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Lane faces a personal cash flow problem when he is informed that he owes the British government £2,900 for back taxes, payable in two days time. He comes up with a scheme using supposed SCDP funds, which don't actually exist, in the form of Christmas bonuses to all staff, including to the partners. But one problem after another with Lane's scheme have the potential of bringing his entire world crashing down around him. It promises to be a busy Christmas season since SCDP is once again in the running for the Jaguar account, the pitch from agencies to be done in mid-January, giving them about six weeks to come up with a presentation. Meanwhile, Harry gets a telephone call from old colleague Paul Kinsey to meet, which Harry reluctantly does. Harry ends up meeting a much transformed Paul. Although Harry does not agree with the transformation itself, he does get caught up in it. As Harry guessed, Paul does ask him for a professional favor. When Harry doesn't believe he can accommodate ...

This episode takes place in December 1966.

Don and Megan are in attendance of the national premiere of "America Hurrah" at the Pocket Theatre on December 7, 1966.

Anna Wood "Lakshmi" was in Reckless(2014) with Michael Gladis "Paul Kinsey"

When Don and Joan are having drinks, they talk about Burt Peterson and Freddy Rumsen's bet that Joan was a lesbian. In Season 1, episode 10, The Long Weekend, it is revealed that Joan's roommate Carol is a lesbian who is in love with Joan.

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    • Author: Braswyn
    While this episode seemed scattered, it was really worth watching, because we get to see the seeds of what may be Lane Pryce's self destruction. He is having financial difficulties, and decides to embezzle $8,000 to cover the taxes owed to Her Majesty's Government.

    And his solicitor's fees remain unaccounted for.

    Meantime, we get to see what happened with Paul Kinsey, who's now in the grasp of the Hare Krishnas. What unfolds is a less than flattering portrait of the organization, and of Paul's desire to have Harry help him in selling a script for "Star Trek." Other people have not received this portion of the episode well, but I thought it provided something interesting.

    Seeing Don Draper and Joan Harris together was fun, and it was interesting that she was served divorce papers. Strangely, though, I thought she might receive news that he would be killed in Vietnam, but one never knows. Anyway, their time together was interesting, and we may get to see more of the old Don Draper in action, getting the Jaguar account landed.

    Overall, the season has been a little uneven, and I would have appreciated at least a reference or two to "Batman," which was THE SHOW of 1966, as well as other pop references. But I think we're getting set up for something very interesting, between Lane Pryce and Jaguar.
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    • Author: Maridor
    Christmas time can be such a lovely time of the year. The snow falls outside, the lights and decorations light up streets and homes, and people come together to look back on their years as the holidays swing into full gear.

    And even in a world full of mad men looking to make a big advertising deal with any number of clients, there is still time to find a way to enjoy the presence of other people.

    Take Harry Crane for example. While often a pompous and sarcastic jerk in his day to day life, Harry takes a meeting with his former co-worker Paul Kinsey, who has made a different life for himself. Enlightened through the Krishna ceremonies he has started to attend, Paul invites Harry to sing along the Hare Krishna and find enlightenment in his own laugh. The singing and reaction by Harry is… laughable, to say the last. Harry seems afraid to join in, confused by what is going on, and out of place from the rest of the group. Luckily for Harry, Mother Lakshmi (an attractive women int eh movement) leads him through the beginning of the ceremony and teaches him the words to sing as they go along.

    When the song finishes some long time later, Harry is fully singing along to the Hare Hare. The entire group stops, but he continues on before realizing he is the only one singing, like the guy at a sports event that thought the fans were going to keep chanting and continued on one too many times. Paul takes Harry from the meeting to go get some food, but he reveals in the cab ride to dinner his real reason for wanting to meet. Paul has written a script for an episode of Star Trek and wants Harry to get it to NBC producers. Harry is astonished. He had to sit through that whole ceremony, sing like a fool, and see visions for nothing. Harry asks why Paul is even bothering to stick with the group, and Paul tells Harry that he has fallen madly in love with Lakshmi. Oh those Hare Krishna chanting beauties…they'll get you every time. Harry tells Paul he will try his best to get the script to NBC and the two part ways.

    Later on in the episode, Lakshmi shows up at Harry's office. Disguising her past the secretary with the old babysitter applicant trick, Harry is stunned as Lakshmi starts to come on to him. She kisses him, but Harry pulls away. But he can only resist once. After explaining that she is burning for him, she bends over Harry's desk, and Harry can't gets his pants off quick enough. If only snap offs had been invented in the 60s…

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    • Author: Jogrnd
    As an avid fan of Mad Men and also a former member of the Hare Krishna movement, I was very disappointed with this episode. I just thought that Mad Men would be the one show that actually at least got the clothes right when they depicted hare krishnas. The guys don't wear 'togas' with material draped over their shoulders. The usual clothing for Hare Krishna men is a white or saffron top with a white or saffron doti - which is a long piece of cloth that is worn in a specific way - but cloth trousers are quite acceptable too.

    The women wear saris, and generally keep their hair in a neat plait at the back. As for this 'Lakshmi' woman who is supposedly an initiated devotee since she has a devotee name and is not of Indian descent - well pleeaase !

    I'm really tired of the total misrepresentation of the Hare Krishnas whenever they are depicted on TV. Vaisnvaism is a strict religion that adheres to principles laid out in the Vedic scriptures and four regulative principles must be strictly followed by the devotees.

    These are: No meat, fish or eggs; no intoxication (the really strict devotees won't drink coffee or eat brown chocolate - and they sure as hell wouldn't eat in a diner either) no gambling and very importantly no illicit sex - which means none outside of marriage, and even then it is regulated depending on the individual couple's choices.

    In all my years in the Hare Krishna movement I never heard anyone referred to as a 'recruiter' and certainly back in the days when Prabhupada was in New York there were some hippie types hanging around, some of whom did become HK devotees. Once accepted and initiated however, there is no question of a young devotee woman asking for an alcoholic drink and then offering herself up for sex for any reason. This is the Hare Krishna movement - not the Rajneeshis ! There is no sharing of women or free sex or anything of that nature. There is no having a 'girlfriend'either.

    Of course the HK movement has had its share of scandals, and individuals may break the principles - like may occur in all religions - but it is not the norm. To offer up this nonsense as a glimpse into the HK movement in the 60s is lazy research and actually quite insulting - especially to the dedicated women of the Hare Krishna movement of today and back then in the 1960s.
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    • Author: Kulwes
    I was extremely disappointed with this episode. It fails because it really didn't deal with one central issue. Instead, we find that we have a hodgepodge of stories. The Hare Krishna, Joan's outburst when she served with divorce papers, our English partner ready to steal money from the firm, and Don's commitment to the automobile are all interesting issues, but they are not dealt with firmly as the camera seems to move from one situation to another rather quickly.

    That Krishna woman was something else.

    Don almost acts as a guidance counselor when he catches Joan during her outburst to the secretary. He takes her around and lets her vent out her emotions. Don shows his compassionate side here, but the fact remains that the guy knows how to drink.
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    • Author: olgasmile
    Mad Men

    Mad Men; one of the most acclaimed series by critics, loved by the fans and buzzed at the award shows, is a character driven series created by Matthew Weiner depicting the inner world of an ad agencies set in '60s in New York. The writing is sharp, elaborative, adaptive and exquisite that keeps the audience tangled in its not-so-likable and faulty world on the edge of their seat.

    It is rich on technical aspects like projecting the chemistry among the characters, stunning cinematography, beautiful camera work, references mentioned in the conversations and the classic tone of the series that makes it supremely watchable.

    The primary reason why the series stands alone is not only its nature to work in a metaphorical way but to weave out a poem from the sequence, is the genuine soul behind it that attains a certain closure in each episode. The performance objective is score majestically by the cast especially by the protagonist Jon Hamm who is supported convincingly by the cast like Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones and John Slattery.

    The practical conversations, the whistle-blowing dialogues, three-dimensional characters, excellent execution, finely detailed set-pieces, alluring costume design are the high points of the series that helps it enter the major league.

    Season 05

    The fifth act wisely doesn't rely upon any out-of-topic one's usual project or case and instead is tangled enough in its office politics and personal morale conflicts to depict any of the outer world dilemmas which makes it probably the smoothest act of all if not smarter.

    Christmas Waltz

    The tricks and cheats seems mandatory at this point but it still could have been executed with conviction for it to be able to connect with the audience and depict the actual stage, since it had already good performance on its side.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Jon Hamm Jon Hamm - Don Draper
    Elisabeth Moss Elisabeth Moss - Peggy Olson
    Vincent Kartheiser Vincent Kartheiser - Pete Campbell
    January Jones January Jones - Betty Francis (credit only)
    Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks - Joan Harris
    Jared Harris Jared Harris - Lane Pryce
    Aaron Staton Aaron Staton - Ken Cosgrove
    Rich Sommer Rich Sommer - Harry Crane
    Kiernan Shipka Kiernan Shipka - Sally Draper (credit only)
    Jessica Paré Jessica Paré - Megan Draper
    Christopher Stanley Christopher Stanley - Henry Francis (credit only)
    Jay R. Ferguson Jay R. Ferguson - Stan Rizzo
    Robert Morse Robert Morse - Bertram Cooper
    John Slattery John Slattery - Roger Sterling
    Michael Gladis Michael Gladis - Paul Kinsey
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