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An aspiring filmmaker goes through the ups and downs of romance when he falls for a Christian woman who says she only wants to be friends.
At a Keralite Christian wedding, a young man in the audience watches mournfully as the woman of his dreams walks down the aisle. Flashback, a young wannabe filmmaker Kartik (Simbu) shares a house with a Keralite family, whose daughter Jessie (Trisha) he instantly falls in love with. After a few minor spurns, Kartik chases Jessie to her hometown and gradually begin a relationship. Trouble brews when her family finds out, leading to fist-cuffs, and Jessie's father fixing her marriage with a boy within the community. The couple continue to meet, but as his filmmaking career starts to take off, there is new friction in their relationship and a drastic step from Jessie.

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For the film-within-the-film the main character hires Naga Chaitanya Akkineni and Samantha Ruth Prabhu (stars of the Telugu version) to portray himself and his love interest. While in the Telugu version, the roles are reversed and the stars of this film portrayed the 'actors' for the 'film'.

This movie was made simultaneously in Telugu with a different cast as Ye Maaya Chesave (2010)

The voice over for the character Jessie was provided by Chinmayi, the famous playback singer

Director KS Ravikumar, to whom the protagonist Karthik works as an assistant, is seen editing the film's director,Gautham Menon's next movie Nadunisi Naaygal which released in 2011.

The film's director and editor, Gautham Menon and Anthony plays a small cameo in the movie.

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    • Author: Fearlessdweller
    Well frankly saying it is a ten year wait to watch a full length romantic movie after ALAIPAYUTHE being released. Great work Gautam,the movie is very close to heart with no added ingredients.The movie is pure and simple, and the narration is excellent. It may not be the usual stuff with comedy and fights, but still its worth a watch more than once. The lead pair is terrific, with Simbu in a new avatar, a territory which he has never charted. Trisha is amazing as Jessie, many will fall in love for her after this movie. Definitely, this move can be one of their best performance till date. ARR is amazing as usual, the BGM and the songs are awesome. At many part u would be dragged into the movie unknowingly.Of course the movie has other routine Gautam stuff. Though it may not be convincing to everyone, but still all those who watch the movie will have one moment in the movie which will be close to them, if that is so then, the mission of the director is achieved. I would recommend this movie for all you people who waited for a romantic piece. A final word, Gautam should we wait for another 10 years for another romantic movie?
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    • Author: Xanna
    I can very well vouch that movie is one of such kind that will stay in one's heart forever... This is one such a simple/clean/decent love story that can happen in anyone's life... And that makes the movie stay close to one's heart... Gautham has splendidly done the screenplay... One can taste the sweetness/bitterness of love while ht movie flows...

    The actors, Simbu and Trisha.... My god, they haven't acted, but lived as Karthik, Jessie... Such a brilliant performance...

    The director concentrated more on the story, story and nothing but story... A simple, but a powerful one... Though there are very few locations, the camera man caught it well...

    On the whole, it's a nice movie to be enjoyed...
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    • Author: caif
    Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa(shortly "VTV")created a big buzz before its release but once it was released some of the audiences were pretty much disappointed by it but certain audiences like me or in my age group(20-25) loved the movie so much. The fact that it was typically a Gautham Vasudev Menon film and so i went in to the theater not expecting a big "Mass" opening song and lengthy dialogues to boast the hero's image but a decent reality film with excellent cinematography(Hats off Manoj Paramahamsa) and beautiful songs("Oscar Winner" A.R.Rahman Rocks!). I wasn't disappointed at all and i had a pretty good time observing the chemistry between Karthik(A Good-Looking Smart Silambarasan worth his title of "Young Superstar")and Jesse(A Ravishing Trisha)and what are all the phases they go through throughout the entire movie till the climax.

    I was deeply moved by the situations that the lead are put to that tests their strength of love rather vaguely. Songs are the biggest plus for the movie and with A.R.R at the helm you can't expect anything less than a riveting music and an excellent BGM. A.R.R. shines in both these with his usual trademark. Whoever says whatever about the movie nobody can take back that VTV is indeed a different attempt in modern day Love stories. Want to know why? Just go for it! You'll enjoy the most if you see this with your lover by your side!
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    • Author: shustrik
    Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, the much expected and much-hyped movie of Gautam Vasudev Menon with Simbhu & Trisha in the lead is a timeless classic in all aspects.The songs already hit the chart busters with A.R.Rahman's Magical Music which helped create anticipation for the movie.i had seen the movie 8 times and i am still counting. Even in action films like Kaakka Kaakka and Vettayadu Vilaiyadu and family drama like Vaaranam Aayiram, the romantic scenes are refreshing with cute & chirpy dialogs. Since it's a full-fledged romantic movie I never wanna miss this.i am an Oriya but i like to watch south movies with English subs.i am a great fan of Mani Ratnam and Gotham Menon and i just love to watch their movies.

    The movie is all about Karthik, an aspiring film maker and Jessi, a program Analyst working in Polaris. It starts in Jessi's wedding at a Church where Karthik narrates his flashback. We simply forget Simbhu and Tisha and can see only Karthik and Jessi romancing. He falls in Love with the ravishing Jessi at the first sight . She goes to Alleppy to spend a week vacation with her grandma. Soon Karthik follows her to Alleppy to say sorry to her. This time the director himself has added a dialog referring to VA. Seems Gautham is still in VA hangover. Meanwhile he befriends Ganesh, a cinematographer and tries to join as an assistant to director K.S.Ravikumar with his reference. Ganesh supports his love and accompanies him to Kerala. Karthik asks Jassi to forgive for his behavior and wants to be a friend with her. Jassi likes the way he proposed and also the way he said sorry. She likes his courage and befriends him like Meghna of VA. She starts loving him but denies to accept it since his parents are staunch Christians and will never allow to marry a Hindu guy. But she wants to be with him just as a friend. Their parents come to know about their affair and Jassi's parents arrange for her marriage while Karthik's parents shift their house to another area. Jassi leave for Kerala for her marriage. Karthik goes to Kerala with Ganesh and narrates the story to us till this part.

    The story has the twist in its 2nd half which is the highlight of the movie. Unlike other Gautam movies, the 2nd half is pretty interesting despite its slow pace. I don't want to disclose the twist. It has a very good feel of romance. I bet that it would rekindle your Love in the present and in the past and it would take a long time to come out of the impact.

    Both Simbu and Trisha have given their best performances till date. Both of them share a good chemistry. Trisha sheds her Glam doll role and steals our heart as Jassi. Simbhu sans his finger mannerisms, punch dialogs, double triple meaning sleazy dialogs makes a strong impression as Karthik. . He's simply mind blowing when he describes the girl in his heart. Apart from the lead couple it's Ganesh who comes throughout the movie without breaking the flow of the movie. Thanks to Mr.Menon for not casting a popular comedian for that role which would be a compromise for C Center audience. K.S.Ravikumar comes now and then as director and makes us laugh st times. Bob Anthony, the yesteryear villain does a neat job as Trisha's stubborn father. His brother looks like a puck rowdy with Gautham's rugged voice. We can't believe it's Trisha's brother. Very bad choice. Her mother- Ayyo Paavam!!! Kitty and Uma Padmanabhan are just okay as Simbhu's parents. Why they were not shown in the 2nd half? His sister doesn't make any mark. Simbhu's voice modulation could have been better.

    Music- The greatest asset of the movie right from the beginning till the end with excellent background score. I don't like all the songs since they are lyrically-challenged. I thought Thamarai had less job to do with 6-7 lines per song with repetitive verses. But it's so much related to the movie. Esp Kannukkul Kannai & Mannippaya. The bitter truth is the lyrics are dominated by Rahman's Music unlike Harris' who gives importance to lyrics in some songs. The Picturisation of Hosannah, Omana Penne and Kannukkul Kannai are visual delight but I didn't like my favorite Mannippaya on screen. It lacks the feel that Shreya Ghoshal has in her voice. It was pictured as a happy duet instead of the melancholic lyrics. It should have come after their separation. Similarly the Picturization of Aaromale is also not so apt as far as the lyrics are concerned.

    Manoj Paramahamsa is the eye of the director. The locales of Alappuzha, Malta Island, and Sinbhu-Trisha's house are treat to watch. We can feel the story is happening in our next home. He's done a fabulous job post Eeram.

    A special mention to singer Chinmayi who has done a wonderful job by lending her voice to Trisha with exact Tamil and Malayalam accents. The way she says Karthik is so lovely and romantic. Does she have a BF named Karthik? Great job Chins! Also to Nalini Sriram for giving decent and elegant costumes to Trisha and making her looking gorgeous. (Esp the first blue Saree till the red Saree in the climax). Simbhu too looks so smart with his casual shirts.

    On a whole, the movie is a must-watch. If you watch movies for time-pass and expect action, mas ala, item numbers, it's not your cup pa. It's not for those who see movies, it for those who feel movies. After Alaipayuthe, I loved this as a full and full romantic movie without any action, comedy sequences (almost after a decade). Don't miss it if u love LOVE! My Rating : 5/5
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    • Author: ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
    What a big expectation for this movie.......I think the BIGGEST for a romantic flick. 15 minutes in to the movie I thought this is the landmark one not only for the crew but also for the Tamil film industry. there any magic Gautham is spelling on his actresses? I promise by heart, I have never seen Trisha more beautiful than this.

    Let us get in to the first half...

    I can boldly say this is the best chemistry between the lead pair in the decade (not to forget alaipayudhe).What beautiful dialogues......same like Mani Ratnam......

    And now I know why he chose Rahman for the music. It indeed forms the backbone of the movie. what a classical BG score.....

    Gautham is getting bigger with his movies.The main plus for his movies is that the critics have never been able to find out a point to make him down.

    And what a screenplay by this guy (though nobody is surprised here because even his Pachaikili Muthucharam which was less than impressive @ the BO,had a great screenplay)

    The second part of the movie now

    I don't think any different theme about love can be explored at this time as everything has already been made. So Gautham plays with the age old theme of boy meets girl of different religion and

    falls in love and the girl fearing about their parents' acceptance. But of course he has put his midas touch at it. And it his hard at this stage of Tamil cinema to give out an out andout romantic flick and that too with the lead pair occupying around 90% of the screen space.

    The only flip for this movie is the slow pace at this part of the movie. The dialogues between the lead pair do tell me that he is the next one to take the mantle of Mani sir..... And all of us know that it is not only in romance he is good at but can do action flicks too like KK & VV.....Just the same way as Mani does.... But not a coincidence they both are at their best at romance....

    And finally the climax

    Any directors ability is fully answered only by the way he does his climax....and Gautham will get my maximum points for this climax...he does raise everybodys eyebrows after the climax...........Particularly this climax will stay in our minds for a long time to come..... this too comes the same way as Mani Ratnams
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    • Author: Rainpick
    "Vinnaithaandi varuvaayaa" is a feel good romantic movie by Gautham Vasudev Menon starring simbu and trisha After a successful Vaaranam Aayiram GVM ventures into his next project Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, focusing entirely on the best emotion in the world, LOVE, a subject that the brilliant director is known to handle with style, finesse, panache and a lot of heart. Although, VTV could have been an apt Valentine’s Day presentation, it nevertheless does not cease to impress the target audience, the YOUTH.VTV is all about falling in love, the emotions, confusions and the innumerable roller-coaster sensations associated with it. Karthik (Silambarasan), a mechanical engineer is an aspiring film director. It is love at first sight for this young man with his landlords daughter Jessy (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian and a computer professional. Karthik expresses his love to her in a quite unexpected manner but she does not accept it citing practical reasons. Notwithstanding her absence even for a short while, Karthik reaches Kerala along with his cinematographer friend Ganesh.He finds Jessy in the pretext of apologizing to her for his behavior but earns her friendship. The ensuing train trip to Chennai from Allapuzha paves way for a deeper bond between the two. Meanwhile Karthik rubs Jessy’s brother on the wrong side which creates a wedge between the two families and Karthiks family is made to vacate the premises. This triggers the hasty fixing of marriage for Jessy in Kerala. Needless to say, Karthik reaches there and what happens thereafter form the crux of Vinnaithaandi Varuavaayaa. The answers to questions like whether Karthik and Jessy unite in marriage or go their individual ways are narrated with a trademark Gautham Menon’s style.

    This is the first time Gautham teams up with A R Rahman and his music has already scorched the charts and the songs are the strong pillars to the film.The movie is a visual treat and characters are so real to make people believe.On the flip side the narration is very slow and is not suitable for commercial audience.As for me i consider the movie as a emotional heartbreak and the best work by GVM ever. hats off!!!!9/10..
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    • Author: SkroN
    This is my first review on you people can see that why I am writing this.I didn't have any much expectation from this movie. I didn't have any work so start this. After watching the movie I can say that it is one of the best romantic movie I have ever seen.

    I liked Gautham menon's others movies also but became fan of him after this movie.superb direction and screenplay.awesome dialogues and acting.Love the Dialogue "Of all of the girls in the world why I fall in love with Jessie" . I am also a engineering student and same kind of dream which the lead hero has. So story is close to my heart.

    One particular thing that I like about the movie is its climax.Again hats off to Gautham Menon.
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    • Author: Celace
    After a long time,i have a seen a romantic movie with great music and excellent acting.10 years after Alaipayuthey,here comes a story which is not a love triangle and concentrates only between the 2 characters,Karthik played by Silambarasan and Jesse played by Trisha Krishnan

    15 minutes into the movie you get completely hooked as the movie has a great start with excellent background music by A.R.Rahman and you feel the same as the main protagonist Karthik feels for Jesse.all you want while watching, is the love story between karthik and Jesse to happen.

    The movie scores high on its screenplay and keeps you hooked scene by scene,the dialogues which is kept simple but still with a high feel.Superb cinematography,Kerala has never been so beautiful before.

    But finally the movie belongs to 4 very important people 1)T.R.Silambarasan as karthik who has enacted his part with great charm and his lover boy attitude is hard to ignore 2)Trisha as Jesse,a girl who u can really say as a girl next door with her sexy looks even in her Indian attire,which is hard to find in today's movies as most of the heroins concentrate on western looks.She plays her part well and forms a great pair with karthik. 3)a fantastic music by A.R rahman,his background score makes you feel and drives you into the movie and also some great songs like hosanna,Omanapenne,Mannipaya.You really have to watch this movie to believe why A.R. Rahman is considered the Best in the business 4)and finally,the director Gautham Menon,after a string of hits like Minnale,Kakha Kakha,Vettaiyadu Vilayadu,Vaaranam Aayiram and now Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya.,the direction by Gautham Menon is superb and effort can be seen during the climax when u get a huge surprise

    my verdict..10 out of it for its sincerity and for its feel
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    • Author: GoodLike
    i watched the movie five times it is really one of the best ever romantic movie ever made in Tamil.

    there are lot of scenes in which every one could relate to themselves.

    everything in the movie is best.story,screenplay are good,music excellent,cinematography good,acting is also good,

    so everything is done well in this movie,which makes the audience watch it again and again.

    the movie looks like as if it is based on a true story

    but only the climax twist may be inspired from annie hall...

    trisha's characterization is brilliant....

    simbu gives his best till date..

    best work from gautham menon...
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    • Author: Uttegirazu
    I have deducted 1 point only becos I think the climax was made a sad one just to draw audience.. becos sad endings mostly click at BO. But ya.. most real life love stories end in such a way.

    Things I liked:

    Cameraman Manoj paramahamsa who likes Blue color..Awesome works.. Even normal deserted streets look like Garden :-) I bow to ur effort.

    The way all the songs start slowly with the scene and carry on. There are no abrupt scene shifts.. The song slowly builds onto the scene. All songs are absolutely made according to the scene. ARR is divine in this.

    I have to accept that Simbu is very good and natural in the movie. Never seen him act so well. It suits him due to his tragic lover boy image. In the last part of movie, in Central Park when Karthik is imagining talking with Jessie explaining her abt his lover, his voice breaks and he is stopping himself from crying.. Simbu excels here.

    Trisha is also a surprise! Seeing her u feel the next door girl image .. natural beauty.. Especially Chimayi's wonderful dubbing.. So soft spoken, emotional :-)

    A typical end .. where the Girl is shown as a matured, practical and family oriented person and the guy is left alone, wounded and failed lover. Boo to Jessie!

    My favourite scenes (actually i liked every scene): Karthik explaining Jessie how he wants to sit next to her and not across the table.

    Jessie after walking away from church, explains to Karthik in her house how she likes him...

    Karthik drops Jessie and says whats happening.. why shud we be friends.. and Jessies says I hate u.. to which he replies.. Thank you

    Scenes where Karthik asks .. This is love right..

    Of course Ganesh :) provides good support and a very good friend to have.

    No over-the-top scenes, punch dialogues, unnecessary violence, sudden songs etc...

    Gautam menon... hats off.. He has made me feel as though I was in the movie and its all happening to me :-) Wonderful movie..

    A clean movie.. although traditional parents will not like it.

    Hope all directors and actors make such movies.

    This is the first movie to leave a lump in my Throat and a heavy heart. I am not that emotional a person, but this one knocked me off..

    I want to experience a love like this but a successful one. Would be interesting.
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    • Author: Samutilar
    With many expectations like Gautam Menon and AR Rehman's new combination and the knack for romance which Gautam has and delivers in each of his flicks, I went to see this. Result: Certainly i am way too satisfied with the movie. It exceeded all my expectations and apparently it lived up to its hype.

    Story: Karthick(simbhu) falls on love with Jessy (Trisha) when he sees her for the first time. ( A typical GM's love start)Jessy is from an orthodox Christian family while Karthick hails from a hindu family who aspires to be a director. As a golden rule in Tamil cinema's love, religion, father and every possible thing which comes to your mind put their love in disguise. And the story unfolds showing whether they have joined hands or left apart with an interesting climax.

    Performances: Simbhu has done a very nice underplay here and he shines. I always believe there is no such thing called a "good actor". Its all the director who pulls the talent out of an actor. And Gautam shows he is an expert in this in the form of Karthick's role.Trisha though looks pretty aged, blows us with her performance. She portrays a girl's emotions and the challenges which she undergoes with all finesse. Ganesh who comes as a friend of Karthick gets more applause than anyone when he utters those quirky remarks.

    Music: The world knows why Rahman is a genius. But at certain times, the music which has the upper hand sometimes suppresses the beautiful, poetic lyrics by Thamarai. Other than that Rahman tries fusing traditional Indian vocals with an awesome guitar play in Aaromale which is nothing short of a classic. Omana Penne, Manippaya gets better while watching on screen. Hosana is this year's Adiye Kolludhe! Its refreshingly new.

    Cinematography and Art: This guy simply blows away. Gautam shows his life he wanted to put on the screen through the lens' of this guy. A cinematographer or art director shouldn't be praised for his individual elements and tricks he employs in the movie. What matters is, even if its simple, how it gels with the flick really matters to me. in that sense Manoj and Raajevan win hands down. The choice of colors they used makes it simple but elegant in the screen.

    Editing: Antony should have been generously cut some 15 minutes of scenes in the second half as it spoils the flow of the flick.

    On the down side, songs were not in sync with the movie. Only when Aaromale and Mannipaya you feel a certain connectivity with the movie. Other songs though they feel good to hear, however doesn't go with the story. Being a little dragged during second half and songs every 10-15 minutes certainly spoils the movie's flow to an extent.

    But of late I didn't witness any honest story straight from the director like this. How frequent we come across a dialogue or a BGM playing in the movie make us getting goosebumps? The climax scene while trisha shaking hands with Simbhu and the Mannipaya playing in the background did bring me goosebumps. And this is why i like movies. When you feel for the character or you think yourself as a certain character, the director wins. And so Gautam Menon. Period.

    Forget the minor flaws(which could have been corrected by crisp editing) and whining about it.Watch a great, simple and honest love story with hurdles which they overcome being the ones you watched umpteen times in other movies but with a soul to it in VTV and with a different treatment.
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    • Author: Realistic
    Love at first sight, lots of movies in the list and still VTV(vinnai thandi varuvaya) gives something different for the movie goers. VTV is all about a boy(karthick), who meets a girl(jessi) elder to him, falls for her, he manages to get her love with lot of hurdles(religion,age,etc..)

    What makes VTV different is the way the story moves after the breakup of the lead actors, Jessi leads a normal life with her husband abroad while karthick becomes a director, and makes a movie based on his love life. The quote which karthick speaks "we can't decide whom we are going to love, we can't go searching for love, love happens, it should sweep you off your feet,thats true love". Though the movie is top notch at the technical aspects,the movie make us somewhat sleepy in the middle, unwanted fight sequence plays the spoilsport in a good romantic movie.
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    • Author: Voodoozragore
    I liked the fact that simbu didn't overact for the first time in a movie, in fact he is a quite a good actor when he doesn't overact. Trisha's presence on the screen would have robbed many teenagers hearts. Her performance as a girl brought up in a friendly but strict on marriage family was very nice. Ganesh has done a good job for the comedy section with simbu. But this could have been used more in the film to prevent boringness as the movie drags on at many places. Especially this would have gained the interest of audiences other than youngsters who would just watch it because they are watching it with girl/boyfriends or because they are in love. The storyline is simple and without the good screenplay it would have been just another love story. It is how the movie was lagged on without any good elements like comedy to keep you glued to the screen is preventing me from watching it again.
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    • Author: Rrinel
    One of the best ever romantic movies made, hats of to Gautham Menon, Chimbu's acting is too good and best part is the music composition by ARR. Dialogues are too good a must watch movie for lovers.Some of the scenes in the movie just took away my heart , At times i thought of my own love story movie is just simply breath taking.The song "mannipaya" has become one f my favourite ever , hosanna and "omanapenne" all the songs are just too good,and the scene in which "Kartik" throwing away his phone getting annoyed with Trisha just imagined myself, camera-work has been super Kerala locations are too good,misunderstanding just made their routes different, climax was good took in a different style.
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    • Author: Yggfyn
    A true tribute to Love, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya couldn't have come at a better time and thus it not only resurrects Tamil Cinema that has been rolling out annoyingly cockeyed experiments and demeaning formula flicks of late, but also thrusts it to a new level that can only be matched by pure Magic. VTV has had all kinds of positive reviews from all quarters including the critics that mostly analyzes the crucial movie-making aspects like direction, acting, music, cinematography etc and it wouldn't be wrong to declare that all these departments couldn't have blended better in this movie. Gautam's exclusive touch, ARR's hypnotic tunes, Simbu's innate acting skills, Trisha's ravishing beauty and Manoj's eye-popping visuals, though undeniably true, have been discussed and reviewed to death and therefore this review will not cover any of it fortunately.

    If one takes a deeper look as to why this movie had a stupendous response, it would be quite evident that it deals with a subject that keeps human species from going extinct, which is apparently "Love" or call it "Romance" in a more youthful way. Love is one of the very few things that people go crazy for, not to mention Money and Power. It is always refreshing to see the lead actors in such a movie behave naturally while romancing and deal with realistic situations as we would see in the life of a boy/girl next door. It not only gives a pragmatic facet to the film-making but also provides a hardly-witnessed dimension of seeing ourselves on the big screen. Although most successful movies have piggybacked on this aspect, VTV has easily managed to take it many steps further and achieved an insurmountable level of connectivity with the audience. When such a phenomenon occurs, movie-goers would not mind watching the movie over and over again, which inturn leads to its commercial success. There are quite a few circumstances in the story that deserves special applause for its simplicity and true-to-life treatment.

    Various people in the industry keep talking about taking Tamil Cinema to the new level though the visibility of that level is never fathomed except for a handful like Kamal Hassan and Mani Ratnam. The attainment of that kind of level does not necessarily mean acceptance and praise from overseas film industries because of the indigenous nature of our subjects. VTV has certainly taken good strides towards this and Gautam is not far from reaching it in the near future provided he stays impervious to producer's and hero's demands. So, it's not surprising that VTV will be remade in Hindi and Gautam will wield the megaphone again in an attempt to make Bollywood audience go gaga about it as he has already done that with Tamil audience.
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    • Author: Kerry
    There is always something romantic about a love that is denied the rights to flourish be it TITANIC or 500 Days of Summer, the latter inspiring Gautam Menon's new offering.VTV hews to the staid Indian movie tradition of a love story with a few twists and hoping the audience will not get that Deja vu feeling. It has true chemistry and some beautiful, subtle moments of tenderness as well some heart-rending moments of disconnectedness between the two. This seesaw method of bouncing to and fro successfully manages to force the viewer in a physically engaging shared experience of Karthick and Jessy's feelings, which is something the director aspires to elicit from his intended audience.


    Boy Karthick (Hindu), an unsuccessful mechanical engineer and an aspiring film director meets girl Jessy (Malayalee Christian), a B.Sc graduate working as a software professional.Karthik falls in love...Jessy only wants to be friends but then changes her mind and commences a relationship...Religion plays spoilsport... But... Surprise Surprise …Not the Cliché happy ending which has become quite the norm of conventional Tamil Cinema. Gautam deserves a praise for his courage to gamble with the film's climax and echo this generation's dilemma over career and love. I have always felt that Media and Audiences should mature in this country and that is when we will get to see good movies on par with Hollywood. Gautam is certainly a pioneer leading that movement.


    The acting is wonderful from the two leads. Silambarasan has been one of my favorite actors and proves yet again why he is one of the most talented actors of his generation. His performance was truly fantastic. He brings you the school boy enthusiasm of love at first sight especially whenever he reminds you every time that Jessy is one year older than him.Trisha's all over this one, easily one of her top performances to date. She is sassy and suave and definitely will make you love her .The supporting cast is terrific throughout and very fun to watch.Ganesh, one of the producers of the movie who also dons the comic part enthralls us with his timing and sense of humor.

    The film's certainly miles above the formulaic nonsense that too often passes for Kollywood romance these days. It tries to portray a relationship that is more realistic and less clichéd than most others.Trisha is absolutely wonderful in her portrayal of Jessy and her eccentric personality.Their chemistry is wondrously compelling to watch and their moments together seem wholly convincing and genuine. Rahman's BGM was marvelous.Everyone involved does an amazing job to connect the several elements of love into a satisfying and moving conclusion targeted at mature audiences.

    Bottomline: Clever, lovable, laughable and well written script to keep you engaged. Stellar performances from the lead pair. Don't miss it. Two thumps up !
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    • Author: Faugami
    A Beautiful experience with soulful music by A.R. Rahman and some great acting by its stars.The movie will capture the hearts of those around the age of 20-25.Both the main leads Silambarasan and Trisha have a done a great job.

    Superb Camera work,electrifying Score(Both music and background) by A.R. Rahman,great direction,very good screenplay to keep you hooked,great story and last but not the least,excellent performance by Silambarasan as Karthik and Trisha as Jesse.

    Watch the Movie if you are in love,if you were in love and also if you have loved and lost.At the end what you have is the feel that the movie gives you and which is hard to get away from your mind and heart for a long time.

    Mu verdict 5/5...a Movie with a Big Heart
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    • Author: Shliffiana
    I have always been an admirer of the works of Gautham Menon and this time he's fallen short of the line he'd drawn for himself in Tamil cinema industry.

    The theme of the movie is very pleasant and simply beautiful in its own way. The lead pair has had a really impressive chemistry between them throughout the movie. Gautham has again proved that he can still step up the stardom of the lead-pair in his movie irrespective of the story. As against their previous movies, Simbu is incredibly handsome and Trisha's gorgeous as well.

    The enthralling writer in Gautham is exemplified when Trisha admits that she wants to look at herself through the eyes of Simbu after he lauds her beauty. The first half levitates the expectations of any unbiased audience to the likes of Karthik-Revathy pair in Manirathnam's Mouna Raagam - love best ever showcased in Tamil cinema. But disappointment awaits in the second half - thanks to Gautham's cliché.

    The humorous but slow dialogs of cameraman Ganesh is an overdose to the inexplicably stagnant pace of the movie itself. Oscar winner Rahman has proved his might yet again in this movie as his music treats our senses. But as to why foreign dancers crowd the hero in all of Gautham's movies - not one but in 3 songs, remains a mystery..!

    The theme fails in its purpose to portray Simbu's true love and Trisha's quandary to accept it in so many instances of the movie. Like when Simbu refuses Trisha's friendship citing he feels like he always wants to make love to her and Trisha's willingness to give into romance whenever Simbu comes close to her - is it the director's misinterpretation of the word "Love" with "Lust"???

    The complicated screenplay draws the dislike of majority of audience as people found their way out of the theater even with 20 minutes left in the movie, notably on the day of release (source- I was there too!) The climax is probably the only way Gautham could get himself out of jail as both the possible endings one can think of is there. Not enjoyable though..!

    If you are expecting a delightful romantic story without inquietude, back out..! Not if you're biased..!
  • comment
    • Author: Arcanescar
    Hosanna indeed! There's something about Hebrew words of worship (Hallelujah). It isn't merely about a certain cadence. They form sublime expressions of adoration or worship. When infused with the right musical intonation, the appeal borders on the sublime. There is no greater testimony to this than Indian Ocean's Kandisa. For the compositions to work though, it needs much more than rousing notes. So praise be to A R Rahman. He knows a thing or two about the sublime.

    There are two aspects to his music that have contributed to his growth as a composer over the years. Firstly, the Sufi influence in his music. What began with Ishq Bina (Taal) has crystallized over the years and probably peaked with Khwaaja Mere Khwaaja (Jodhaa Akbar). It has probably led him to seek other influences and musical forms that exalt worship itself. Consequently, he has derived inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources for modern movie compositions, prayer songs and hymns (Maargazhi Poove). Second - his tracks of late grow on you. His first wave had songs that would sweep one away even before the instrumental prelude gave way to the vocals. Now, he is much more experimental and that means songs that reveal themselves in new ways even after endless rounds of listening (Rehna Tu (Delhi 6) being a case in point). In short, this is someone who is acquiring newer influences all the while (arguably the hardest thing for a composer, or for that matter, any artiste to do) and exploring ways to synthesize them into tracks that gel with an audience. All of this is evident in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. This is a soundtrack to treasure.

    Built on this bedrock of a foundation is a movie that eventually does justice to the soundtrack. It manages to do so by being a sincere film on most counts. Also a rarity in Tamizh cinema these days, it also acknowledges the archetype of a woman who finds herself in the oxymoronic position of deriving her independence from attachment to a set of factors. And when she is beckoned to pursue something that will invariably mean detachment from all that she had previously held constant, she balks and braves alternately. Trisha Krishnan comes out trumps, and the best thing that can be said about the performance is that even when Gautam Menon and Manoj Paramahamsa are liberal with the close-up, one can watch her for the four or five minutes that the camera hogs her - in the midst of seemingly rambling dialogue. A test for any actor in that one cannot build a case for one's character.

    Silambharasan aka Simbhu brings to the role a quiet and steely resolve (accentuated by the white-blue themed clothing). As noted, it's a performance that grows on you and one can sense ownership of the role towards the end. His dancing skills have finally been put to good use resulting in graceful moves as opposed to his constant zeal to defy gravity in his earlier films. On the whole, the two vibe well on screen and are only let down occasionally by the writing. There are a couple of surprise packages in the movie in the form of Ganesh and Babu Anthony.

    The word 'Gautamisms' isn't far off if he keeps coming up with stuff like 'one-way ticket to heartbreak city'. Such lines don't ring true in the context of the film and jut out. Gautam probably expresses himself in such fashion but that doesn't mean every character he creates needs to express himself / herself likewise. I am probably being a tad harsh on a director whose credentials and work are creditworthy for the most part - which is the point. For someone whose films avoid the pitfalls of his peers, this persistence in thrusting dialogues to actors forms a jarring note many a time.

    Thankfully, the sheer weight of stated and unstated emotional value he is able to derive from semi-autobiographical ventures (probably evinced by the line by Surya's airplane father figure in Vaaranam Aayiram) dwarfs everything else. This is married to rigorous thought in terms of what story-telling technique best brings out this value. He is also proving to be a location scout of the caliber of Mani Ratnam with Alappuzha and Goa shot sumptuously on screen.
  • comment
    • Author: Thetalen
    One of the best movie I've come across. Full marks to the script writer, direction and music. Actors Str and Trisha have completely justified their role in the movie.

    GVM, Director of the movie have brought the right emotions in each of the frames. He was able to rightly put things which makes a sadly ending though a very good love story.

    This movie is all about a boy who pursuits his love and does the best for their healthy relationship; being opposed from girls parents, they somehow part ways. However, boy successfully followed his ambition of becoming a film director and makes a movie based on his own love story which did not succeed but he puts a happy ending under his direction, is a twist during the climax of VTV.

    Experience- refreshing love story, movie has complete blend of love, romance, madness, craze, heartbreak, emotions, music and background music.

    A nice and a perfect blend of love story entertainer by GVM. Thank you Sir!
  • comment
    • Author: Hidden Winter
    VTV is magic. VTV is Love. VTV is Life. VTV is Soul of Love and One sided Love. I have watched this movie more than 30 times that I can keep telling the dialogues as they run in screen. Still i never get bored oh not even bored I feel the same how i felt when i watched it for the first time. This is Cult Classic Romantic movie. The Music is out of this world. God ARR's very best scoring is this movie. I can keep saying but please don't miss this movie. Watch it once that you will feel better especially if you have a past love or one side love.
  • comment
    • Author: Buzalas
    A best romance movie i have ever seen finally unexpected ending made me cry. definitely this is the first movie which made me to feel the real love
  • comment
    • Author: Keel
    Trisha is gorgeous. Gautam chalks another masterpiece like he always does. Yet another proof of the stupendous actor Simbu is. Sad he wastes it all away.
  • comment
    • Author: Brightcaster
    Awesome movie with excellent songs.The first half was very good.But in the second half the film travels in a slow pace,eventually it boosts up.Songs are the biggest strength of this film.Young super star was good in his acting.Trisha was extremely ultimate in her act.Use of bad words in the second half must have been avoided to make it a complete family entertainer.The love story between them seemed to be realistic and it was heart touching when you watch it.The romantic scenes were excellent. Director Gautham Menon was awesome in his direction.The true love in a youngsters mind is clearly shown.The film would have been more awesome if the second half had traversed in a fast pace.Anyway it was nice if you watch it with a fresh mind.The movie ultimately ends in a tragedy unexpectedly which was its plus.
  • comment
    • Author: Hadadel
    What commenced the catamaran towards the Tamil picture for me, was 'Omanna Penne' - one of the greatest video songs in the history of Indian cinema. And ten minutes into watching 'Vinaithandi Varuvaya' , not to mention witnessing the simple yet splendid arc of the camera in the opening credits , was enough to hint that Gautam Vasudev Menon had a special project going on here.

    Manoj Paramahamsa's world-class cinematography tells us the story , with stellar esthestics in the camera's framing , glides and arcs. The plot line is great enough to stretch from the beginning of mankind to its end but, Dear Reader , I'll cut it medium short just for you. Hindu Boy meets Christian Girl, goes nuts over her ,hops over a gate ,sings a snazzy song and obsessively woos her in the grand tradition of Tamil cinema's young male bravehearts who are the finest antithesis of pyrrhic victors. Girl actually is interested, even manages a smooch but Boy wants much more but Girl's Daddy is a baddie due to orthodox reasons. Well-educated Girl is all set to tie the knot with San Francisco-based vice-president-of-something while Boy is sneered at because he is doomed to start off electively as an assistant film director (more understandable in India wherein thousands of trashy films domestically made, have disillusioned so many). But Girl then says yes then says no, then says no then says yes ..and repeats cycle on oscillating loop till frenetically persevering Boy is so confused that he seeks deliverance of a different kind...

    Unexpected pleasant surprises stud the film. Alleppey district of Kerala is introduced by a smartly telescoping succession of brilliantly cut scenes compendiating the milieu's beauty and details, both municipal and pastoral. Editor Anthony superbly executes the brief given to him. In another scene notable for a different kind of cinematic narration, it is early morning with light barely coming through and we see the hero on the bike with a girl on the backseat - when he hears depressing tidings, the screen darkens progressively as a reflection of the sun within him setting before it has even arisen, and then a red light is seen emblazoned against the white bands of his shirt when he stops the bike at a traffic signal, as though his heart is as redly inflamed as it could ever get.

    No study of the select examples of Indian films that seamlessly splice songs into the narrative, would be complete without an inclusion of VV. The film's initial such examples - of boy and girl meeting for the first time (Hosanna), of boy and girl scheming a joint journey and then canoodling in an Indian first-class blue- cushioned train compartment (Omana Penne) - reveal an auteuristic finesse in making the sings effortlessly flow into the story.

    Trisha is deceptively good at portraying the torn-between-two-worlds Jessie. What shows on Jessie's face and behaviour does not quite indicate what decisions she will eventually take. Menon pushes her close to the level of the maniacally oscillating dame of 'Jules et Jim', to which crux she might have well descended to, had this story been a fully reciprocative love triangle.

    Silambarasan does not reveal great nuance of acting in this picture but his keen delivery of all the broad emotions amply redeems his act. Some his outbursts are indubitably terrific - I clapped without stopping like a shamelessly stoked vulgarian, when in response to Jesse saying that their prospects of being together are further weakened by her dislike of movie-watching, he snarls "What the f***ing kind of logic is that?!" (the Censor Board bleeps out the adjective - apparently it is alright for the nation to f*** its way past China to become the world' most populous country but it's not alright to utter the dirty word). Besides, Silambarasan can physically fight like a mean professional , and dance with slick grace - you don't need much else to be a hero in India, or for that matter in many other parts of the world.

    The way the ending reamed around , repeatedly, with the true nature of what transpires, had me exasperatedly whispering slangs while watching the fag end. But Menon ultimately needs to be commended for daring to toy around that much with his audience. Still, the denouement is too frothy - a potion like what this movie promised, drunk to the lees, ought to have an aftertaste that is less forgiving. But this gripe should not detract from what has been achieved both technically and thematically overall. Menon inserts a line at the end that clearly conveys the autobiographical nature of this work. It must be a unique feeling to lay bare your heart in front of a cinema mass audience ...and fortune favours the brave. His luck was that he made the original film in Tamil Nadu and it succeeded on all fronts . I concede that even if it was a flop he might still have derived some satisfaction, but it remains a pity that re-making the film in Mumbai confounded him so much that giving the film two different endings (to purportedly appease an infantile nation-wide audience) still wasn't enough to have the Hindi version slammed by both critics and audience alike.
  • Credited cast:
    T.R. Silambarasan T.R. Silambarasan - Karthik Sivakumar (as Young Superstar Silambarasan)
    Trisha Krishnan Trisha Krishnan - Jessie Thekekuttu (as Trisha)
    Ganesh Ganesh - Ganesh
    Raja Krishnamoorthy Raja Krishnamoorthy - Sivakumar (as Kitty)
    Babu Antony Babu Antony - Joseph Thekekuttu
    Uma Pathmanabhan Uma Pathmanabhan - Karthik's mother
    Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Lakshmi Ramakrishnan - Jessie's mother
    Samantha Ruth Prabhu Samantha Ruth Prabhu - Nandhini
    Naga Chaitanya Akkineni Naga Chaitanya Akkineni - Himself
    K.S. Ravikumar K.S. Ravikumar - Himself
    Trisha Alex Trisha Alex - Anupama
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Janani Iyer Janani Iyer - Assistant Director
    Pradeep Kottayam Pradeep Kottayam - George Uncle
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