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A serial killer of prostitutes based Kansas City taunts the police by calling several times to give them the locations of women he's killed. The police have to do a lot of old fashion detective work with lack of physical evidence over a period of 10 to 12 days.

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    • Author: Gelgen
    In the summer of 2004, Terry Blair murdered six women and phoned the police several times to tip them off where to find the bodies. This documentary was made live, a film crew literally followed the team of Kansas detectives around while they were on the case. It ends when Blair is charged with eight murders, three rapes and an assault. He would eventually stand trial for six murders only.

    This would not be until 2008, when he waived his right to a jury trial in return for the death penalty being taken off the table. Judge John O'Malley found him guilty on all counts, delivering his judgment with half an hour of explanation. He also took a swipe at the police for allowing the camera crew to follow them throughout the investigation.

    Returning to the film, this is by its nature an accurate account of what was obviously going to be a very short investigation. In addition to his taunting the police – and clearly wanting to be caught if only subconsciously – Blair did not kill all his victims. In the UK and probably many other countries, this investigation would not have been filmed in such a manner; most people would regard it as in poor taste if not unethical for the cameras to be present when the police are informing the loved ones of a victim of that individual's demise.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Jeff Downing Jeff Downing - Himself - Det., Kansas City, MO Homicide
    Dion Graham Dion Graham - Narrator
    Donie Hoffman Donie Hoffman - Herself - Det., Kansas City, MO Homicide
    Mike Hutcheson Mike Hutcheson - Himself - Det., Kansas City, MO Homicide
    Joe Marinella Joe Marinella - Himself - Det., Kansas City, MO Homicide
    Steve Miller Steve Miller - Himself - Det., Kansas City, MO Homicide
    Steve Morgan Steve Morgan - Himself - Det., Kansas City, MO Homicide
    Randy Morris Randy Morris - Himself - Det, Kansas City, MO Homicide (as Det. Randy 'Cat' Morris)
    Doug Niemeier Doug Niemeier - Himself - Sgt., Kansas City, MO Homicide
    Darrell Rocker Darrell Rocker - Himself - Sgt., Kansas City, MO DogWatch
    Chris Watkins Chris Watkins - Himself - Kansas City, MO M.E. Investigator
    Matt 'Buck' Williams Matt 'Buck' Williams - Himself - Det., Kansas City MO Homicide
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