» » Контрибуция (2016)

Short summary

Drama detective thriller in the best traditions of Agatha Christie. An immediate investigation starts following the disappearance of a diamond. Each of the people gathered in the room is the suspected and the detective's life is being on the line, as he will be executed if does not solve the crime. Brilliant dialogues, intelligent plot, tense moments and unexpected twists as more information is revealed step by step in the puzzle crime.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Max Matveev Max Matveev - General Pepelyaev (as Maksim Matveev)
Elizaveta Boyarskaya Elizaveta Boyarskaya - Chagina
Ilya Noskov Ilya Noskov - Murzin
Nadezhda Tolubeeva Nadezhda Tolubeeva - Verochka
Sergey Peregudov Sergey Peregudov - Shamardin
Evgeniy Dyatlov Evgeniy Dyatlov - Nasonov
Igor Chernevich Igor Chernevich - Zilbershteyn
Yuriy Itskov Yuriy Itskov - Gribushin
Artur Vakha Artur Vakha - Kalmykov
Konstantin Vorobyov Konstantin Vorobyov - Kamenskiy
Andrey Polishchuk Andrey Polishchuk - Pleshakov
Vasiliy Shchipitsyn Vasiliy Shchipitsyn - Denshchik
Grigoriy Chaban Grigoriy Chaban - Gnetochkin
Oleg Volku Oleg Volku - Matros
Dmitriy Vorobyov Dmitriy Vorobyov - Podporuchik
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