» » The Doctors Episode #1.2405 (1963–1982)

Short summary

Carolee tells Maggie that she's using the Powers marriage as model for her union with Steve. Maggie imagines telling Matt that she intends to end their marriage. After Matt releases Erich from medical care, Karen suddenly realizes she'll no longer have a pretext for seeing Matt. Later, she flatly refuses Carolee's request that Erich spend Saturday afternoons with Steve and Stephanie. Cathy is thrilled when Steve confirms her pregnancy, but fails to agree with his assessment that Nick is happy being a bachelor. She also nixes Steve's suggestion of getting an abortion. Carolee spots an upset Cathy leaving Steve's office, and becomes upset herself after Steve avoids her questions about the reasons for Cathy's behavior. Maggie goes to see Matt, intending to tell him her plans, but their meeting is interrupted by an overseas call from one of Karen's colleagues in Berlin. After Matt and Maggie learn that Karen has lied, and the Berlin hospital is holding a job for her, Maggie heads straight...

Episode cast overview:
James Pritchett James Pritchett - Dr. Matt Powers
Elizabeth Hubbard Elizabeth Hubbard - Dr. Althea Davis (credit only)
Gerald Gordon Gerald Gordon - Dr. Nick Bellini (credit only)
Lydia Bruce Lydia Bruce - Dr. Maggie Powers
David O'Brien David O'Brien - Dr. Steve Aldrich
Carolee Campbell Carolee Campbell - Nurse Carolee Simpson
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