» » Cheyenne The Imposter (1955–1963)

Short summary

Sam Magruder is pushed by his lawyer Phillip Derwent to name a trustee for his huge estate as Derwent doesn't believe Sam will find his son. The son was taken away by his mother and raised to hate his father after Sam went to jail for robbing a train. Cheyenne meets Sam in a bar fight. He befriends Sam during an attempted robbery. Sam offers him a partnership and they ride out to one of his holdings, a mine. Sam is killed and Cheyenne is hurt in a cave-in and when he awakens he meets a stranger who helped him out of the mine. After he recovers, he answers an ad that asks for Cheyenne Bodie to come to Denver and contact attorney Phillip Derwent. When he finds out the ad had already been answered by Mr. Bodie, he rides out to the Magruder ranch posing as Lano, a hired hand looking for a job. He finds a lawyer bent on cashing in on the Magruder fortune, a son who returned to claim his rightful fortune and a sniveling Cheyenne Bodie who is the frontman for the whole charade.

Clint Walker takes his shirt off in this episode.

Episode complete credited cast:
Clint Walker Clint Walker - Cheyenne Bodie
Peter Whitney Peter Whitney - Sam Magruder
James Drury James Drury - Bill Magruder
Robert McQueeney Robert McQueeney - Phillip Derwent
Mickey Simpson Mickey Simpson - Bassing
Kasey Rogers Kasey Rogers - Secretary
Duane Grey Duane Grey - Colorado
John Parks John Parks - Texas
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