» » Hercules Unchained Heart (1995–1999)

Short summary

Darphus, Xena's renegade, even crueler mercenaries captain, deliberately raids the innocent village Elysia and sends one man away to challenge Hercules, after showing him the scar left by his divine resurrection from death, then starts throwing human sacrifices to Graegus, the monster Ares gave him to defeat the half-god they both hate. When Salmoneus presents the picnic carpet and offers to catch some quail, provided Hercules cooks it for them and Xena, he gets caught himself by Iolaus, who still thought Xena was the problem, but happily joins the fight against Ares' stooge Darphus, although reluctant to believe Xena's turn for the good. Xena finds and defeats one of Darphus' plundering parties; she lets Quintus go to tell their approach to Darphus, who throws the man to Graegus 'for fleeing from his post'. Darphus' ravine trap succeeds in burying Hercules' party under a rock avalanche, but alive, so his celebration drink on the nearly full-grown Graegus, now unhindered, can help ...

Xena was originally supposed to be killed off in this one, but Universal needed a show to replace its ratings-challenged Vanishing Son (1995), so the ending was rewritten and Xena: Warrior Princess (1995) was allowed to ride off into her own series.

Disclaimer: "No Vicious Beasts intent on taking over the world were harmed during the production of this motion picture."

Episode cast overview:
Kevin Sorbo Kevin Sorbo - Hercules
Michael Hurst Michael Hurst - Iolaus
Robert Trebor Robert Trebor - Salmoneus
Lucy Lawless Lucy Lawless - Xena
Matthew Chamberlain Matthew Chamberlain - Darphus
Stephen Papps Stephen Papps - Pylendor
Mervyn Smith Mervyn Smith - Village Elder
Robert Pollock Robert Pollock - Villager
Shane Dawson Shane Dawson - Warrior #1
Ian Harrop Ian Harrop - Camp Boss
Mario Gaoa Mario Gaoa - Quintas
Bruce Allpress Bruce Allpress - Enos
David Mercer David Mercer - Surviving Warrior
Gordon Hatfield Gordon Hatfield - Lieutenant
Campbell Rousselle Campbell Rousselle - Sentry
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