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Short summary

On the way to take a test, Sailor Moon and friends stop to buy Troop Scout cookies. Meanwhile, the evil Queen Beryl commands Nephrite, her general, to find the rainbow crystals. After finding the location of the first crystal, Nephrite interrupts the Sailor Scouts' cookie cravings.

Credited cast:
Tori Durin Purcell Tori Durin Purcell - Sailor Moon
Katie George Katie George - Sailor Jupiter
Anna Faith Anna Faith - Sailor Venus
Riki LeCotey Riki LeCotey - Sailor Mercury
Jane Sin Zabate Jane Sin Zabate - Sailor Mars
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michael Bow Michael Bow - Tuxedo Mask
Karsi Cruz Ortega Karsi Cruz Ortega - Angie (Troop Scout)
Marianne Johnson Marianne Johnson - Molly
Naomi Mack Naomi Mack - Scare Scout
Sam Schneider Sam Schneider - Nephrite
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