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Donald Willis, a promising young artist, though but a boy in years, goes with his mother to a beautiful new home in the heart of the country. He is delighted to live so close to nature and every morning starts off to indulge his passion for painting the beauties of the woods and fields. One day he meets a girl, a ragged, barefoot girl, but with a face of rare loveliness. He asks her to pose for him. She shyly runs up to the tumbled-down shanty in which she lives for her mother's permission. Her mother, a coarse, uncouth woman, refuses harshly and sends the boy away. But he cannot forget the tattered girl with the lovely wistful face and soon visits her again in the woods. They become the best of friends, this boy and girl. He meets her each day by an old stone wall, and one day he whispers his love to her. She tells him she has loved him since the first day he came to her. He wants to marry her at once, before his stately, aristocratic mother can interfere. But as he looks at her ...

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    • Author: Marige
    A story with a dainty flavor of romance in the first part of it. The artist meets the girl in the woods and love grows up between them. These opening scenes are very attractive. Both mothers object to the union and the baby and the dog aid in the final reconciliation. A pretty love story rather than a strong one, but it entertains nicely. - The Moving Picture World, February 22, 1913
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