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Lucy and her friends enjoy riding horses in the peaceful rolling hills of the Virginia countryside. On a solo horse ride, Lucy falls from her horse. She is "rescued" by her new neighbor, the Foreign Count "Klaus Vogul". The count becomes obsessed by the sultry Lucy and all of her friends. As Lucy starts behaving strangely and becomes ill, an old-time Southern Doctor is called in to diagnose and treat her. As the Doctor intervenes, Count Vogul attempts to lure them into a wave of living death. Will they all fall prey to the Count's perverse plans? Remember, when death starts looking good, you're staring into the "Vulture's Eye".

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    • Author: Cordaron
    Ummmm this was awful, horrible, lame, dull. Might wanna add boring as well. The Vulture's Eye is a re-telling of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Shot-on-video, this crappy rip-off starts off promising as we get to see a pair of naked feet soaked in blood shuffling around in the wilderness of "Africa", accompanied by the disturbing sound of flies buzzing. After that this film went downhill real quick: There's this rich chick named Lucy who owns a farm and a few horses. She says "Peachy" a lot and has a friend who goes by the name of Mina. Mina has a fiancé in Africa who met some old guy with bad skin and a bad German accent. Blah blah blah - the fiancé returns home and so does the old geezer. Everyone gets bitten and they all act like zombified vampires. Just re-telling the plot gave me another headache so I'll stop because it's not really worth it. Watch Coppolas' Dracula instead.
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    • Author: FailCrew
    I purchased this movie in a 4-pack titled "Vamps." The other movies are Vampire Stakes (2002), Abomination: The Evilmaker 2 (2003) and The Darkness (2003). Hopefully the others are better than this one.

    The video has a lot of on-purpose camera movement which I thought was kind of cool and not distracting at all. Okay, it was a little distracting.

    The movie has lots of visuals and not a lot of dialog especially toward the middle of the film (which is something to be thankful for). The acting and dialog are unintentionally funny. This may be one of those cult movies that's just so bad it's least for some.

    You could say this movie poses the moral question: Is it more merciful to kill a loved one to save them from becoming a blood-thirsty psycho vampire or to let them live?

    Overall, the movie was "peachy."
  • Cast overview:
    Brooke Paller Brooke Paller - Lucy
    Anne Flosnik Anne Flosnik - Mina
    Jason King Jason King - Arthur
    Fred Iacovo Fred Iacovo - Quincy
    Paul Zacheis Paul Zacheis - Van Helsing
    James Nalitz James Nalitz - Count Klaus Vogel
    Joseph Reo Joseph Reo - Jack
    Joel Pollard Joel Pollard - Dan Renfield
    Eve Young Eve Young - Phyllis Renfield
    Tammy Farwell Tammy Farwell - Marci
    Garett Farwell Garett Farwell - Estate Hand
    Sandy Lisiewski Sandy Lisiewski - Hedwig
    Ava Ann Vrooman Ava Ann Vrooman - Vogel's Wife #1
    Kim Cogle Kim Cogle - Vogel's Wife #2
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