» » Neighbours Episode #1.7455 (1985– )

Short summary

Kyle is back from Germany, for a short surprise visit without Georgia, but Sheila isn't convinced his marriage is all rosy. Gary stands up Terese to spend rare time with his long-neglected son, who only agrees to a barbecue after Toadie pleads to give the absent father a chance, as his efforts for handful Xanthe show parental dedication, at last. While Tyler and Jack try to talk Paige out of feeling guilty for Angelina's worrisome state, Karl is shocked to hear that mother Rena Jackson confided into Lauren they foolishly let the ruthless trainer talk her into keep boxing with a brain tumor and hide it but switching her x-rays with her sister's.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ryan Moloney Ryan Moloney - Toadie Rebecchi
Rebekah Elmaloglou Rebekah Elmaloglou - Terese Willis
Stefan Dennis Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson
Kip Gamblin Kip Gamblin - Brad Willis (credit only)
Kate Kendall Kate Kendall - Lauren Turner
Mavournee Hazel Mavournee Hazel - Piper Willis
Felix Mallard Felix Mallard - Ben Kirk
Olympia Valance Olympia Valance - Paige Smith
Andrew J. Morley Andrew J. Morley - Jack Callahan (as Andrew Morley)
Darcy Tadich Darcy Tadich - Jimmy Williams (credit only)
Colette Mann Colette Mann - Sheila Canning
Lilly Van Der Meer Lilly Van Der Meer - Xanthe Canning
Damien Richardson Damien Richardson - Gary Canning
Scott McGregor Scott McGregor - Mark Brennan (credit only)
Travis Burns Travis Burns - Tyler Brennan
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