage actors. Takeuchi believes the troupe is the maximum level of feminine emancipation: "These actresses cover all roles of the plays, even the male ones." She had also originally intended Haruka and Michiru to be members of the Takarazuka Revue.

Naoko Takeuchi has a fascination with racing cars, a trait she incorporated into Haruka Tenoh. They even share a favorite car: the Ferrari 512M.

Haruka Tenoh is seen driving two cars in the series: a yellow/white 1968 Toyota 2000GT convertible (regularly), and a montego-blue 1990 Mazda Mx-5 Miata automobile (irregular).

Tuxedo Mask's voice actor Tôru Furuya was instrumental in developing Tuxedo Mask into a more comical personality in the anime series than as portrayed in the manga.

According to Sailor Uranus's voice actress Megumi Ogata, the series director Kunihiko Ikuhara wanted Sailor Uranus and Neptune to act like a married couple.

Naoko Takeuchi's favourite member of the Shitennou is Kunzite.

The "Makaiju" season is an anime-exclusive material that did not appear in the manga or live-action series, and was created while Naoko Takeuchi was working on the "Black Moon Clan" story.

Queen Nehellenia of the Dead Moon Circus was named after an ancient deity called Nehalannia.

Zirconia, the lieutenant of the Dead Moon Circus, is named after the mineral zirconium dioxide, also known as Zirconia.

Professor Tomoe's assistant Kaolinite is named after the clay mineral kaolinite (also known as white clay or china clay).

The Witches 5 (Eudial, Mimete, Tellu, Viluy, Cyprine and Ptilol) are named after minerals (eudialyte, mimetite, tellurite, vilulite, cyprine and ptilolite), whose colour they wear as their uniform:

  • eudialyte is a red mineral
  • mimetitie is a orangish-yellow mineral
  • tellurite is a whitish mineral
  • vilulite is a blackish mineral
  • cyprine is a blue mineral
  • and ptilolite is a reddish mineral.

The planet where Princess Kakyuu stays, while not named in the anime series, is known in the "Sailor Moon" universe as Kinmoku, or Kinmokusei ("Kinmoku star"). The golden osmanthus plant is known in Japan as "Kinmokusei"; it has small orange-yellow plants, and a distinctive fragrance, themes incorporated into the Princess (flower-like costume and fragrance); it was also mentioned in the "Rabbit in the Moon" folktale that is closely related to Usagi Tsukino.

The Sailor Senshi had their star signs chosen in relation to the European astrological Zodiac, which would correspond to their individual planet. For instance, Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)'s birthday is on June 30 - the zodiac sign on that date is Cancer, which represents the Moon.

The white bun like snacks that you see them eating are referred to as donuts in the English north American version but these are actually rice buns filled with sweet marinated pork inside them called siopao or baozi in China which are quite popular in southeast Asian countries.

The original "Sailor Stars" comic book was so popular, the series began to be made before it was totally completed.

Queen Beryl's four generals are known as the "Shitennou." This is a term from Buddhist mythology meaning "Four Heavenly Kings."

The aliens from the "Makaiju" story are named Airu (Ail or Ali in different versions) and Ann. Together these names form the English word "alien."

Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, in a previous life, were the lovers Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion of Earth. This pertains to a myth about Selene, the goddess of the moon, who fell in love with a human shepherd named Endymion.

Sailor Chibichibi Moon has two different histories in the comic and anime. In the series, Chibichibi is Sailor Galaxia's alternate personality and star seed (the star-like soul inside every living person). In the manga, Chibichibi is really a disguise for the all-powerful Sailor Cosmos.

Naoko Takeuchi claims a major influence on her series was Saki Hiwatari's manga "Boku no chikyû on mamotte" (Please Save My Earth). Both stories have similar elements: a society of alien beings are destroyed, but are reborn on Earth as humans, who retain abilities/memories from their past lives.

Sailor Mercury's first attack is called "Shabon Spray". "Shabon" is based on the Portuguese word "Sabão", that means "soap."

Queen Beryl's ultimate fate is an ambiguity in the English dub. While she was defeated by Sailor Moon at the end of the first season, she was banished to the Negaverse. In the second season, Artemis claims Beryl was completely destroyed. However, the aliens Ail and Ann say she had told them about the Earth. They also implied that all villains who appear thereafter are being dispatched by Queen Beryl as revenge, and this is supported by how later villains mention the Negapower and the Negamoon.

In the original manga, Chibi Chibi is not a manifestation of Galaxia's star seed, or the Sword of Sealing (which doesn't exist in the manga). Instead, she is Sailor Cosmos, the "Ultimate" form of Sailor Moon from a far away future.

Naoko Takeuchi had wanted to end the saga, with all the Sailor Senshi getting killed off at the end of the "Dark Kingdom" season and be reincarnated again as part of a everlasting cycle, but the success of the series persuaded her to keep it going. So this terrible fate was changed to the Sailor Senshi getting their memories wiped until the next time danger arose...

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    You know.. in life there are many things we like but can never truly tell anyone why. This is one of them. I know I commented on the dub before (and it's entertaining because of how cheesy it is) and I'm not that big of a fan of anime... yet there is SOMETHING i can never put my finger on. I just like it. I really do. I don't see it as a guilty pleasure or anything It's just one of those things I cannot explain for the life of me why I like. I SHOULD think it's stupid. I SHOULD think it's not that good, yet I don't. Something about this oddly charming little piece of japanamation has stolen my heart (no not really) and I really really enjoy it. I guess i'd give you a recommendation to see it. I don't care if you actually do go watch it.
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    • Author: It's so easy
    BEST SERIES OF ANYTHING EVER!!! That sums it up. But it doesn't. There is so much more, so much more interest! I love it so much! This is the best series of Sailor Moon as you just read, but it really is. It finishes off the whole Nehelenia thing and introduce Galaxia - makes clear the WHOLE plot of sailor moon ie why all the soldiers were awakened in the first place. The ending episode is also a great way to end the show. However it leaves you feeling upset that there are no more :(.

    Anyway, in this season, I cried and laughed so much and got completely filled up with tension. But in the final episodes, the battles against Galaxia were amazing. Every time someone tried to destroy Galaxia and it looked like it was working I was like 'NOOOO - it can't end like that, that's not good enough!' but the real ending is absolutely AMAZING and Unforgettable!!! I really recommend this to every Sailor Moon fan out there. Oh and I forgot to say about the whole Starlight thing - the big Seiya thing is sooooo cute. I wish I was like Usagi! Nice guys falling in love with me and everyone is her friend! Ahhh! SO WATCH SAILORSTARS and be ready for the GREATEST THING ON DVD!!!
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    • Author: Geny
    Bishôjo Senshi Sailormoon is my favorite Japanese Anime of all times. The only way I will watch it is in the original with English sub-titles, because I can't stand what DIC did to it. If you want to see people with pure hearts, and who do what they have to do to save the world then Sailor Moon is the anime for you.

    Usagi may be everything that people (heroines) shouldn't be; a glutton, crybaby, boy chaser, who only wants to eat sweets, do things for free, and read manga but she is the purest in the group. She would give her life time and time again to protect her friends, family, and the world. The rest of the Senshi have their flaws and good points as well.

    Really those who complain that it's a bad anime should watch it closer and read through the unwritten lines. There are things here that are barely seen in the real world anymore; loyalty, unconditional love, and doing the right thing for the right reason.

    Try and see that even though these girls aren't perfect, they are the perfect heroines. They are very real, with human flaws. You see people like them everyday. Even though you can't see the hero in them it's there for those perceptive enough.
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    • Author: Biaemi
    Now I know just about everyone to ever watch an anime has seen Sailor Moon. In fact, it started the vast majority of Gen Y on their first true anime series. But how many are actually true fans of this show? I for one, am. And I'm far from alone. After giving it some serious thought and thinking about the absolute tons of anime I've seen over the years, I can honestly say Sailor Moon is my favorite anime. And it wasn't the first one I saw.

    The characters are just simply so easy to adore and admire. There's a personality for everyone to relate to, and each character has their own nuances. The show is an excellent comedy, yet manages to maintain plenty of action. What really makes it unique is the romantic story though and that no matter how silly things get, the story never fails to really hit home.

    From Usagi's daily life to the trials between the scouts, from the newest threat to the romance between various characters... it always stays completely believable no matter how many sci-fi elements are mixed in. It's never dull, and it's always very touching.

    I truly believe Sailor Moon is a absolute gem of an anime series that no one should miss. The character designs are so detailed it's amazing. From the transformations to the outfits and even the attacks, it's really so very unique that it's never been truly duplicated and certainly never surpassed. Sailor Moon sets many standards in anime and should be held in high regard.

    The music is forever etched into my skull, and rightfully so. It moves so effortlessly from romantic to all out action beats. You won't forget this shows music, and the stories and animation wouldn't be half as heart felt without it. It really completes the experience.

    The character and story development is nearly unmatched, you literally get a birds eye view of nearly the entire lives of the characters. By the end of the series I had literally grown up with them. As the team grows in power, new members arrive, new threats appear the wow factor only gets stronger and stronger. Unlike so many long term animes that get the first season right then go downhill, Sailor Moon only gets better and better with each passing episode and the story only becomes stronger.

    It's really ashame how many people pass this off as some second rate anime to be shunned. It's a true work of art and many, many people have fought to help bring it to the US shores. Who can forget the S.O.S. campaigns... Pop-tarts, anyone? And for the most part, we won. With all three movies and most of the series, it wasn't a bad break.

    As for Sailor Stars, I've read the saga and I've seen some of the important events and can honestly say that it's a darn shame that it'll probably never see the light of day in the US.

    I'm not going to even get into the Sub VS Dub debate, just about every early translated anime has the same argument over and over again. Suffice to say that the early Dubs have a lot of hacks done to them to make them perfect in every way for the parents to allow their kids to watch them. Yes, it sucks... but it was the times back then. If you don't like the dubs, don't buy them. But the story is still there and the VA's are actually quite good despite some funny quirks over the seasons like new VA's taking over. Some folks can deal, some can't. I personally enjoy both.

    I'm also not really trying to convert anyone who dislikes or only barely acknowledges how good this series is. As usual, it's purely their loss. If you've heard about the show, or maybe have only seen a few episodes... give it a shot. You may just find an anime worthy of the highest praise sitting right under your nose the whole time.

    If ever there was an anime for the whole family, this is it. And please don't buy in to that ridiculous nonsense about it being a girls only anime... believe me, I've seen that type and this isn't it. If you honestly can't enjoy the romance, stick around for the action, the story, and the cutest anime characters ever drawn.

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    • Author: Awene
    The English dub of this has been a matter of debate on many Sailor Moon websites. The fact of the matter is - it's terrible. The new voice actresses don't sound like they've ever seen the script before recording, 'Amara' and 'Michelle's' voice actresses are terrible compared to the standard set by Haruka and Michiru's Ogata Megumi and Katsuki Masako. Frankly, 'Amara' sounds like she's about to yawn the whole time. The plot has been changed to suit the American children's audience, when the show was not originally intended for young children. If you want to see this, and it is the best series, I strongly suggest you buy the 3-disc 'perfect collection' box-set in Japanese and put the English subtitles on.
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    • Author: Brol
    By far, this was the best season. The animation was far superior than the rest of the series, and the story and emotion are far more intense. It contains the usual-type Sailor Moon plot, but makes light of itself often (Sailor Iron-Mouse is absolutely hilarious) and this deals with issues that the girls run into in highschool. Makes for a good watch, especially for seasoned Sailor Moon fans that want to find out what will happen.

    Obviously, if you've never enjoyed Shoujo before, you may not enjoy this one. Sailor Moon is, after all, one of the animes that pioneered the genre.
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    • Author: spark
    "Hey last time I checked, this cartoon was for KIDS (at least the American version)" Acutally, that's *wrong*. The original version, is NOT for little kids. It contains blood, cursing, nudity, homosexuality, death, slapping, spanking, and violence. Chibi-Usa(Rini) was spanked, Usagi(Serena) was slapped, the Senshi(Scouts) were killed many times, Usagi was thrown around a lot, she was chocked, she died, Mamoru(Darien)was stabbed, Chibi-usa pulled a gun on Usagi, Zoicite was originally a man. DiC didn't want Zoicite and Kunzite(Malachite) to have a homosexual relationship, so they changed Zoicite to a he. At the end, they do do a little segment called Sailor Says, but that's only in the *dub* series, not the original Japanese series. DiC only put that in, because they cut out so much, that the show wasn't long enough. They cut out full episodes, changed the backgrounds to some characters, and DiC stereotyped them into valley girls. If you only watched the dub, then of course, I would see why you hate it. But look at the original. There is a good plot story. Yes, sometimes it is just repetitive with the Senshi killing the youma-of-the-day, it does have another plot line. And they're called Senshi, not Scouts. When I hear Scouts, I think of Girl Scouts selling cookies. A translation of Senshi is Warrior, or Soldier. It has good music, touching scenes, romance, action, adventure. If you don't think it's good, try watching ep. 45-46, to see how much DiC really did butcher it up.
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    • Author: Ieslyaenn
    This is the best series in Sailor Moon, with Sailor Stars in a close second, Classic third, and SuperS and Return last. Surprisingly, this one is much more mature than Return, Classic, and even SuperS. Rei has a dream of the oncoming silence, and witnesses death all around her. Unfortunately, she keeps this to herself, until the end of the season, when all of her sadness comes pouring out. This series marks the debut of Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. Chibi-usa also plays a much bigger part here, too, as she befriends Hotaru and awakens the truth within. The relationship between Uranus and Neptune is beautiful, and is probably one of the reasons this series has fared so well. For those of you out there who have only seen the dub, and not the Japanese version, you are missing quite a bit. The biggest and most noticeable change is that in the dub Uranus and Neptune are cousins, however, in the original, they are lesbians. There is also more death and violence in the original. Themes that are covered in this season are friendship & kindness, death & sorrow, rebirth & reincarnation, and the fact that love can triumth over all. Those of you dubbies out there should try to find yourselves a fansub of this're missing out! My rating: 10 out of 10...perfect!
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    • Author: SmEsH
    I know how..ahem... mean.. the intro to my comment looks but the previous poster obviously has no understanding of the beauty that is "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" I really wish we in the NA region had access to EVERY episode... but we don't YET. Sailor Moon is a great show with Romance, Comedy, Action, suspense, and Drama all rolled into one... how many CARTOON shows can boast about that? It has wonderful drawing and a truly great sense of Loving and respecting yourself and the world around you.. Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon's creator) was really on to something... something wonderful.. Sailor Moon is a show that can be enjoyed by all ages- from 10 to 16 (my age) to 27 to 60 I know people of all the ages that are devoted moonies... to put down Sailor Moon, one must be inhaling a little too much paint thinner ifya know what I mean:)

    Moonies UNITE!! ~Sailor Moon-Pie~
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    • Author: Мох
    The first season of Sailor Moon starts with the crybaby Usagi meeting a mysterious talking cat, Luna. Luna senses that the 14 year-old girl is the soldier of love and justice and offers Usagi a special broach that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon! The storyline may seem a bit repetitive at times (with the Dark Kingdom's main goal is to steal energy at first, then get their hands on the elusive Ginzuishou), but get rid of the filler episodes, and you get an amazing epic of the moon princess and her soldiers being reborn on Earth after a disaster had befallen on the Moon Kingdom over a millenium ago.

    Besides Sailor Moon, the other four sailor senshi make their grand entrances as well as Tuxedo Kamen, a rather two-dimensional character who saves Sailor Moon in times of crises by throwing his trademark rose at his enemies.

    The music is certainly worth listening to as it captures the clumsiness of Usagi at first to its seriousness and beauty of her becoming a soldier of love.

    The animation may seem a bit subpar at times but that has improved in later seasons. One of the many trademarks of this series is its impressive attack and transformation sequences that are really just pleasureable to watch and admire.

    If you have only seen the dubbed version of this series, I suggest you find a way of getting the original episodes, subtitled. You get the sense of the deeper romance, emotion, as well as the great battles and a more mature dialogue of these young girls who attempt to balance their own wacky teenage lives with their duties as soldiers. The final two episodes of the first season of Sailor Moon are by far the best episodes of all the five seasons.

    -Highly recommended- 8/10
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    • Author: Lanionge
    I've first seen this season around the year 1998-1999. I was so desperate that I downloaded it off the internet with my 56k slow modem every night.

    Then last year, I finally bought the VCD which isn't that bad in quality. It was simply the best. The opening song is of course different compared to the last other seasons. There are more actions and side stories. It's not just "one day, Sailormoon fights evil and wins, period."

    Also, you've got to love the new characters. Seiya Kou is a hot-tie. =) When compare to the other seasons, this is obviously the best next to Sailor Moon S (the Saturn saga). ^_^
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    • Author: Jusari
    This is where the dubbers turn truly evil. If you've been living in a cave and don't know this yet, Haruka and Michiru are a lesbian couple. Their relationship is a bit subtle in this series, but still you would have to be blind not to notice they're in love. Apparently, it's "wrong" in America to show the beautiful relationship of a loving and committed lesbian couple on a "kids' show", but rather than just not dubbing this series, the company had the "brilliant" idea to make their dub counterparts cousins. However, as most of the relationship footage was left in, with just the words changed, every viewer with a brain saw right through it, and their dub counterparts appeared to be cousins in love. They also changed the gender of a young boy Chibi-USA crushes on, because he cross-dressed, thus unintentionally hinting she's a lesbian. . . Prime examples of why anime should never be dubbed! The original version of this series is truly great, however. Not only is Haruka in contention for best anime character ever, but her romance with Michiru is enviable and near-perfect! They get a lot of screen time and character development this series, as the focus of the first half of the series is on finding the talismans to awaken the Messiah and stop the world from being destroyed. Yes, there are religious themes in this series, even down to Haruka and Michiru's guilt and feelings of impurity relating to their quest, and their most poignant scene taking place in a cathedral, but it's never preachy. The second half of this series focuses on Hotaru and Mistress Nine, and though definitely creepier than the first, it is the part I like less (never really got into Mistress Nine and her killer hair). The whole series is darker and more serious than the two that came before it, but that may just be part of what makes it superior. Well, that and Haruka, of course! *cuddles and keeps her*
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    • Author: Hunaya
    the original sailor moon series from Japan is made up of five seasons (sailor moon, sailor moon R, sailor moon S, sailor moon super S and sailor moon stars), 3 movies, and a few specials. the main characters are the sailor soldiers (sailor soldiers, not scouts) starting with sailor moon and what are known as the inner soldiers, sailor mercury, mars, Jupiter and Venus. for the first 2 seasons they fight bad guys in a pretty formulaic way. master villain's henchman sends out a minor bad guy. the soldiers fight it, sailor moon gives it her final powerful blow and its defeated. henchman is yelled at by the master villain and then the same thing happens again. in those episodes fighting the villain is not generally the most important part, what you really watch is how the girls are doing at school, in love, and general life, which is pretty entertaining on its on. usually for the last 5 or so episodes it gets a little different and focuses on defeating the now super powerful villain. in the first season we learn sailor moon is actually a reincarnated princess from the moon and defeats the villain. in sailor moon R she learns in the future she rules the world in a time of peace and her and tuxedo mask have a daughter (little Serena) and they defeat the bad guys once again. in sailor moon S, the third season, things change dramatically. we learn of 4 new soldiers. sailor Uranus and Neptune (who are also lovers), sailor Pluto (we met briefly in sailor moon R) and sailor Saturn, who's power is that she can destroy the world. the first three, Uranus Neptune and Pluto fight to keep sailor Saturn from appearing, while trying to keep the inner soldiers from getting in the way. mid season sailor moon develops the power to become super sailor moon. fortunately at the end the new soldiers learn that sailor moon is indeed the most powerful and pure soldiers, and that she is reliable, and is the true messiah. the girl houses the spirit of sailor Saturn is reborn as a baby, and sailor Pluto has disappeared due to using her taboo power, the time stop. it then moves on the sailor moon Super S, which is widely regarded as the worst of all the seasons. its a little more childish than the other seasons, and focuses on *little Serena* (bah on English names). sailors Uranus and Neptune don't appear, save a special that aired. the season has some of the better animation, although the story line is sub par in general. the final episode saves the season though, with a beautiful scene of self sacrifice on sailor moon's part season five, sailor moon stars, begins with the reappearance of super S's bad guy, but she is returned to goodness and for a short while things are good. this season is widely regarded as the best of them all, and it contains some of the funniest episodes, as well as the most gut wrenchingly sad ones. sailor moon and her friends are now high school students, studying at a school where the members of the idol group, the three lights, have just transferred. the leader of the three lights develops a slight crush on sailor moon, but she does not return his affection, because she has tuxedo mask. Tuxedo mask has left to study at Harvard though, so sailor moon does feel quite alone a lot of the time, and you feel alone with her. she finds companionship in a new little girl, who is quite mysterious despite being barley 2 years old or so. three new soldiers have appeared, the sailor star lights. they, like the outer soldiers in sailor moon S, find that earth's soldiers are just getting in the way. the big kicker is that the bad guys in this season are sailor soldiers themselves, lead by the uber evil sailor galaxia. at the end of the day everyone but the sailor star lights and sailor moon are killed by galaxia (who as also taken over most of the galaxy). the final episode, episode 200, is the most beautiful of all the episodes, by far. sailor moon and galaxia, now sailor chaos, are flying in the air, both with huge swords. Chaos is ordering sailor moon to fight, but she refuses, believing that there is another way and that she doesn't want anyone else to die. sailor moon is able to sense that chaos still has a little bit of the good galaxia inside of her and reaches out to her to free her. in the end, sailor moon saves everyone, and everyone comes back to life, to live on and fight another day. Pretty soldier sailor moon is a pioneer of the magical girl genre, which is followed by works by Clamp, like card-captors and magic knights, and others like Tokyo mew mew. unfortunately the north American English dub has ruined the show for many, as it is truly awful. the Japanese is highly recommended to all anime fans. it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will leave you feeling with an amazing feeling about the world you live in
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    • Author: Arashigore
    Sailor Stars begins as most Sailor Moon series do, with a sidequest that leads into the main plot. But there's a lot more to it than that on closer inspection.

    The main plot revolves around visitors from other planets. The Starlights, servants of the Kakyuu Princess of Kinmoku, land on the Planet Earth fleeing from the destruction of their planet of old and disguise themselves as the boygroup Three Lights - Kou Seiya, Kou Taiki and Kou Yaten. Their purpose is to find the Kakyuu Princess, who is floating in space, through the wavelength of their songs.

    Meanwhile, the one responsible for the destruction, Sailor Galaxia, is on Earth hunting for "star seeds" - the light that allows life forms to live on this sphere. She begins by taking the Earth's golden star seed - protected by none other than Mamoru Chiba on his way to the United States to study in college.

    The Sailor Soldiers have a hard task. Creatures who lose their Star Seeds become phages - false Sailor Soldiers. They have to deal with the Starlights, who don't care about protecting the Earth and only want to find their Princess. And Sailor Moon - Usagi Tsukino - has to deal with the mutual attraction between her and Kou Seiya.

    This story is about what a Sailor Soldier is. If you're interested in Sailor Moon, it's worth it to watch this series. But most of all, this series is a tribute to the life of Shiho Niiyama, Kou Seiya's voice actress, who did the performance of her life in this role. She was taken from us by leukemia in 2000.

    So it's not like the manga - who cares? This story is good in and of itself.
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    • Author: RUL
    S is by far the best season in the whole Sailor Moon Saga. Nothing can compare to the drama that is displayed every time any episode is watched. The Dubs weren't that bad but no where near the Japanese versions. The whole story is great aside from the fact that they put chibi-usa in it, however, she is somewhat tolerable towards the end (then we get into SuperS which revolves around her and no outers whatsoever so SuperS is the worst). We are also introduced to Uranus and Neptune who are so cool words can't describe them. Their devotion to their misson and each other is something that makes the series so watchable. And the best part is that plutos in it again! We have to wait a little while for these 3, and Saturn, to return in sailor stars but they remain the coolest of all the scouts because they have so much depth that the inners never got, and they were in all 5 seasons. I suggest getting the Heart Collections On DVD because you get both the english dubs and the japanese originals so you can check them both out and see which you prefer, its very very worth it
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    • Author: Bukelv
    Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon can appeal to many kinds of people-Preteen girls,preteen boys,teen girls,teen boys,adults,perverted men(and women).

    Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon is the Japanese(real) title to the series.In America it's just simply called Sailor Moon.The American version is edited and dubbed so it's "suitable for all ages".While the Japanese version is probably for ages 13 and up.I can't fully disapprove of the American version since that's what got me into the series,but the real version is so much better.I'm not going to list all of the changes in the American version since there are so many,but I'll list a few major changes.Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon shows death,violence,male and female homosexuality,etc.Sailor Moon basically cuts or gets rid of the death scenes and episodes where the main topic is about death are never really shown.Most violence is edited out completely,and gay characters either get gender changes(this refers to the males) or are labeled cousins(this refers to the two lesbian Sailor Scouts who are a couple).The American voice dubs are sort of annonying.Though despite all these changes in the American version it is still mildly entertaining. sells both English dubbed(kiddie version) and English subtitled(real version).So everyone can be happy!
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    • Author: Naktilar
    Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is the final season to one of the most successful anime ever, Sailor Moon.

    The first part of the series finishes off the SuperS series(this 7-episode part was wonderful). The rest of the series deals with Sailor Galaxia. We are also introduced to the Sailor Starlights.

    This season is a good conclusion, and in the end we learn about Chaos(evil energy) and Cosmos(good energy)

    However, I feel that the series shouldn't have focused so much on the starlights and their gender-changing wasn't necessary.

    Plot:8/10 Characters:7/10 Screenplay:8/10 Music:9/10 Presentation:8/10 Action:7/10 OVERALL:8/10

    The verdict? If you're a Sailor Moon fan and have watched the previous seasons: WATCH THIS SEASON!!!! If you're NOT a Sailor Moon fan, you should ultimately watch this season, but start off with the earlier ones first.
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    • Author: Vudomuro
    This is the fifth and final season to the Sailor Moon story. The start of the season (the first 6 episodes), is actually the ending of the previous season Sailor Moon SuperS. If you have not seen the previous season it is still watchable, although you will be missing some important story elements.

    Like all of the Sailor Moon story, this one is also a moving (as in constantly building) storyline that adds a little more detail and builds to a stunning conclusion on the 200th and final episode. Any person who is seriously interested in watching this series should consider viewing the rest of the series before watching this (or at least watch Sailor Moon SuperS), so that important plot elements and details are understood.

    The final 6 episodes to the season (episodes 194-200) are truly fantastic and provide an excellent ending to the series. You can easily sit down and watch all of them in a row (as if it were a 3 hour movie) and never leave your seat once. The ending is just that good.

    The series attracts fans due to the complex storyline and also the way it is presented to the viewer, revealing a little piece of the larger story per episode. Although the series is aimed primarily at young girls, it appears to have attracted a following from across the age and ethnic spectrum, and far outside of Japan.
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    • Author: Little Devil
    The original (Japanese) version of this show is hands-down, no comparison, superior in all ways over the dub! Not only did the dub assign silly names and even sillier voices, but they changed the plot, characters' personalities and relationships to one another, and in some cases, even gender! Dub-only viewers may never know Usagi and Rei are actually best friends, Kunzite and Zoisite (who is male in the original) are gay lovers, that the Senshi die tragically in the end of this series. . . and that's just the beginning (literally, as this reviews only of the first series. . . got a lot of work ahead of me :-P )! Dub rant over for now, my review of the original: The animation is a bit more primitive here than in future series, probably due to age and budget, but still looks pretty good. The pacing is a bit slow, but on the upside, we get to see more of the characters' home and school lives that way. Umino and Naru rock, so enjoy them now before they're phased out! But what stands out most in my mind is Kunzite and Zoisite's relationship, which is truly beautiful despite their evil nature. In the manga that inspired the series, Kunzite was only his mentor, but I think the relationship is a great addition, as it really makes you care about these two villains in a way you might never have done otherwise.
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    • Author: Marige
    Sailor Moon....the Anime series that changed my life. I've been a devoted moonie for about 6 years. Like many, it was my introduction to Japanese Anime.

    For those who don't know, Sailor Moon is about Usagi Tsukino, a 14-year-old girl who lives in Japan. She gets horrible grades, loves food, is a crybaby, and enjoys sleeping. One day, she is running late for school, per usual, and she spots some little kids tormenting a black cat. She shoos them away and notices a bandage on the cats' forehead. She pulls it off to reveal a crescent moon. Usagi stares in awe, then rushes to school. Later that day, after scoring a 30 on a test, being kicked out of her house, and crying, she decides to take a nap. A few moments pass, and she opens her eyes to see the black cat is there! She introduces herself as Luna, and tells Usagi that she must become Sailor Moon, the soldier who will fight evil and one day protect their Moon Princess. Usagi decides that she is dreaming and goes back to sleep. Luna tells her that it's not a dream, and gives her a special broach. She tells Usagi to hold her hand up and say 'Moon Prism Power Make up!' Usagi does so, and transforms into the pretty suited soldier, Sailor Moon! ........And that's only the beginning! Usagi must also find the inner senshi, Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. This season is my personal favorite from the other 4 seasons(R, S, Super S, and Stars). Don't get me wrong, I love all 5 seasons. This would have to be my favorite because you have no idea of what will happen next. Sailor Moon is a great introduction to Anime. If you enjoy it, read the Manga series as well! I give Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 10/10 stars. Moon Prism Power Make Up!
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    • Author: Natety
    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is perhaps one of the most successful anime ever, and now that Sailor Moon has turned 10 (it started in 1992), it is often refered to as a classic, but it hasn't been decided if there will be a new Sailor Moon series.

    Anyways, Sailor Moon S (note: I'm only referring to the anime, not the manga) has the most dramatic plot, screenplay, and action, making it highly addictive. This series is also somewhat comical.

    Pharoh 90 an evil force from beyond the solar system aims to destroy this solar system (out of envy?). There are three talismans that are found in the souls of thress special people. These talismans combine to form the Holy Grail which Pharoh 90 can use to destroy the galaxy or which the Sailor soldiers can use to protect the galaxy.

    Part One*: In this season, we are introduced to three new sailor senshi: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto(actually, Pluto was introduced in the previous but it is in this season that she appears often). They realise the villian's plan and are determined to prevent them from finding the talismans. In fact, they would probably kill anyone that came in their way. On the contrary, the inner soldiers (who were the only main characters in the first two seasons) do not know much about the villian and only fight the henchmen(the henchmen are sent every other episode to find the talismans). They fight with a heart and cannot understand why Uranus, Neptune and Pluto( the 'Outers') keep away from them.

    Part Two* The Sailor soldiers(all of them) realise that a high school misfit they know of, Hotaru, is actualy Sailor Saturn (but she hasn't awokened yet). Sailor Saturn is the second most powerful Sailor Soldier( after Pluto) and has amazing powers of destruction. The Outer Soldiers want to kill her, as Pharoh 90 is capable of possessing her(since she hasn't awokened as a Sailor soldier) and use her powers to destroy the galaxy. The inners, controlled by their emotions, would not allow the outers to do so. In the end there is a(wonderful) two-episode showdown. What happens? Watch it!

    (* there is no actual part one and two. I only use these terms to explain the series easily) and note: my summary has missed out quite a number of important points, so the series is actually more interesting than how I desribed it.

    The first part is not very intense (but very enjoyable especially since it is highly comical).The second part of this series is very intense and we see very strong outer and inner conflicts between the characters.

    The verdict: WATCH IT! A must-see!

    I'd give it 9/10
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    • Author: Conjuril
    An excellent series of Sailor Moon, with the introduction of new Sailor Senshi: Neptune and Uranus. The storyline is rather a good vs evil kinda thing, but doesn't involve the whole Moon Princess epic in this season. Uranus and Neptune are looking for the mysterious talismans which will form the Holy Grail to seal away the Silence that will destroy the planet. They also are in search for the Messiah who is also believed to stop this oncoming Silence.

    However, what makes this season especially memorable is the difference in fighting style and ideas the new senshi have compared to Sailor Moon's. The reappearance of Chibiusa as a Sailor Senshi, as well as Sailor Pluto also help keep the season worth watching. The climactic episodes with the Holy Grail and the transformation of SuperSailorMoon are definitely high-points displaying Sailor Moon's maturity.

    The second half of this season focuses on the relationship between Chibiusa and a mysterious girl, Hotaru. The relationship may get a bit overly dramatic it times, but necessary in the storyline.

    The filler episodes are also especially fun to watch since they revolve around the in-depth characterizations of the Inner Senshi including their interactions of the Outer Senshi; therefore, the filler episodes aren't as useless as you may think. The music is always a treat to listen to, esp the Uranus and Neptune's transformation music. The improvement in animation is also evident to many viewers and necessary to make this season one of the favorites of the five Sailor Moon seasons.

    Highly recommended 10/10
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    • Author: Qudanilyr
    so like all the others out there, the was an issue with the 2nd disc, mainly episode 80 where the video craps out, well fear not as they have since fixed that issue in this box set and if you buy the December release of this item you will get the corrected box set, just watched the episode on both DVD and bluray sub and dubbed and nothing is wrong with it, now for the series in itself this is sailor moon R part 2 of season 2, or as some would say the dark moon ark, this is NOT THE DIC DUB so serena is not her name it is her real name of usagi, its wonderful that vis media has obtained the rights to all 200 episodes and from what I hear the 3 movies and a few sub plot episodes as well, the season is much more accurately dubbed in English and the Japanese subs are much more accurate to what is actually being said, if your a fan of sailor moon or grew up with the really bad DIC dubs I highly recommend getting this as this is an awesome bluray set and a wonderful treat for fans young and old, cant wait for the season 3 arc where we get the fan favorite outer senshi, and the infinity arc from the manga, anyone would be a fool to not add this plus the last 3 sets to there collection, the DIC dubs have there charm but this redub is so much better as the plot is much more closer to the series as a whole and fits better with the last 3 seasons. Set is typical goodness for this series of releases, except for one thing. On Episode 80, about 2/3 of the way through the episode the video gets shuffled around and becomes de-sncyed with the audio. The shots of Mercury and the other Guardians jumping out the window is placed before Mercury snaps from all the pressure.
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    • Author: Memuro
    "Bishôjo Senshi Sêrâ Mûn R", or simply known as "Sailor Moon R", is the second of the five seasons of the "Sailor Moon" anime series. It was produced by Toei Animation, and originally aired on Japanese TV from 1993 to 1994.

    Basic plot: During the first arc, Ail and Ann (two aliens disguised as humans) are seeking human energy in order to restore their life tree. Usagi and her friends, who had forgotten their lives as Sailor Senshi, have their memories restored...

    In the second arc, a little girl named Chibiusa is sent from her future to search for the Silver Crystal. The new enemies, including the Black Moon Clan, the Ayakashi sisters, Prince Demando and Wiseman to name a few, are searching for the same crystal as well, in order to take over the future. Sailor Pluto also makes an debut in this season.

    Several months earlier prior to this review, I made a review about the first season: It was a great classic within the world of magical-girl-anime. In common with the said season, "Sailor Moon R" is a pretty good season. It has cute animation, good soundtrack and an okay plot, as well as a good portion of humor, dramatic, romance and not at least action. The first arc in this season is basically a filler arc, but the Black Moon arc is pretty interesting.

    As I have watched the Japanese version of this anime, the eye-catch which shows the Sailor Senshi as Chibis (short humans) is simply my favorite sequence, by the overall eye-catches shown throughout the entire "Sailor Moon" franchise. For those who don't know what an eye-catch is, it is simply a short sequence made for a commercial break.

    Dali's epic song "Moonlight Densetsu", which was played in the first season, also serves as the theme song for the second season.

    Conclusion: If you like watching anime made in the 90s, as well as anime dealing with magical girls, then this one may be a good choice for you. However, it is strong recommended that you watch the first "Sailor Moon" season before this. My overall rating: 9/10.
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    • Author: Wnex
    When I first watched this next chapter of Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network, I gotta say that this chapter of Sailor Moon is the best as well as the S chapter.I know that I didn't get to see all of the episodes. I only saw some, I really wanted to get this for my entire collection, and I did. But when my father bought me the entire collection for Christmas in a box set. I got to see all of the episodes in order. I do feel bad that Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto,and Saturn weren't in this chapter, and Sailor Moon didn't have the Purity Challace to become Super Sailor Moon. But it was cool to see the scouts with new powers and attacks. Another thing I liked about the show is the Amazon Quartete, and their costumes were so wicked and cool. Their monsters eat the dream mirror. The monsters do remind me of Mimete's monsters from the S series that eats the pure heart crystals. But what I really want to say about this chapter of Sailor Moon is it the best,and the Jack of all Trades, and the music is also the best. So in closing, after this chapter,see the Movie "Black Dream Hole", and then see Sailor Stars. You will see what I mean.
  • Complete series cast summary:
    Kotono Mitsuishi Kotono Mitsuishi - Usagi Tsukino / - 170 episodes, 1992-1997
    Stephanie Sheh Stephanie Sheh - Sailor Moon / - 166 episodes, 1992-1996
    Aya Hisakawa Aya Hisakawa - Ami Mizuno / - 165 episodes, 1992-1997
    Michie Tomizawa Michie Tomizawa - Rei Hino / - 163 episodes, 1992-1997
    Kate Higgins Kate Higgins - Ami Mizuno / - 154 episodes, 1992-1996
    Cristina Valenzuela Cristina Valenzuela - Rei Hino / - 152 episodes, 1992-1996
    Emi Shinohara Emi Shinohara - Makoto Kino / - 151 episodes, 1992-1997
    Robbie Daymond Robbie Daymond - Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask (Viz Media dub) / - 143 episodes, 1992-1997
    Tôru Furuya Tôru Furuya - Mamoru Chiba / - 141 episodes, 1992-1997
    Rica Fukami Rica Fukami - Minako Aino / - 140 episodes, 1992-1997
    Amanda Céline Miller Amanda Céline Miller - Makoto Kino / - 138 episodes, 1992-1996
    Keiko Han Keiko Han - Luna / - 134 episodes, 1992-1997
    Michelle Ruff Michelle Ruff - Luna / - 132 episodes, 1992-1996
    Cherami Leigh Cherami Leigh - Minako Aino / - 131 episodes, 1992-1996
    Johnny Yong Bosch Johnny Yong Bosch - Atermis / - 98 episodes, 1992-1996
    Kae Araki Kae Araki - Sailor Chibi Moon / - 96 episodes, 1993-1996
    Sandy Fox Sandy Fox - Chibiusa / - 93 episodes, 1992-1996
    Yasuhiro Takato Yasuhiro Takato - Artemis / - 89 episodes, 1992-1997
    Annelie Berg Annelie Berg - Annie / - 85 episodes, 1992-1994
    Annica Smedius Annica Smedius - Ami - Sailor Mercury / - 77 episodes, 1992-1994
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