» » G.I. Joe Worlds Without End: Part 2 (1985–1986)

Short summary

A small group of Joes are on an alternate world where the Joes have lost the war. They find an unexpected ally, and that Cobra has dissension within its ranks. While they try to find a way back to their own reality, some realize why the fight must continue, and where they can do the most good.

Despite being shown staying on the alternate Earth Steeler, Clutch, and Grunt are seen back with the Joes in G. I. Joe the Movie

Episode credited cast:
Jackson Beck Jackson Beck - Narrator (voice)
Michael Bell Michael Bell - Clutch / Duke (voice)
Arthur Burghardt Arthur Burghardt - Destro (voice)
Christopher Collins Christopher Collins - Cobra Commander / Cobra Officer / Ripper / Steeler (voice) (as Christopher Latta)
Pat Fraley Pat Fraley - Airtight / Barbecue (voice) (as Patrick Fraley)
Zack Hoffman Zack Hoffman - Zartan (voice)
Buster Jones Buster Jones - Doc (voice)
Loren Lester Loren Lester - Barbecue (voice)
Morgan Lofting Morgan Lofting - Baroness (voice)
Mary McDonald-Lewis Mary McDonald-Lewis - Lady Jaye (voice) (as Mary McDonald Lewis)
Bill Ratner Bill Ratner - Flint (voice)
Neil Ross Neil Ross - Buzzer (voice)
Dan Roth Dan Roth - Grunt (voice)
Will Ryan Will Ryan - Footloose (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Torch (voice)
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