» » G.I. Joe Lights! Camera! Cobra! (1985–1986)

Short summary

The Joes go to Hollywood when hired as technical advisers on 'The G.I. Joe Story', to add realism to the film. But the studio may get more realism they can handle when there is a Firebat at the studio that COBRA wants back, at any cost.

Features a rare scene where Cobra Commander is unmasked while eating and Destro enters the room, makes a remark in revulsion.

Episode credited cast:
Libby Aubrey Libby Aubrey - Clerk / Cover Girl / Policewoman (voice) (as Liz Aubrey)
Jackson Beck Jackson Beck - Narrator (voice)
Michael Bell Michael Bell - Blowtorch / Crimson Guard (voice)
Gregg Berger Gregg Berger - Marty Goldblatt (voice)
Arthur Burghardt Arthur Burghardt - Destro / Policeman (voice)
Corey Burton Corey Burton - George Lanceberg (voice)
Christopher Collins Christopher Collins - Cobra Commander / Ripper (voice) (as Christopher Latta)
Zack Hoffman Zack Hoffman - Zartan (voice)
Bill Morey Bill Morey - Cobra Commander Actor / Mutt / Recondo (voice)
Neil Ross Neil Ross - Buzzer / Dusty / Shipwreck (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Duke Actor / Junkyard / Torch (voice)
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