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Short summary

Raquel, a new doctor, arrives at hospital. She's a woman with character and also Javier's childhood friend. Waldo tells Alicia that he feels jealous about her relationship with Héctor, kisses her and the nurse continues. Maca is on her day off and, when Esther receives flowers, Teresa thinks that is the pediatrician who has sent them - but Esther reveals that the bouquet was from Bea. It's Jacobo and Leyre's wedding anniversary and they have decided to celebrate it with a meal. However, he is invited to a dinner with the councilor who has been at the hospital and the appointment with his wife is postponed. Gimeno, who begins feeling something for Claudia, is also invited to this meal, but doesn't go. Lola's mother, Dolores, has cancer and doesn't want to receive treatment. Rai attends to her and wants Jose to be a part of the case, but finally it is the resident Doctor who convinces Dolores to be operated on. Fernando reveals to Leyre that he is a widower and his wife committed ...

Raquel and Javier remember the summers they spent together in Santander.

Patricia Vico doesn't appear.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Antonio Zabálburu Antonio Zabálburu - Dr. Javier Sotomayor
Fátima Baeza Fátima Baeza - Esther García Ruiz
Roberto Drago Roberto Drago - Dr. Héctor Béjar
Pedro Casablanc Pedro Casablanc - Dr. Fernando Mora Ortiz
Iván Sánchez Iván Sánchez - Dr. Raúl Lara
Carles Francino Carles Francino - Dr. Rai Ibáñez
Pablo Carbonell Pablo Carbonell - Dr. David Gimeno
Marisol Rolandi Marisol Rolandi - Teresa Montoro
Bárbara Muñoz Bárbara Muñoz - Alicia Monasterio
Elia Galera Elia Galera - Dra. Claudia Castilla
Jesús Olmedo Jesús Olmedo - Carlos Granados
Sara Casasnovas Sara Casasnovas - Dra. María José Velasco
Fèlix Pons Fèlix Pons - Dr. Jacobo Muñiz
Núria Prims Núria Prims - Dra. Leyre Durán (as Nuria Prims)
Enrique Berrendero Enrique Berrendero - Boni
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