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Short summary

Alejandro's best friend is dying and Vilches doesn't know how to tell his son about it, because the boy is convinced that his father is going to save him. Santiago discover strange thing in the management of the hospital: there was radiation leakage in a room that was the reason of the cancer suffered for many workers of the hospital, including Cecilia and Elisa. Mari Ángeles has a car accident after having drink just in the moment that she is fighting with Aimé for the custody of their daughter. Esther is annoyed with Eva because she, who is finishing her career of Medicine, didn't go to the course for nurses.

Juana Acosta, who appears as a guest star in this episode, would join the cast as Sofía years later.

Esther says that it's years since the last time she talked with her mother, however, years later her relationship with her, Encarna (performed by Carmen Rossi) is good and they never refer to the time she didn't have contact.

Vilches tells Andrea that he saw how his wife died and that Alejandro is not prepared for something like that, referring to her best friend's death.

Ferreira, the former director of the hospital, is mentioned by Prada and Santiago several times.

Ricardo's death is the cause of Alejandro's depression, one of the main stories of the next season.

This is Daniel Morcillo, Ángel García Suárez and Patricia Ciurana as Ricardo and his parents.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Sergi Mateu Sergi Mateu - Dr. Santiago Bernal
María Casal María Casal - Elisa Sánchez
Jordi Rebellón Jordi Rebellón - Dr. Rodolfo Vilches
Rosa Mariscal Rosa Mariscal - Dra. Andrea Valverde
Nacho Fresneda Nacho Fresneda - Dr. Manuel Aimé
Amaia Lizarralde Amaia Lizarralde - Dra. Cristina Laguna
Armando del Río Armando del Río - Dr. Francisco Crespo Crespo
Alicia Bogo Alicia Bogo - Eva Méndez
Antonio Zabálburu Antonio Zabálburu - Dr. Javier Sotomayor
Ángel Pardo Ángel Pardo - Rusti Gálvez
Fátima Baeza Fátima Baeza - Esther García Ruiz
Marisol Rolandi Marisol Rolandi - Teresa Montoro
Ángel Rouco Ángel Rouco - Diego Peláez
Fernando Guillén Fernando Guillén - Germán Prada
Enrique Alcides Enrique Alcides - Dr. Raúl Grau
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