» » Neighbours Episode #1.7608 (1985– )

Short summary

While Mark hesitates destroying the shoes as possible evidence against Sonya, whose innocence is more doubtful as Steph reports, Ellen is back on the job and smells as rat when Tyler asks, on Aaron's advice, to see Mark about the shoes, and finds Steph burning them. Ben returns to school. Against Mishti's advice, Shane tells wife Dipi his invention failed, so his sister-in-law paid for the move with her police indemnity capital. Paul has the merger contracts drawn. Brooke tells Gary he's the one for her, but he's still in love with Terese, who won't make up even when told, but Xanthe agrees conspiring to reconcile her parents.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Alan Fletcher Alan Fletcher - Dr. Karl Kennedy (credit only)
Colette Mann Colette Mann - Sheila Canning
Lilly Van Der Meer Lilly Van Der Meer - Xanthe Canning
Damien Richardson Damien Richardson - Gary Canning
Darcy Tadich Darcy Tadich - Jimmy Williams (credit only)
Rebekah Elmaloglou Rebekah Elmaloglou - Terese Willis
Matt Wilson Matt Wilson - Aaron Brennan
Scott McGregor Scott McGregor - Mark Brennan
Travis Burns Travis Burns - Tyler Brennan
Felix Mallard Felix Mallard - Ben Kirk
Andrew J. Morley Andrew J. Morley - Jack Callahan (credit only)
Nicholas Coghlan Nicholas Coghlan - Shane Rebecchi
Sharon Johal Sharon Johal - Dipi Rebecchi
Takaya Honda Takaya Honda - David Tanaka (credit only)
Tim Kano Tim Kano - Leo Tanaka
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