» » All for Jim (1912)

Short summary

Jim Goodman is a hard working fireman in a factory. One day, the chief engineer is discharged for drunkenness and Jim applies to the boss for his position, telling him he has the strength. The boss replies it is brains, not muscle that is required. Jim goes home that night discouraged and tells his wife that he doesn't see any chance for an advancement as he hasn't an education. She hits upon an idea and plans for him to attend night school and learn a trade. So Jim starts to school and is progressing favorably, but Bess, his wife, finds the expense too heavy so decides, unknown to Jim, to take in sewing. She answers an "ad" and takes home shirts from a factory, working early and late to earn a little extra money for Jim. In the meantime, Jim becomes infatuated with a silly, but pretty girl at the night school and as he comes home only to find Bess worn out, he naturally finds more pleasure in the other girl's society. At last Bess' eyes give out from overwork and she is brought home ...

Cast overview:
Herbert Prior Herbert Prior - Jim Goodman
Mabel Trunnelle Mabel Trunnelle - Bess Goodman
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