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On Christmas Eve, Richard refuses son Harry a pay-rise which 'would look like favoritism'. The only corpse in Davis' morgue is a Santa died of natural causes, actually the one who fails to turns up at his traitorous lover Carrie's kids center's party, so he promises to fill in, albeit with weird presents. Tru's day reverts unexpectedly by a call for help from a six months old donated corps in her Hudson University med school while she's with Jensen Ritchie. Meanwhile Harrison stands Tru up for their Christmas party after checking up on dad, whom he suspects of infidelity to his second wife Jordan, but surprises in his supposed love-nest meeting with Jack- dad nearly strangles the embarrassing witness. As the college website won't identify the corps, Tru turns to Jack, who remembers her last sight: a car crash scene, where flowers were laid, paid for by Anne Moore; indeed she lost six months ago her sister Allison and takes care of her teenage daughter Cambria. The unnatural allies ...

This was never shown on television in its country of origin: USA. It was broadcast in New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Portugal. For all other countries, this unintended series finale can only be seen on DVD.

FOX announced the cancellation in the middle of this episode shoot but allowed them to finish it.

The title is from "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" or "A Visit from St. Nicholas" first published anonymously in the Troy, New York Sentinel on December 23, 1823. It is generally thought to be written by Clement Moore.

User reviews

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    • Author: Phenade
    I really liked this episode. It's good and your learn a lot about what direction the story would have taken. The end of the episode seems to make the story that small bit 'darker' as the viewer finds out things that Tru doesn't.

    For some reason I am not allowed to give URLs but if you want to find more about where the story was going. And what would have happened to Jensen (as he wasn't meant to live and kinda goes crazy because of it!) then e-mail me and i'll be happy to give you a link to one of the story writers blogs which contains a lot of information about it.

    It's not an ending. And that makes me mad. FOX really p*** me off but there isn't a large amount you can do about it but complain to them.
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    • Author: caster
    There are three main ingredients that make "'Twas the Night Before Christmas....Again" unique in the general pattern of the series: 1) The body that asks Tru for help (at her autopsy classroom) is six months old, but she only goes one day back; that means that she cannot prevent the death, and she must figure out in what other way she can help. 2) Jack and Tru are working together - Jack has valuable information about the victim in his head, and since there is nobody to fight over on this particular day, they agree to make a temporary truce. 3) In a chilling scene, we get a glimpse of what might happen if Harrison ever found out about his father's secret teaming with Jack. That was one of the plot threads being set up for the future - others involved a possible new role for Jensen (who, after all, had not asked for help as a corpse on the previous episode but Tru saved him anyway, therefore he is truly not supposed to be alive), and Carrie's infiltration of Davis' life. Of course all these theories are for naught, because the series was very unfortunately cancelled at this exact point. A shame, as it was a consistently engaging, intriguing and well-made program. *** out of 4.
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    • Author: Deodorant for your language
    After 27 episodes "Tru Calling" just fizzles out. Its a pity because the series was showing real potential. There were a number of problems. Mostly that the creators just didn't know what it was all about. It could have been a mystery because Tru's mother was murdered. Then it became science fiction with Tru being a time traveler. In the end it was a battle between good and evil with "unlucky in love" Tru being the good guy.

    Basically the writers tried too hard.

    In the final episode a Godiva asks for Tru's help. Unfortunately the corpse has been dead for six months. When Jack turns up the two enemies become allies as they race to solve a six month old murder before someone makes a terrible mistake.

    The rewind also saves the day for Harrison who follows his dad to a flat where he is meeting with none other than ... Jack Harper. Because Jack has a memory of the day he is able to warn his colleague and continue the deception.

    In the end a truce is called as Christmas eve is celebrated by all.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Eliza Dushku Eliza Dushku - Tru Davies
    Zach Galifianakis Zach Galifianakis - Davis
    Shawn Reaves Shawn Reaves - Harrison Davies
    Jason Priestley Jason Priestley - Jack Harper
    Cotter Smith Cotter Smith - Richard Davies
    Liz Vassey Liz Vassey - Dr. Carrie Allen
    Eric Christian Olsen Eric Christian Olsen - Jensen Ritchie
    Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan - Avery Bishop
    Parry Shen Parry Shen - Tyler Li
    Michael Reilly Burke Michael Reilly Burke - Russell Marks
    Sue Cremin Sue Cremin - Vanessa Marks
    Maria Marlow Maria Marlow - Anne Moore
    Chantal Conlin Chantal Conlin - Cambria Moore
    Adrian Holmes Adrian Holmes - Victor
    Terry-Dayne Marshall Terry-Dayne Marshall - Kid #1
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