» » Sailor Moon The Sweetest Dream (1995–2000)

Short summary

The Golden Crystal's power defeats Nehelenia, pushing her back into the abyss where she was originally sealed in. Refusing to go alone, Nehelenia tries to take Sailor Chibi Moon with her.

Episode credited cast:
Liza Balkan Liza Balkan - Amy / Sailor Mercury (voice)
Linda Ballantyne Linda Ballantyne - Serena / Sailor Moon (voice)
Emilie-Claire Barlow Emilie-Claire Barlow - Mina / Sailor Venus (voice) (as Emilie Barlow)
Sugar Lyn Beard Sugar Lyn Beard - Rini / Sailor Mini Moon (voice) (as Stephanie Beard)
Vince Corazza Vince Corazza - Darien / Tuxedo Mask (voice)
Lisa Dalbello Lisa Dalbello - Queen Nehellenia (voice)
Karyn Dwyer Karyn Dwyer - Besubesu (voice)
Jill Frappier Jill Frappier - Luna (voice)
Jennifer Gould Jennifer Gould - PallaPalla (voice)
Katie Griffin Katie Griffin - Raye / Sailor Mars (voice)
Mary Long Mary Long - JunJun (voice)
Daniela Olivieri Daniela Olivieri - CereCere (voice)
Susan Roman Susan Roman - Lita / Sailor Jupiter (voice)
Ron Rubin Ron Rubin - Artemis (voice)
Rowan Tichenor Rowan Tichenor - Helios (voice)
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