» » The Horse That Wouldn't Stay Hitched (1913)

Short summary

Bill, a cowboy, has a horse which gives him a great deal of trouble. It absolutely refuses to remain hitched and no matter where it is tied, the animal manages to break away, taking fences, posts and even a front porch with it. One day as Bill is calling upon his fiancée he hears the girl's father state that he wishes to purchase a nice saddle horse for his daughter. Bill, seeing an opportunity to dispose of the troublemaker, succeeds in making the sale. The horse behaves very well until the girl inadvertently fastens the bridle to the wheel chair in which her invalid father rests, that she may enter the house and get her riding gloves. When she returns both horse and father are missing. Far down the road she sees the father holding his game foot and waving menacingly to the horse as it drags the chair over the rocky road. This unfortunate affair is seen by Bill's rival, who immediately makes capital of it. He effects the rescue of the father and determined to humiliate Bill further, ...

Released as a split reel along with St. Augustine, Florida (1913).

Cast overview:
John E. Brennan John E. Brennan - Bill - the Horse's Owner
Ruth Roland Ruth Roland - Ruth - Abbott's Daughter
Marshall Neilan Marshall Neilan - Horace - Bill's Rival
Vincente Howard Vincente Howard - Mr. Abbott - the Horse Buyer
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