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O Grande Amor (1963) watch online HD

O Grande Amor (1963) watch online HD
  • Original title:O Grande Amor
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:1963
  • Director:Ruy Ferrão
  • Actors:Ligia Teles,Maria Cristina,António Sacramento
  • Writer:Ruy Ferrão,Dario Niccodemi
  • Duration:1h 34min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

Maria starts working in the school of a small town. The count starts to feel attracted to her, but she holds a secret she doesn't want to share.

Cast overview:
Ligia Teles Ligia Teles - Maria Bini (as Lígia Telles)
Maria Cristina Maria Cristina - Gina
António Sacramento António Sacramento - Palone
Elvira Velez Elvira Velez - Directora
Curado Ribeiro Curado Ribeiro - Conde Síndico (as Fernando Curado Ribeiro)
Manuel Lereno Manuel Lereno - Guidoti
Mário Pereira Mário Pereira - Jaques Machia
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