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In 1868 the government signs a treaty with the Sioux reserving the Black Hills to the Sioux and forbidding whites to cross into the territory. Cheyenne has been working as a freighter but makes his last trip. His friend Matt Kilgore has assumed the job of sheriff. As they talk, the Sioux brave White Crow rides into town looking for help for his sick wife Little Fawn. Cheyenne and Doc Farnsworth return with White Crow to find Little Fawn is in the last stages of tuberculosis. The only help might be to send her to Denver but that is not possible due to a lack of money and her being an Indian. Later, after two men bring in two miners who were shot and scalped, White Crow brings a sack of gold to pay for the trip. The sheriff asks Cheyenne's help in keeping the incident from breaking out into an Indian war. Kilgore is a blood brother to the Sioux. Some men hope to locate where the gold came from, in violation of the treaty by torturing White Crow and Little Fawn.

Clint Walker does not take his shirt off in this episode.

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    • Author: Nightscar
    Although I don't like some of the things that happened in the plot (for example, an Indian was murdered by whites, & his wife was shot in the back & killed), this show had an excellent plot with several surprising twists. The plot involves a Dakota Sioux Indian who comes to a small encampment in search of medicine for his sick wife. When the Indian is later captured & (falsely) accused of killing a man & stealing his gold, the Sheriff calls the Indian's chief into town, to determine his guilt & possible punishment; this was done to avoid upsetting a recent treaty. After hearing a few details, the chief says "Hang him," & rides off. A fairly shocking development, to say the least, & certainly not what you would normally expect a chief to say about a member of his tribe. Why would he do that? Watch this excellent episode to find out!
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    • Author: Magis
    I thought this was a great episode!! I wonder what ever happened to the huge knife carried by Cheynne Bodie; the one he used to cut the man loose from the Indians, when he was staked down?? This was apparently a Bowie type knife, which appeared to be a real knife. Does anyone really know if it was real or not, or just a prop? E-mail me at [email protected] if you know about movie props, or whether this was a real knife or not. I own a few myself from the movie "The Long Walk Home with Woopie Goldberg." I own the real, blue coffee pot shown in several scenes, and I also own the cookie tin shown sitting on the kitchen counter. I was an extra in the movie in 2 scenes, one of which was cut from the film.

    Earl Langley!!
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Clint Walker Clint Walker - Cheyenne Bodie
    Trevor Bardette Trevor Bardette - Charlie Feeney
    H.M. Wynant H.M. Wynant - White Crow
    Arlene Martel Arlene Martel - Little Fawn (as Arline Sax)
    Frank DeKova Frank DeKova - War Cloud
    Lane Bradford Lane Bradford - O'Connell
    Clyde Howdy Clyde Howdy - Smith
    Joe Higgins Joe Higgins - Joe
    Norman Leavitt Norman Leavitt - Pete
    Lane Chandler Lane Chandler - Bailey
    George Petrie George Petrie - Doc Farnsworth
    Peter Breck Peter Breck - Sheriff Matt Kilgore
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