» » Sa Sasucha (2010)

Short summary

Kartik is a businessman and of modern thinking while his wife Ashwini is superstitious and believes in Vaastu Shashtra they are unable to conceive a child and face wrath from his father.Shyamsunder an astrologer advises them to demolish their old house as this is the reason they are unable to conceive .The old house has huge painting of Kartik's mother who died soon after giving birth to him.Kartik and his father have memories with the old house and the painting is an important part in their lives.However Ashwini faces paranormal activities and decides to find the secret.

Debut film of Kishore Belekar.

Credited cast:
Vinay Apte Vinay Apte - Kartik's Father
Arun Badsavle Arun Badsavle
Sunil Barve Sunil Barve - Kartik
Rajesh Bhosle Rajesh Bhosle
Shubhangi Gokhale Shubhangi Gokhale - Kartik's Mother (Sasu)
Omkar Karve Omkar Karve
Yatin Karyekar Yatin Karyekar - Shyamsunder
Sonalee Kulkarni Sonalee Kulkarni - Ashwini
Vimal Mhatre Vimal Mhatre
Kamlesh Sawant Kamlesh Sawant
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