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Short summary

It's Esther and Maca's Redding day. Esther spends the day with her mother and her cousin, who is also her hairdresser, and receives the special visit of her grandmother. Maca receives also a visit, the one of her ex-girlfriend Azucena and then Teresa's. Moreover, her parents finally go to the wedding. All the members of the hospital go to the wedding except Rusti, who has her daughter ill at hospital; Cruz, who hasn't a person who leave her daughter with; Carlos who forgets about it and Laura, who goes but watches Belén and Javier kissing and with their baby and come back to the hospital. There, she meets Carlos and they decided to go having dinner together. Begoña sells the guard in order to be able to go to the wedding. Before, has asked Dávila for help, but he had said that can't do anything. Aimé decides not to accept the job in Belgium and continue working at the Central. Laura ends the residence in 3 months and has begun to sell curriculum to another hospitals.

This lesbian wedding between Maca and Esther was the first on Spanish TV.

Aimé receives an offer to work in Belgium and rejects it. Years later, a similar offer was the reason of his disappearance of the series.

Laura Heredero's third and last appearance as Azucena, Maca's former girlfriend.

Maca watches an album with photos which reflect some scenes of Esther and her in previous seasons.

This is the only time that Rusti and Queca's daughter appear, performed by the girl Julia Romero. Although the episode in which she was born was aired on July, 2004, so she would be less than two years, Rusti says that she is five.

Queca is mentioned several times.

Episode credited cast:
Jordi Rebellón Jordi Rebellón - Dr. Rodolfo Vilches
Antonio Zabálburu Antonio Zabálburu - Dr. Javier Sotomayor
Diana Palazón Diana Palazón - Dra. Laura Llanos
Nacho Fresneda Nacho Fresneda - Dr. Manuel Aimé
Patricia Vico Patricia Vico - Dra. Maca Fernández Wilson
Fátima Baeza Fátima Baeza - Esther García Ruiz
Alicia Bogo Alicia Bogo - Eva Méndez
Ángel Pardo Ángel Pardo - Rusti Gálvez
Roberto Drago Roberto Drago - Dr. Héctor Béjar
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mikel Albisu Mikel Albisu - Pedro
Alfonso Begara Alfonso Begara - Salva
Francisco Boira Francisco Boira - Jero
Enriqueta Carballeira Enriqueta Carballeira - Manuela
Amparo Climent Amparo Climent - Rosario
Marco de Paula Marco de Paula - Dr. Roberto Cuevas
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