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Chander is the only tailor in his colony. Though talented, he is very lazy. He dreams of becoming big and live like a king. Chander meets a fortune-teller who informs him that he has Rajyog and that he should marry a Padmini jati girl with a mole on her right lap. His search for the right girl takes him to a yoga teacher, a widowed doctor and an unmarried girl. But to his dismay he finds none of them matches his requirements. Finally when he finds the right girl, he is in a dilemma. The three girls want to marry him at any cost. Now, he finds himself sandwiched between three girls and Radhika.

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    • Author: Prinna
    Rajpal Yadav has done some good solo movies like "Main Meri Patni aur Woh" and "Undertrial". Here he tries to play a character similar to what Govinda used to play in his "No. 1" days. Added with some regular character actors, Rajpal this time plays the mainstream hero.Supporting him are Razzaq Khan, Manoj Pahwa and the thinnest person on this earth(don't know his name). The villains are being played by Mukesh Rishi and Shahbaaz Khan. I don't know what was the reason to use the two 6.2 something guys against Rajpal Yadav, maybe to create some comedy. Anyway as the story goes, Rajpal is lazy tailor waiting to get his fortune. There is a pundit who advices him to find a girl with a mole on her thighs. Sounds corny!! That's ladies tailor for u, Downgrade and cheap humor. He even manages too kiss Kim Sharma (well not in Hashmi style though). May be this was the reason he prompted to do this film. Overall not that bad, if you watch it with a group of friends on a weekend.
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    • Author: Kegal
    Without any doubt, the film deserves a nomination for worst film ever!

    The acting wasn't that bad, but the plot?! Let's talk about stretching and pulling it as far and wide as possible, leaving the viewer many times confused! From a priest predicting Chander's future, he embarks on a journey of sleaziness and rudeness. To imagine that some women would accept that kind of behaviour and want to marry him goes beyond any pretty dress that he can sew.

    The lead actor Chander and his two friends all rely on their physical appearances for their roles. An aspect extremely important for any film, but upon which "Ladies tailor" heavily depends upon. I have to admit though, that if their intentions was to make a bad impression, they succeeded! The film made me feel psychically sick and mentally irritated. Chander, short and with thick-rimmed glasses, perfectly depicts a piggy and perverted person. The thought of him sewing ladies clothes and taking their measurement is disturbing. Pyare, Chander's assistant, stands out for his height and especially for his skinniness. He compliments his boss perfectly as being hopeless and the thought of him impregnating a woman is revolting. FTV, whose job is to sell Chander's finished clothes, is the only real decent person out of the three.

    The final scene was the only part when it picked up a little , but by then it was just too late.

    The only reason I can imagine sitting through it all is that it was so ridiculous and bad that my mind went blank with desperation.
  • Credited cast:
    Javed Abdi Javed Abdi - Bannerjee
    Krishna Bhatt Krishna Bhatt - Pyare
    Preeti Bhutani Preeti Bhutani - Flora
    Preeti Butani Preeti Butani
    Varsha Choudhary Varsha Choudhary - Gayatri
    Manini Kiran Ghai Manini Kiran Ghai
    Sonika Gill Sonika Gill
    Dinesh Hingoo Dinesh Hingoo - Fortune Teller
    Razak Khan Razak Khan - MKP
    Shahbaaz Khan Shahbaaz Khan - Jeeva
    Raina Mukarjee Raina Mukarjee - Gauri
    Manoj Pahwa Manoj Pahwa - FTV
    Mukesh Rishi Mukesh Rishi - Janardhan Bhai
    Kim Sharma Kim Sharma - Radhika
    Hina Tasleem Hina Tasleem - Jassi
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