» » Alone in This House (2013)

Short summary

Alone In This House is about a boy (Jake) who is asked to dog/house sit for a person he's never met before. The owner is already gone by the time Jake gets there but has left a key for him to get in. As if that wasn't strange enough things start getting a little freaky when noises and a shadow figure start appearing. Unable to escape the house due to being locked in and dogs vanished Jake wonders if it was all real or if something paranormal is going on and can he escape...

Credited cast:
Matthew Dieu Allen Matthew Dieu Allen - Jake
Randy A. Randy A. - Evil Creature / Homeowner
Boris Mason Boris Mason - Himself
Seantae Meri Seantae Meri - New Victim Danielle (rumored)
Freja Arreola Freja Arreola - Herself
Ashley D. Ashley D. - Jake's Sister Lindsey (rumored)
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