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Young girl goes to a school for wayward girls to escape her abusive father, finds out her troubles are just starting.
Young girl goes to a school for wayward girls to escape her abusive father, finds out her troubles are just starting.

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    • Author: Tojahn
    Anyone who doesn't know what a "rougie" film is probably won't be reading this anyway - but for clarification - they're porn films, typically from the 70's/early 80's that "specialize" in story lines and scenes that run the filth-gamut including but not limited to: physical-abuse, incest, bondage, sexual torture, "watersports", fisting, object get the picture. These films are only recommended to the EXTREME filth viewer and are not your typical, run-of-the-mill porn features...

    Veteran porn-star, Sharon Mitchell, plays Rebecca - a girl who is sexually abused by her father (in a particularly revolting scene) who seeks refuge at a "school" for wayward "kids", only to find out that things aren't any better at this particular learning facility...

    Again - THE TAMING OF REBECCA is complete and utter sleaze, only for the "discriminating" viewer. The actual sex-scenes range from relatively standard porn material to some extremely "rough" stuff. Not particularly arousing, but some of the girls ARE kinda hot. Unfortunately, the sadistic and twisted nature of the actions makes it pretty hard to find this sort of thing very arousing. I make no claims as to why I personally watch this type of material, other than it's my goal to watch anything considered "hardcore" or "extreme" - and TAMING definitely fits the bill. I also found it funny that the "score" is a direct lift of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN - not similar, not almost - but a direct robbery. Just a "funny" side-note. I can't say as I really "enjoyed" this film - but as a sleazy, smutty, nasty piece of filth - it definitely is a "masterpiece". Again - ONLY recommended to true filth-addicts - 9.5/10 (on the sleaze-o-meter)
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    • Author: Katishi
    This nasty grindhouse 'porn' flick has something of a notorious reputation, and it's certainly not unfounded! The film completely bleak throughout, and despite the fact that there's plenty of graphic sex scenes that spare no gory details, the film isn't very erotic. This led me to question why exactly I was watching this. I don't have an answer...but I'm glad I did see this film (I think). I consider myself a fan of sleazy hardcore films, and this film couldn't have been too much sleazier if it tried. The 'plot' focuses on Rebecca, a young girl who is the victim of a father who sexually abuses her. We know he does this because we get to witness it! …In a scene that doesn't hold back and goes on for rather a long time. After that, Rebecca runs away to a school where the headmaster abuses the female pupils, all of which are nymphomaniacs anyway. The atmosphere is very grubby, and it's always clear that this film cost little more than a few pennies to make. The acting is completely ridiculous, but the film gets points as the bondage and torture scenes look very real. I have to criticise the choice of actresses though; why do the makers of rough porn flicks always hire ugly women? The soundtrack is memorable...although that's because it's been lifted wholesale from John Carpenter's Halloween! Overall, The Taming of Rebecca is likely to be a hit for fans of this sort of stuff. I can't say I really loved it, but at least it did what it says on the tin.
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    • Author: saafari
    George Payne plays the headmaster of a school where Rebecca ends up after running away from her sexually abusive father.When she gets there,Payne's assistant introduces her to the other pupils and it doesn't take Rebecca long to find out that everyone is pretty much screwing everyone else.When George Payne and Niko find out what's going on,they punish the students severely."The Taming of Rebecca" is one of the roughest porn flicks I have seen.The score lifted from John Carpenter's "Halloween" actually makes it even more unsettling.The scene where Velvet Summers gets her nipple pierced is obviously real and truly made me squirm in my seat."The Taming of Rebecca" may be too much for casual fans of hard core porn,but everyone who is into extreme cinema should give it a look.A bit of trivia for anyone interested:Steven Pennell,who sadistically tortured and murdered five women in Delaware in 1987-1988 had "The Taming of Rebecca" in his extensive collection of violent pornography.8 out of 10.
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    • Author: Helo
    Young Rebecca (an excellent performance by Sharon Mitchell) decides to enroll at a school for wayward youth in order to get away from her vile abusive father (a memorably slimy portrayal by David Christopher). However, Rebecca's troubles are only just beginning.

    Director Phil Prince really cranks the dirty depravity up to the foul'n'filthy ninth degree: We've got rape, spanking, incest, golden showers (gross!), vaginal fisting, degradation, and even a bloody nipple piercing with a safety pin (ouch!). The unsparingly raw, scuzzy, and mean-spirited tone gives this flick an extra potent sick kick. This film further benefits from the presence of several hot babes: Diminutive cutie pie Velvet Summers, yummy blonde Ambrosia Fox, and busty brunette Niko. Best of all, the always intense and enthusiastic George Payne has a ferocious field day as the sadistic dean in charge of discipline. The soundtrack runs the gamut from "Rock This Town" by the Stray Cats to entire music cues from John Carpenter's score for "Halloween" (!). A nice'n'nasty hardcore treat.
  • Complete credited cast:
    George Payne George Payne - 'Dean' Minindao
    Sharon Mitchell Sharon Mitchell - Rebecca
    Stella Stevens Stella Stevens - Miss Zorda (as Stella Steves)
    Velvet Summers Velvet Summers - Saundra
    Niko Niko - The Secretary
    David Christopher David Christopher - The Father
    Cheri Champagne Cheri Champagne - Barbara (as Sherri Champagne)
    Ambrosia Fox Ambrosia Fox - Cindy (as Lori Ambrosia)
    Ron Hudd Ron Hudd - John
    Tony Mansfield Tony Mansfield - Paul (as Toni Mansfield)
    Jamie St. James Jamie St. James - Bob
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