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Physically and mentally scarred DCI Gabriel Markham confronts suspected serial killer Steven Mills, who is shot dead by marksmen whilst reaching for his phone. Gabriel's lover Elaine and other colleagues celebrate closure of the case but Gabriel begins to doubt Steven's guilt, citing his schizophrenia and attendance at psychiatrist Isaac Taylor's clinic. The day before sees Gabriel quizzing Steven's wife Beth after his DNA is found at the last murder scene but Gabriel also suspects Patrick Barker, boyfriend of one of the victims, Christine Levison, who left the country in a hurry. Gabriel returns to his wife Lisa, who is aware of his affair with Elaine, whilst Steven escapes from custody.

First broadcast 9-10pm Monday, 11th September 2017 on BBC One in the UK, the series opened strongly attracting an audience of 4,958,000 viewers making Rellik the ninth most watched programme on the channel for the period 11th September 2017 - 17th September 2017.

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    • Author: Sharpbinder
    Rellik is Killer spelled backwards. When a vagrant is washing car windows in standing traffic, DCI Markham (Richard Dormer) explains to his partner why he might be dodging cars to do this for a few quid. Markham points to the marks in his arms, he is looking for money so he could score drugs, go back far enough you might find out why he needed to do drugs in the first place.

    That explains the concept of the series.

    The first episode has police marksmen gunning down a man named Steven Mills, he has blood in his face, he is outside a school in a distressed state and is a suspect in deaths of seven people involving acid.

    The story goes back to some hours in time where we see events leading up to this point but it just leads to more puzzlement and maybe more suspects.

    DCI Markham is disfigured in an acid attack, are these scars recent or has he been injured for some time? Anyhow Markham thinks Mills may not be the culprit. He suspects a female in prison who is also disfigured in an acid attack to be involved somehow with the killings. There is a suspiciously acting psychiatrist, a wealthy man leaving on the plane when all the mayhem is going on.

    The first episode was dense, confusing but stylishly done. I think I will stick with this on BBC1 as it has more depth than the Williams Brothers other drama, Liar being shown on ITV on the same night and time as this.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Richard Dormer Richard Dormer - DCI Gabriel Markham
    Jodi Balfour Jodi Balfour - DI Elaine Shepard
    Paterson Joseph Paterson Joseph - Isaac Taylor
    Paul Rhys Paul Rhys - Patrick Barker
    Michael Shaeffer Michael Shaeffer - Steven Mills
    Rosalind Eleazar Rosalind Eleazar - Christine Levison
    Georgina Rich Georgina Rich - Beth Mills
    Lærke Winther Lærke Winther - Lisa Markham (as Lark Winther)
    Shannon Tarbet Shannon Tarbet - Hannah Markham
    Ray Stevenson Ray Stevenson - Det Supt Edward Benton
    Tuwaine Barrett Tuwaine Barrett - Garage Man
    Kieran Bew Kieran Bew - DI Mike Sutherland
    Reece Ritchie Reece Ritchie - DC Asim Fry
    Faye Castelow Faye Castelow - DS Jenny Roberts
    Joseph Macnab Joseph Macnab - DC Sam Myers
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