» » The Lost Horse (1911)

Short summary

When Squire Wilson, of Clayville, lost a valuable horse, he advertised very extensively for it, and finally offered a reward of two hundred dollars for the return of a bay horse with a white star in his forehead. Now Sam, a stable boy, won a horse at a raffle. It was a bay horse, but it did not have any white star in his forehead. Being an ingenious boy, Sam quickly put a white star there with paint. Then he went out and led his horse up the road until he saw a Jew reading one of the cards advertising for the lost animal. When the Jew turned away from the notice, Sam was right there. He volunteered the information that he had found this horse wandering along the road. The Jew wanted to buy the horse and finally Sam sold him for fifty dollars. With part of this money Sam bought another bay horse and painted a star also on his forehead. Then he appeared innocently on the road, repeated his performance with another man and sold his second horse at a nice profit. San saw them coming and ...

Released as a split reel along with the comedy Mr. Inquisitive (1911).

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