» » The Delaware Whipping Post (1914)

Short summary

Mrs. Raleigh, wife of Wm. Raleigh, cashier of the City Bank, is an extravagant, selfish woman living beyond her husband's income. The consequence: An unhappy home, the husband spending his leisure hours at the club. Contrasted with this, we see the home of Howard Mason, a poor workman. It is a happy home with a devoted wife and mother, saving every cent possible to pay off the mortgage. The story opens with breakfast in the Raleigh home, Mrs. Raleigh urging her husband for more money. Then we see breakfast in the happy home. Mason and his son, Billy, finish breakfast and with their dinner pails and a loving kiss, start for work at the factory. In the evening when Raleigh reaches home, he finds his wife and daughter nearly finished with their dinner. Angered at this, he starts for the club. Closing time at the factory, Mason and Billy find Mrs. Mason and the little girl waiting with a nice warm dinner ready for them. Two months later Raleigh, having lost heavily in poker and being ...

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