» » G.I. Joe Synthoid Conspiracy: Part 1 (1985–1986)

Short summary

Cobra Commander has a plan to defeat G.I. Joe without firing a shot: replacing the officials that's over the Joes with Synthoids, an artificial life form. But Cobra Commander has placed another Synthoid in a place no one would ever expect.

Episode credited cast:
Libby Aubrey Libby Aubrey - Cover Girl (voice) (as Liz Aubrey)
Jackson Beck Jackson Beck - Narrator (voice)
Michael Bell Michael Bell - Clutch / Blowtorch / Duke (voice)
Gregg Berger Gregg Berger - Sergeant (voice)
Arthur Burghardt Arthur Burghardt - Destro / Official (voice)
Christopher Collins Christopher Collins - Breaker / Cobra Commander / Gung-Ho / Ripper (voice) (as Christopher Latta)
Pat Fraley Pat Fraley - Ace (voice) (as Patrick Fraley)
Robert David Hall Robert David Hall - Col. Sharpe (voice) (as Dave Hall)
Zack Hoffman Zack Hoffman - Zartan (voice)
Kene Holiday Kene Holiday - Roadblock (voice) (as Kene Holliday)
Bill Morey Bill Morey - Mutt (voice)
Bill Ratner Bill Ratner - Flint (voice)
Hal Rayle Hal Rayle - Adm. Ledger / Deep Six (voice)
Neil Ross Neil Ross - Buzzer / Shipwreck (voice)
Will Ryan Will Ryan - Rock 'N Roll (voice)
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