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As the Evan's prepare for their Christmas Party, Keith comes home from work and reports that he has to work the night of the party. Florida decides everyone will have the party at his work.

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    • Author: Water
    "The Traveling Christmas" opens with JJ fired from his Santa Claus job, not enough lap to hold a single child! Willona plans to attend the Evans Christmas party in her brand new welfare dress: "no visible means of support!" Keith won't be able to go because his cab driving job will keep him occupied during their busy season. Florida figures that they can hold their party at Keith's Windy City garage, with the approval of his Grinch boss Mr. Clements (Harry Caesar). JJ serves as the emcee, doing some comedy before introducing Michael singing the current Brenton Wood single "Rock You to Your Socks," 'Santa Claus' Bookman makes all his favorite moves, Keith does impressions of Robert Goulet, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett, and Bill Cosby, concluding with 'The Pointless Sisters,' consisting of Florida, Willona, Thelma, and Penny, as fine a quartet of booty shakers as can be imagined.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Esther Rolle Esther Rolle - Florida Evans
    Ja'net DuBois Ja'net DuBois - Willona Woods (as Ja'net Du Bois)
    Ralph Carter Ralph Carter - Michael Evans
    BernNadette Stanis BernNadette Stanis - Thelma Evans Anderson (as Bern Nadette Stanis)
    Johnny Brown Johnny Brown - Nathan Bookman
    Janet Jackson Janet Jackson - Millicent 'Penny' Woods
    Ben Powers Ben Powers - Keith Anderson
    Jimmie Walker Jimmie Walker - James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.
    Harry Caesar Harry Caesar - Mr. Clements
    Vel Omarr Vel Omarr - Taxi Driver at Coffee Machine (as Vel Omar Syed)
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