» » Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1972)

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The circumstances that lead to the origination of the first American Bred Horse, the Morgan Horse.

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    • Author: Amerikan_Volga
    This movie is great.Watching Justin Morgan raise his colt was a fascinating thing for me when I was a child . I always wanted a horse.

    I wish Disney would bring alot of the older titles back out on video. I have over 75 Disney titles and over half are the old live action movies,my children love them .
  • Cast overview:
    Don Murray Don Murray - Justin Morgan
    R.G. Armstrong R.G. Armstrong - Squire Fisk
    Whit Bissell Whit Bissell - Mr. Mays
    Gary Crosby Gary Crosby - Bob Evans
    E.W. Firestone E.W. Firestone - Matthew
    James Hampton James Hampton - Aaron
    John Hubbard John Hubbard - Wellington
    Mike Road Mike Road - Dans Forth
    John Smith John Smith - Mr. Ames
    Lana Wood Lana Wood - Kathleen
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