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When Santa sets off on his Christmas duties a day early, crashes into the Fox family's house, ends up with amnesia and loses his magic sack of presents, he needs help! But the Fox family are a modern and broken family. Can they help him? The parents are preoccupied with work and the kids aren't very festive. But it's up to them to help Santa find his magical bag of toys and the clock is ticking or Christmas will be ruined. Forced to set their own problems aside and work together the Fox family rediscover how much they enjoy being together and realise that maybe they need to reprioritise their lives. The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is a crazy Christmas fantasy for all the family, brimming with festive spirit.

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    • Author: ALAN
    A fine professional cast, including the sadly underused -- by the industry, anyway -- Jennifer Beals enliven a very pleasant little Christmas movie. R.D. Reid makes an amusing, if rather Irish sounding Santa Claus who has taken a tumble off a roof and lost his memory -- and what, pray tell, will happen to Christmas without Santa? Cue Jordan Prentice as a rather overwhelmed head elf who struggles to get Santa back in shape using Miss Beals' dysfunctional family.

    That's the set up and the movie rings the changes on it in a workmanlike fashion. I have some minor issues with the pace of the direction, but the cast goes through its paces with such obvious goodwill that I can't bring myself to cavil. A merry night before Christmas eve to you all who watched this.
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    • Author: Munigrinn

    The Night Before the Night Before Christmas is a 2010 Hallmark Channel Original Movie about Angela and Wayne Fox (Jennifer Beals and Rick Roberts) who are workaholic parents.

    Santa sets off on his Christmas duties a day early and crashes into the Fox family's house. He ends up with amnesia and loses his magic sack of presents. The Fox family are a modern and broken family. The parents are preoccupied with work and the kids are not very festive. Forced to set their own problems aside and work together, they help Santa find his magical bag of toys.

    The whole family can enjoy this film. Its not a b ad film and most of the characters are fleshed out. Its worth a viewing.

    What I found funny is that all trees in this film were green and full of leaves. Its Winter time the trees should be bare!
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    • Author: Ceroelyu
    Another Hallmark Christmas movie with plenty of the right elements but somewhat uninspired.

    Santa crashes and loses his memory. He takes up residence at a disjointed, not really in the spirit of Christmas, family led by the ever watchable Jennifer Beals. His chief elf(not from 'Elf'), nicely played by Jordan Prentice, works with the family to try to help Santa get it together in time for you know what.

    The family is too tied up in their work and own affairs to appreciate the meaning of the season and each other.

    It's clean and well meaning but not super funny or novel. I'd say enjoy it for what it is. Merry Christmas!

    Fun action believable, some sad family scene, but it ended with everyone finding themselves and the meaning of Christmas. well worth watching. Wow, haven't seen Jennifer Beals in a while - she looks great! Looks like a fun new Christmas movie!
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    • Author: Kipabi
    Now that I have said how I feel about it I must warn that most people will not like this movie. It is too cliché, too predictable, and maybe too slow. But it is unique in the fact that this is the only Santa show I know that Santa doesn't know he is Santa.

    So why do I like it? I don't really know but Christmas before last was when I first saw it and it seems to have just the right homey touches and surprises. It won't win academy awards but it will be suitable for small children or children at heart. I especially liked the bag and its travels. I don't know why but I missed this movie last year. I am getting it several times this year and it is like an old soft shoe. I like it just as much as Kelsey Grammar's A Christmas Carol (The Musical) and Tom Hanks The Polar Express. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these movies and the wonderful music the school choirs sing.
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    • Author: Owomed
    This is a nice Christmas movie that shows the importance of family togetherness during the holidays. Busy families can learn the importance of priorities from this movie.

    Since I live in the Milwaukee, WI area the first thing I noticed was there were green and orange leaves on the trees. Leaves fall off trees in October and early to mid November in the Milwaukee area. Milwaukee is cold. The average high temperature is around 30 degrees and there is snow on the ground 50 percent of Christmas Eve's. Occasionally the temperature drops below zero in December. It sure would be nice if we could walk outside with our coats open and without gloves like in the movie. Maybe there could have been more research done so the weather was more accurate.
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    • Author: Voodoozragore
    While "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" is not a Christmas classic, it is definitely a movie that is well-worth watching for a Christmas movie marathon. And it is a movie that is quite suitable for the entire family to enjoy.

    I watched "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" around Christmas in 2016 along with a heap of other movies together with the family for a Christmas movie marathon. And it turned out that "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" was actually one of the better movies to make it across the screen that year. This is the type of movie that appeals to an audience of all ages, because there is something for everyone to enjoy here.

    The story told in "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" is a fun, albeit somewhat off-beat, Christmas tale. It is about Santa Claws who accidentally crash into the Fox family's house, ends up with amnesia and loses his magical gift sack. With Christmas at stake, the family must assist the hapless elderly man to retrieve his sack and save Christmas.

    It is a fun and wholesome story that is good paced, and there is a good amount of funny situations throughout the movie. Actually the movie combines the family element quite nicely with a pinch of drama and more comedy.

    The acting in the movie was good, of course taking into consideration what kind of movie this is. But all in all, people did perform well up to what was expected. Personally, I wasn't familiar with the people on the cast list, so it was a refreshing change of pace with unfamiliar faces on the screen.

    "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" makes for a wholesome entertaining movie to sit down with the family to watch during the Christmas holidays.
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    • Author: Melipra
    I think that i need to watch 100 Christmas STORIES EVERY Holiday season , so then- I do. My list will include the serious, the light, the Beautiful, the Sad, the Sentimental, the silly and the funny....Great Cast and funny premise....there's like a SNL feel to this almost sort of.Will or Won t it be watched above many of the other cute or fun X mas tales.....i think so because its sharp in the right way. That is a consideration, the knowledge many , many people also will tune in....Beautiful People....Crisp Dialogue...and yes it screams aw! Glad i watched this one it makes for perfect bed-y-bye! Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas.
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    • Author: Malien
    This is a movie that presumes Santa Claus is real complete with a magic gift bag capable of producing endless gifts. So we shouldn't expect it to be aimed strictly at adults complete with plot realism. However, unlike a lot of this kind of movies, it is also not dumbed down so much that there is nothing for adults. This is a fun movie for the entire family.

    There is some good humor that both kids and adults will appreciate. There is one ridiculous disaster to ruin Christmas after another and they get resolved in crazy ways. First we go through the wave of people who encounter the memoryless Santa and his head elf. And meanwhile Nigel the elf is trying to come up with ways to spark Santa's memory. Then they start chasing the bag around.

    The movie is a little preachy about parents who don't pay enough attention to their children. The acting could be better but it's fine for this type of movie. Rebecca Williams who plays Hannah, the high school age member of the Fox family, is obviously way older than her character. But these faults can be overlooked if you just sit back and enjoy their crazy trek to save Christmas. And as we'd expect there are some heartwarming moments.
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    • Author: Samugor
    Okay, so it's Christmastime and you want to get into the festive spirit by watching a movie... which one do you choose? They all have similar plots and twists that they've become staid.

    That can be said about this movie too as you have a Santa who's lost his memory (Santa Who? (2000) & The Search For Santa Paws (2010)); Santa loses his sack; and a dysfunctional family find come together through the spirit of Christmas (The Family Man (2000) & Home Alone (1990)).

    So what makes this film worth watching. The script is well written and keeps up a decent pace throughout the film, and there are some excellent funny lines that shine through -

    Angie Fox - "How did we miss the eight tiny reindeer and sleigh in our garden?"

    Wayne Fox - "Because we were too busy with the Santa in our house!"

    The actors are well above average, with (the much underused) Jennifer Beals shining through and R D Reid giving us a great "Jolly Santa" even though he's lost his memory - this is my favourite portrayal of "Big- Red" to date. Then there's Jordan Prentice as the dapper dressed though highly-strung Nigel Thumb. These three lift the movie out of "good" into "wonderful" cast; making the movie more appealing.

    That said there are a couple of slight encumbrances with the film. The direction could've been better and a little tighter. There could've been some better camera shots at times, everything seems a little safe. Also, the reason why Santa was sent out a day early grated on me a little. None of Santa's little helpers, Mrs Clause, or even Santa himself realised it was the day before Christmas Eve. Surely for somebody who's been doing the same job for thousands of years, you'd expect him to remember what day it is (there are not many important things to remember as Santa, but this has to be a major one).

    This is one Christmas film I would recommend to everyone and I will watch again when it's on... I may even purchase a copy.

    494 Ratings but only a 5.8 Average - This is woefully low for such a good film.
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    • Author: Brannylv
    even though i am watching this movie in 2015,i must say... This is an excellent family Christmas movie... The main & most IMPORTANT feature of this movie is, from start to end this movie sticks to main concept of it & that is >> Christmas & FAMILY <<

    it never looses its family & Christmas oriented track throughout entire running time.

    So if you want to see a perfect Christmas movie this holiday season..( without stupid romantic angles or enemies or stupid fight sequences....)

    Please please please !!! watch this movie...
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    • Author: Ziena
    I joined this site to say this.

    Television movies get a lot of flack. The reality is these movies often operate on a shoe-string budget, select their casts for who is willing to take the role and generally have a fairly limited scope when writing movies for companies such as Hallmark. Christmas television movies must be the most difficult to write for - with every possible idea being rehashed and reused ad nauseam to promote the festive season.

    With that said this movie was not able to hit the level of mediocrity of a D level television movie. It was uninspired, unoriginal and felt like yet another pay-check for an average director. This movie was obviously not made for me - I didn't get smothered by Chief at the end of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest', but I don't know why someone would put any effort into making the movie. I can take a bad movie when it's done with a bit of passion and enthusiasm, but this movie felt like running through the motions.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Jennifer Beals Jennifer Beals - Angela Fox
    Rick Roberts Rick Roberts - Wayne Fox
    R.D. Reid R.D. Reid - Santa
    Jordan Prentice Jordan Prentice - Nigel Thumb
    Gage Munroe Gage Munroe - Toby Fox
    Rebecca Williams Rebecca Williams - Hannah Fox
    Marcia Bennett Marcia Bennett - Mrs. Claus
    Clé Bennett Clé Bennett - Lonnie (as Cle Bennett)
    Kim Roberts Kim Roberts - Yolanda
    Sam Malkin Sam Malkin - Hank
    Brad Borbridge Brad Borbridge - Wes
    Billy Otis Billy Otis - Karl
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