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Now in the present Isaac is the latest victim of the serial killer, a face from his past, who accuses him of betrayal. Reconciling with his family Gabriel finishes with Elaine, having found evidence to suggest Steven Mills' innocence but it is stolen from the police station and when Gabriel eventually finds it it identifies the mass murderer. To understand their motive Gabriel reminds Benton how, twenty-one years earlier, as young policemen, they investigated abuse at the Salvia psychiatric unit, the killer being a patient there now executing revenge on the cruel staff responsible for ruining their life. After receiving a shock revelation from Benton Gabriel must now catch the killer, who has abducted his daughter Hannah.

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    • Author: Mavivasa
    I didn't find Rellik the easiest watch, after the pretty poor opening episode the quality did improve, however this last episode was exhilarating. So many times you watch a serial and get let down by a poor finale, but this was superb. It managed to answer questions, tie up the loose ends, and be edge of the seat viewing. The predominantly real time flow of this episode made it easier to follow, and ultimately more enjoyable. I wonder had they kept to this format throughout would the show have done better in terms of viewer, we'll never know. Superb from Dornam and Balfour. It ends on a high.
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    • Author: inform
    In the previous episode we saw Shepard revealed as the murderer. When she tortures Isaac Taylor she tells him that he and Dr Borner treated her when she was a little girl after her mother was killed, she then had another name.

    The terrible treatment she received from the doctors and how she was nearly raped at the psychiatric unit before being saved by a young police officer.

    A recent chance encounter with Dr Borner set her off the rails and on a trail of revenge, the throwing of acid was to make people invisible as she spied on a scarred Christine talking to the psychiatrist.

    Yet as the net tightens towards her, Shepard is playing a cat and mouse game with Markham with her daughter as a pawn. Does Sheperd want to explain all to Markham or prove her love to him?

    We got an elaborate rewind at the beginning of the final episode but this was a more straightforward episode as we reached an endgame with more scarring for Markham.

    The concept of Rellik really did not work, I think the programme would had been better as a regular four part thriller and this was shown by the declining viewing figures, it tanked after the first episode.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Richard Dormer Richard Dormer - DCI Gabriel Markham
    Jodi Balfour Jodi Balfour - DI Elaine Shepard
    Paterson Joseph Paterson Joseph - Isaac Taylor
    Michael Shaeffer Michael Shaeffer - Steven Mills
    Clive Russell Clive Russell - Henry
    Lærke Winther Lærke Winther - Lisa Markham (as Lark Winther)
    Shannon Tarbet Shannon Tarbet - Hannah Markham
    Ray Stevenson Ray Stevenson - Det Supt Benton
    Lara Decaro Lara Decaro - Young Helena
    Annabel Bates Annabel Bates - Jill
    Max Wrottesley Max Wrottesley - Samuel
    Michael Wildman Michael Wildman - Martin
    Charlotte Dylan Charlotte Dylan - Cassie Hughes
    Reece Ritchie Reece Ritchie - Asim
    Kieran Bew Kieran Bew - Mike
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