» » Neighbours Episode #1.7237 (1985– )

Short summary

Believing they my die in the school elevator by asphyxiation, Tyler declares his love for Piage, but agree they can't ruin Mark's happiness before big brother finds and rescue them. Ben got out fine, but Susan and Amber believe they and the baby are doomed when attempting a desperate run under blankets, just when the firemen arrive, so Karl and Josh can take charge. Imogen reconciles with rad, assuming he saved both Lauren and Terese, but she privately blames him for preferring his lover. Toadie is found by Sonya and rescues with help from Steph, yet warns Karl he heard about her mental state from a mystery woman. Kyle praises Sheila for heroically getting hep, yet worries medically.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ryan Moloney Ryan Moloney - Toadie Rebecchi
Rebekah Elmaloglou Rebekah Elmaloglou - Terese Willis
Kip Gamblin Kip Gamblin - Brad Willis
Olympia Valance Olympia Valance - Paige Smith
Kate Kendall Kate Kendall - Lauren Turner
Jenna Rosenow Jenna Rosenow - Amber Turner
Mavournee Hazel Mavournee Hazel - Piper Willis
Harley Bonner Harley Bonner - Josh Willis
Stefan Dennis Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson (credit only)
Tim Phillipps Tim Phillipps - Daniel Robinson (credit only)
Chris Milligan Chris Milligan - Kyle Canning
Darcy Tadich Darcy Tadich - Jimmy Williams (credit only)
Scott McGregor Scott McGregor - Mark Brennan
Colette Mann Colette Mann - Sheila Canning
Meyne Wyatt Meyne Wyatt - Nate Kinski (credit only)
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