» » Красавица-воин Сейлор Мун Mamore koi no merodi! Usagi wa Kyûpiddo (1992–1997)

Short summary

Usagi befriends Yusuke Amade, a jazz musician who is being followed by a Youma, and helps him confess to the woman he loves.

The reasoning behind why this episode was never dubbed into the English series is because of two reasons - 1) Usagi 'sneaks' into a bar despite only being fourteen and 2) the disguise she assumes was deemed too similar to a generic depiction of a prostitute.

This episode was never dubbed into English.

This is the second episode in a row in which Sailor Moon receives no assistance from Tuxedo Mask. In fact, he doesn't appear at all.

Yuski in this episode might of been named after the main character of the anime/manga Yu Yu Hiskenko. The author was datting him at the time, and eventually they wed and have children.

Episode credited cast:
Kotono Mitsuishi Kotono Mitsuishi - Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (voice)
Keiko Han Keiko Han - Luna / Queen Beryl (voice)
Shino Kakinuma Shino Kakinuma - Naru Osaka (voice)
Masaya Onosaka Masaya Onosaka - Jadeite (voice)
Emi Shinohara Emi Shinohara - Youma Kyurene (voice)
Norio Wakamoto Norio Wakamoto - Yusuke Amade (voice)
Rumiko Ukai Rumiko Ukai - Akiko Yanagi (voice)
Toshio Kobayashi Toshio Kobayashi - Band Man (voice)
Hisao Egawa Hisao Egawa - Studio Worker (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Olav F. Andersen Olav F. Andersen - Jedaite (voice)
Annelie Berg Annelie Berg - Sailor Moon / Annie (voice)
Todd Haberkorn Todd Haberkorn - Jadeite (voice)
Danielle Judovits Danielle Judovits - Naru Osaka (voice) (as Danielle Nicole)
Tony Oliver Tony Oliver - Additional Voices (voice)
Cindy Robinson Cindy Robinson - Queen Beryl (voice)
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