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Short summary

Ágata wants to fire all the personal in the hospital who has contract for hours and Javier belongs to this group of workers. Dávila has joined his new job in the universitary hospital and is very happy; he shows the equipments to Vilches. Cruz tries to find out what happens to Ágata making her many proves and confirms that has a degenerative illness that has treatment, while Héctor continues worried for Gabriela, who decided to go away some months with her bureau partners in order to be protected of the threats. There is an accident in a charitable concert with David Bisbal's participation, he is not hurt but comes to the hospital and helps a boy. Mónica repents having left Javier for Tomás, since this one has not changed and has turned using her like always; she tells Javier that misses him, he answers that prefers leaving things like that but then changes his mind. Alejandro escapes from hospital angry with Vilches, because he doesn't let his girlfriend visit him. Later, Guillermo ...

This episode introduces the set and several characters from the upcoming show MIR (2007).

Patricia Vico returns to the series after her maternity leave. She had not appeared since episode: Hospital Central: No quieras con desgana (2006)

Title translation: 'Tell me a Tale'.

This is Marta Solaz's last appearance as Gabriela.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Jordi Rebellón Jordi Rebellón - Dr. Rodolfo Vilches
Alicia Borrachero Alicia Borrachero - Dra. Cruz Gándara
Antonio Zabálburu Antonio Zabálburu - Dr. Javier Sotomayor
Diana Palazón Diana Palazón - Dra. Laura Llanos
Nacho Fresneda Nacho Fresneda - Dr. Manuel Aimé
Patricia Vico Patricia Vico - Dra. Maca Fernández Wilson
Lluís Marco Lluís Marco - Dr. Antonio Dávila Baraja (as Luis Marco)
Fátima Baeza Fátima Baeza - Esther García Ruiz
Roberto Drago Roberto Drago - Dr. Héctor Béjar
Bea Segura Bea Segura - Mónica de la Fuente (as Beatriz Segura)
Iván Sánchez Iván Sánchez - Dr. Raúl Lara
Jesús Olmedo Jesús Olmedo - Carlos Granados
Marisol Rolandi Marisol Rolandi - Teresa Montoro
Ángel Rouco Ángel Rouco - Diego Peláez
Laura Pamplona Laura Pamplona - Ágata Monasterio
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