» » Michael Klein is Dead (2018)

Short summary

A plan to create student election blackmail goes horribly wrong when two high school friends are left to deal with the accidental death of a classmate in the girl's washroom.

Cast overview:
Jenna Schaefer Jenna Schaefer - Sydney Summers
Clarice Goetz Clarice Goetz - Alex Feeble
Philip Krusto Philip Krusto - Michael Klein
Nick Uffen Nick Uffen - Reese Summers
Pat Bianco Pat Bianco - Principal
Daniel Pugliano Daniel Pugliano - Jean
Erin Richardson Erin Richardson - Drama Teacher
Justin Moses Justin Moses - Cop
Scout Stolpmann Scout Stolpmann - Jeremy (voice)
Glenn McGarry Glenn McGarry - Clarence
Alycia Macina Alycia Macina - Chem Chick
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