» » G.I. Joe Not a Ghost of a Chance (1985–1986)

Short summary

Cobra Commander, Serpentor, and Dr. Mindbender appear on Hector Ramirez's TV show "Twenty Questions" to clear accusations that they destroyed the prototype for a new stealth bomber. Meanwhile, the Joes try to rescue the bombers' missing pilots.

Episode credited cast:
Jackson Beck Jackson Beck - Narrator (voice)
Michael Bell Michael Bell - Duke / Lift-Ticket (voice)
William Callaway William Callaway - Beach Head (voice) (as Bill Callaway)
Christopher Collins Christopher Collins - Cobra Commander (voice) (as Christopher Latta)
Brian Cummings Brian Cummings - Dr. Mindbender (voice)
Hank Garrett Hank Garrett - Dial Tone (voice)
Dick Gautier Dick Gautier - Serpentor (voice)
Ed Gilbert Ed Gilbert - Gen. Hawk (voice) (as Edmund Gilbert)
Dan Gilvezan Dan Gilvezan - Slip-Stream (voice)
Mary McDonald-Lewis Mary McDonald-Lewis - Lady Jaye (voice) (as Mary McDonald Lewis)
Bill Ratner Bill Ratner - Flint (voice)
Neil Ross Neil Ross - Hector Ramirez / Maj. Ron Michaels (voice)
B.J. Ward B.J. Ward - Scarlett (voice)
Stan Wojno Stan Wojno - Lifeline (voice) (as Stan Wojno Jr.)
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