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A high school student who cares little about school or others meets a lonely girl who had to repeat a year while all her friends finished high school. He decides to hang out with her and soon meets more friendly students.

Named after the Irish band Clannad, whose name was believed to be the phonetic spelling of the Gaelic word for "family". (It is actually short for Clann As Dobhar, Gaelic for "the family from Dore".)

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    • Author: Mr_KiLLaURa
    I didn't know what to expect when sitting down for the first time to watch Clannad. I heard quite a few good things about the show since it was released and so I finally decided to watch it.

    After the first episode I was hooked. This isn't your traditional anime. It is more like poetry. From the first episode I pretty much knew that I wouldn't regret spending my time with this show. Little did I know, it was much more then that.

    As the show progressed I realized that it wasn't simply a teenage drama, it delved into some really emotional themes, especially in the second season (After Story). Clannad pulls at your heart at every chance it gets and when you're down and you think you can't take any more it kicks you again.

    The animation style was beautiful as well, it gave a euphoric feel to the entire show. The character design was rather bland but being based off a graphic novel the character design was spot on. The thing that annoyed me most was that there were three characters all with purple hair and it took a while to learn who was who.

    Clannad has had a weird emotional impact, one that I can't really explain. All that I can say is that it was beautiful, emotional experience. It was poetry. It wasn't simply another good anime, it was in a league of its own.

    I highly recommend that you watch Clannad and Clannd After Story but be prepared to feel emotions you have never felt with any other anime or TV series before.
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    • Author: Galanjov
    This is a review of both 'Clannad' and 'Clannad Afterstory', if your wondering.

    Story: Based on the visual novel of the same name, 'Clannad' tells the story of Tomoya Okazaki, a former basketball player who had been forced to quit his school team and all of basketball, and who's now going through life aimlessly. With him on this downward spiral is his 'friend' Sunohara, a former soccer player who had also been forced from his team, after he had attacked his coach; it's hard to tell what their relationship actually amounts to, though that'll be mentioned in a minute. Okazaki has to go up this hill to get to school; one day he meets this girl, who's standing along the path, who asks him if he'd go up it with her. This incident sparks a kind of chain-reaction. Okazaki develops a relationship with this mysteriously gentle Nagisa Furukawa, her family, others from his school and all of these girls who all, in normal harem fashion, fall in love with him.

    Simple enough. Of course, the visual novel this is based after was developed by 'Key', and in true 'Key' fashion, the story doesn't end too happily, or begin happily, as a matter of fact. After a while, what little which has been established is fully revealed to us, like why Okazaki isn't playing basketball anymore or why Nagisa talks with him. It's not depressing. Sad maybe? It's ending isn't depressing either; it may even make you smile, while your crying manly tears (or maybe that's just me). That's not to say the story isn't fun either, in fact there's more of an emphasis on comedy than on romance, and for a harem, the humor's pretty smart. There are laugh-out-loud worthy scenes to be had, if your interested, and when I say Tomoya's living life aimlessly, I'm not saying he's moping. He's sad and depressed of course, but he manifests it by playing pranks on others; he mentally tortures Sunohara, in particular, and all with this sarcastic smile. Getting past that and going back to the romance and this whole emphasis on 'family', the whole production has this warm, genuine heart to it. Unlike with most other harem shows, this develops it's heroines (if only just enough) to all be likable instead of just setting up some caricatures to drool over. Okazaki himself defies how a male lead in a harem should be by not being a completely unlikable failure, and then comes when you try to decide the story's genre; there's romance and comedy, but then there's fantasy and tragedy thrown in, and then there's the drama-club plot that's been developing this whole time. It accumulates back to this being a very comfortable/nice show (in tone and story and it's production-style) to watch, which ought to get you emotionally involved, if only a little.

    Production: The music score sounds like something from a visual novel (no shock there). The opening looks like something from one as well (maybe it's the same opening as the game's; I don't know). This was produced by Kyoto animation in between making 'Lucky Star' and 'K-ON!', and it shows; it tries looking like the visual novel and that works, and the actual animation is very fluent, like everything after Lucky Star, though not so much as K-ON!'s.

    Conclusion: A sometimes visually breath-taking show with simple but engaging intertwining stories and characters, who could've been forgettable but who are handled by obviously talented writers (I mean, it was written by Key, the people who did 'Air', would did you expect?).
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    • Author: Gann
    Introduction; I've honestly never been able to say any film or television series has changed me as a person until now. I'm not going to write any specific detail about the series (no spoilers here!) Be careful with reviews and especially comment areas about 'after story' unless you want the plot to be ruined, 2 words seen accidentally did this for me! The definition of good artwork in my opinion is any media that provokes an emotional reaction and this is how I've reviewed the series and why it gets 10/10. Clannad and Clannad After Story will leave you reaching for tissues and possibly even questioning the way you look at life. Being new to the anime genre, I started watching this with a fair amount of skepticism. After all, how grown up or engaging could a 'cartoon' about the lives of some high school children possibly be? The first few episodes left me feeling a little embarrassed for watching them to be honest (its been 12 years since I was in school) but I told myself I was going to give it a proper try and am glad I did.

    Structure review; The detail put into character development is second to none, half way through the first series I was highly engaged with the main characters going about their mostly? normal lives, in fact most of the first series seems to be primarily character development with some supernatural elements and a large portion of school / slice of life thrown in. At the core of the story, Its the usual rebel boy meets goody girl cliché, fortunately there's enough detail put into making this believable as well as character role reversal that it doesn't get dull, added to that the main story is interwoven with some wacky sidekicks having stories and oddities of their own and also dropping hints towards the greater picture. There's also a great deal to be learned about typical Japanese culture and the rich nature of their imaginations when telling a story. Animation and sound.. i cant really comment, it was my first anime so i had no comparison at the time, however some scenes particularly from the side story were very imaginative. The dubbed version I watched was well done and some of the sound, IE a certain song (u'll see) added while very simple was cleverly effective at expressing character emotion.

    The second series 'After Story' holds most of the actual content as it follows the lives of the main characters after they leave school and over the next 7 years. I've never seen this done before and it was nice to see how the characters grew and progressed. This is where the story really begins and will hit you with spectacular ups and downs as well as rounding off stories for some of the lesser character arcs. While some may be tempted to skip straight to series 2 I would consider this a huge mistake as your connection to characters will be largely meaningless. Try to pay particular attention to any strange myths/legends that are mentioned as many of them form the more advanced version of the ending!

    Getting to the sub-story set in an alternate reality... separate from time yet running in parallel with both series and key to the ending or at least if you want to come away from it without questions. This is my only criticism of the entire series, while I had no problem coming to a semi accurate conclusion, I know a lot of people did have lingering questions. This isn't to say the series isn't concluded, but rather there's a much more complex explanation of exactly what happens available in the visual novel which is rather hard to get to from the series alone, which only offers u tiny pieces of the whole picture and generally tries to hide those in the middle of some obscure dialog or graphically semi hidden at the edge of the scene or behind characters we're focused on. In fact I would have liked to have seen a third series detailing the events that happen off screen and in repeated time lines that you're left to piece together for yourself. I even go so far as to suggest they might have intended this originally as so much content was omitted or crammed into the final episode, either that or they just wanted a simpler version. Some will say it was presented this way purposely for effect though causing (almost all) explanations regarding the end you can find to be wrong or missing large parts of information.

    Taste + genre; I think people of any tastes will enjoy watching these series given a serious attempt, Its obviously aimed at the young adult demographic. An interest in anime, romance, supernatural or science fiction genres will help things a long. Die hard action fans may want something else however i challenge even the manliest to watch both series and then say they felt nothing.

    Recommendations to watch after this (Similar); Clannad (After Story) Obviously! Anything else by Kyoto Animation, in particular; The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006 - 2009) 2 series anime, similar school setting but the focus is more on Sci-Fi and comedy, IE more content, less tissues! The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (2010) Film set after the series above, watch the series first or it wont make any sense! Air (2005), Kanon (2006) both single series anime; These are both very similar to Clannad and feature the same highly emotional plot lines.

    Other recommendation (Something different); Kara No Kyoukai (a set of 8 films, adult only content!) probably the best newer anime films available. The stories are complex and told out of chronological order so requires a lot of thought at the start but the animation and sound are simply beautiful, especially during the action scenes.

    All in all.. 10/10!
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    • Author: TheJonnyTest
    *This is a review for Clannad and Clannad Afterstory*

    First of all, if your going to delve into this series make sure you watch both Clannad and Clannad Afterstory since they are really, the same series. Why wouldn't you?

    Story - Clannad is set in small town in japan, with the main character Tomoyo Okazaki who is considered a "delinquent" student. Frequently skipping class, getting into fights, etc. However, his adventure starts when he starts making new friends (aww :3). Clannad is a slow moving series, focused around Okazaki and his experiences helping friends. Often times goofy, sad, happy, etc. It's reminiscent of series like Love Hina, or even a dating simulator. Clannad is the developmental stage of this series and it will be hard to hold some peoples attention, unless you enjoy seeing friendships develop in a very shy Japanese anime style with cutesy characters.

    Clannad Afterstory however... things start to get real, and real fast. Frankly, this is the part of the series were everything happens and comes together. I'll tell you now, it's sad, depressing, and will take you on an emotional rollercoster, BUT, I've rarely cried over an anime (both sad and happy tears.. and that's impressive). It's especially impactive after watching Clannad because I'd become attached to some of these characters.(which is why it's good to watch Clannad before Afterstory)

    The music is haunting at times, and really sets the mood for a lot of the situations; even though they seem to have a limited track list, it never got annoying and was often welcomed.

    The girl and the robot, although shrouded in mystery at some points, comes together nicely in Clannad Afterstory, but honestly doesn't give enough closure in my opinion.

    I recommend this series defiantly! However, selectively. I say this because some people won't have the patience first of all, secondly, it's got TONS of cutesy, shy, Japanese themes going on, which annoys a good deal of people (remember this IS an anime after all). However, if that doesn't bother you, your a romantic, and you want a story with some real love, friendship, hardships, and are ready to embark on a emotional journey then this is the anime for you!

    Giving this an 8.5/10 on my scale, defiantly worth my time.

    I hope I've helped you with my review and make sure you've got some tissues ready!
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    • Author: Blackseeker
    After watching Angel Beats, I didn't know if anything could top it. But I had heard of Clannad and already was hearing about how devastating it is and I finally decided to see it. Again, the music and the animation was good, especially for the intro. Except, I had a hard time getting used to how their eyes all looked. I found it actually creepy. My other problem with Clannad was it has a very slow beginning but thankfully picks up the pace. I was also so used to the female characters in Angel Beats being really strong that I wasn't used to seeing Nagisa always crying but that only lasted for at least half the show (when counting After Story as well). Aside from that, the show was alright. It's Clannad After Story that's where I find the story really begins. The stories though of the other characters Tomoya helps out are really well done like Fuko's and Nagisa's and Kotomi's and it's a very happy ending by the last episode for everyone. Until Clannad After Story.
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    • Author: Qus
    Note that anything I say only goes for the dubbed version: No major spoilers

    Story - Clannad follows Tomoya Okazaki a fairly average student who has a tendency to skip lessons a lot. One day on his way to school he meets a strange girl (Nagisa) saying strange things, he decides to walk to school with her. After a few meetings he learns she wants to revive the drama club so Tomoya decides to help her with the help from a large cast of other strange friends.

    Story Review - I went into not expecting much as Clannad isn't a series that I'd really watch but a lot of people liked it so I thought I'd check it out. I thought the story of the drama club was OK nothing bad about it but Clannad isn't a story heavy show it's a character heavy show. The backstories of all the major characters are the focus here and they are all varied and interesting and very well told

    Main Characters - The characters are fantastic in this series. Personally I like it because it tries to avoid fanservice although it does creep up from time to time. Tomoya is a well thought out character not as boring as he first seems. Nagisa is a sweet and lovely character who is hard to fault and has great character development. Tsunahara, Tomoya's best friend is the comedy relief of the series and is always funny to watch. Fuko Ibuki has a very large story arch, which I found to be quite sad really although the character is also very funny. Kitomi Inchinose has a fairly large story arch too in which you find she knew Tomoya long ago and also has a sad backstory and I loved her character as she is completely bonkers. I also liked Nagisa's parents Akio and Tsunai they were so funny. The other characters I don't judge to be that important, so much so they got their own OVA's in an alternate reality. They aren't bad or anything I just don't think they were major enough.

    Animation - Right off the bat you see that this series looks phenomenal. Key did a great job here. I really liked the look of the girl and the robot scenes as the animation looked so fluid and real.

    Music - Clannad has one of my favourite OST'so good I rank it up with Joe Hisaishi's Ghibli films. It does re-use tracks a lot but they are all placed perfectly that it didn't bother me. The intro theme is very good and I like the Big Dango family song as it fits the series perfectly.

    Drawbacks - The only drawback I felt didn't bother me but it may bother other viewers. It can get very confusing. You will not understand the girl and the robot scene and if you think you do you are wrong I guarantee it. That's not to insult your intelligence at all it's just it is explained in the second series. Also I didn't like the idea for naming Tomoyo (Who is one of the girls I didn't mention) as it gets really confusing with the main guy Tomoya.

    Overall - Clannad easily deserves all it's praise and is a must see. The music and animation are great and the characters are all likable. I must say though if you watch this series and at the end wasn't impressed or thought it was lacking or feel that way mid-series push through to the end because the second series is a vast improvement in every way and I mean vast not a little bit.

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    • Author: Garr
    Clannad will make you laugh, cringe, rip your heart out, cry like a newborn baby, then laugh again, smile till your cheeks hurt... and then you will watch the afterstory...
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    • Author: Cerar
    Clannad on its own is a fun if unremarkable anime. Due to it being adapted from a visual novel, it plays of like a game with each girl getting their own arc while the main female character Nagisa's story is side stepped only being fulfilled late in the story. It has its funny moments and some touching or sad moments. Clannad is set in high school like many other anime.

    It has a conventional albeit quite satisfying and touching ending after which we get the masterful continuation that is Clannad: After Story which is unlike any other anime. Ultimately Clannad does a decent job of letting you know and care for the main two characters Tomoya and Nagisa and setting up the world before you enter the emotionally turbulent and rewarding experience that is After Story.

    While Clannad on itself is a decent experience, its the combination of Clannad + After Story makes for a riveting roller coaster of varying emotions.
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    • Author: watchman
    clannad is a very great anime. I recommend it to anyone. It has comedy and romance and just about everything. The first season isn't as romantic as the second season afterstory. But its very very good. I was amused during every episode. I do have to warn you. It is a sad anime. I would be lying if I told you I didn't almost cry multiple times. But don't let this keep you from watching the anime. It is definitely worth watching. I give clannad 5 out of 5 starts and two thumbs up. Also it is a relatively clean anime. So if you are looking for some time to get drawn into a great TV show. Then clannad is definitely your type of anime. Enjoy
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    • Author: Siatanni
    Tomoya Okazaki is a typical, if somewhat lazy high school student; then one day he meets Nagisa, a quiet girl who, due to an illness, is repeating her final year. She wants to restart the school's drama club and he agrees to help her. For much of the time this plot takes a back seat as the pair, along with other friends get involved in other plot arcs. The most notable being the first where they help Fuko, a first year girl, who wants to invite everybody to her sister's wedding. This may sound fairly routine but there is something odd about Fuko, first she is carving wooden starfish to give everybody and secondly not everybody seems to notice her… for reasons I won't spoil.

    In some ways this is a typical high school anime with its mix of varied characters and a blend of drama and comedy; there are however things that make it stand out. Protagonist Tomoya may have several female friends but it never becomes a harem series and the stories have a good emotional pull… especially when we learn certain things about Fuko. Amidst the drama there are some very funny moments; mostly involving Tomoya's friend Youhei. There are a good range of interesting characters; their designs are fairly standard but they are distinctive enough that one shouldn't confuse who is who. The story is well told although it must be noted that the twenty third episode is the real final episode; episode twenty four takes place in an alternate timeline where Tomoya is involved with the studious school council president… something others disapprove of. I can't say how it compares to 'After Story' but having read other reviews I think that is something I need to watch. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to fans of the genre.
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    • Author: Nagis
    If you seen my reviews around you would know that a 6 in my opinion, is average.

    As a Clannad fangirl/fanboy reading that I called it average, you're probably flipping a table.

    But hear me out, I have good things to say. Many but also bad things, so stay beside me fangirl/fanboy we'll get through this.

    First of all, love the main character. Absolutely great character, my favorite shojo main character.

    It's not because his backstory really hits home to me, because I went through a similar situation but he's cheeky and the total antihero but has a warm heart.

    Very likable, actually very is a understatement, EXTREMELY likable.

    However, the other characters not so much. His partner in crime is annoying and same goes with other characters.

    The writing is alright, nothing too special. It's really just another slice of life which a few sad backstories and great main character.

    Dunno what else to rave about really, it's average. Not everyone loves but not everyone hates it, so I do recommend it. But it you're excepting a life changing anime. Doesn't do too much of that, but it's sequel kind of does :)
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    • Author: Nikok
    Japan's favourite slice of life series, Clannad rises and falls on its oversized heart and untainted emotional grace. Infused with bits of magic realism, the show is some kind of a daydream; a story where everyone wins and gets what they want at a cost of virtually nothing.

    the protagonist is Okazaki Tomoya. He is unmotivated and depressed, (although he never seems that way) but things get turned around after he makes friends at his new high school. How perfect is it that all the girls in the show are drawn to him. One girl however stands out. Nagisa is an angel face with a heart to match, the kind of girl that is too impossibly perfect. The fact that she seems small enough to be his little sister is somewhat distracting once it becomes obvious that they are heading towards being a couple. What is important however is that they get along perfectly, it is everything but a forced relationship. And yet Nagissa is strangely underwhelming as a character simply because she has no flaws. She is precious, and not much else.

    When it comes to art, few animated shows paint with sunlight as vividly as Clannad. This is a world where the sky is always blue in the day and golden in the evening. Even more extraordinary however is how the show has a way of summoning beauty out of the mundane; out of the flies hovering around a street lamp, or the quaint naturalism of the bakery that Nagissa's family owns, or in the elegant minimalism of a traditional Japanese bedroom.

    If you are anything but a 12 year old girl, comedy goes further than drama in this series. Sakagami has the same angel face as all the other girls but she can drop kick any of the boys in the school out a window. Ichinosuke's violin playing is a riot and Nagissa's mom who is unflinchingly over sensitive about her baking is adorable.

    But the problem with Clanaad is it has an ongoing feeling of sameness. Everybody is generous everyday 24/7. There is little in the way of depth or drama. The introverted Ichinosuke has a shadowy intriguing backstory that far surpasses what the show writes for everyone else. Individual scenes and sometimes even episodes play well on the grounds of charm, but the whole series tastes of too much sugar.
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    • Author: Jack
    This series and After Story, completely destroyed my emotions. I've become a complete wreck! Just hearing the dango song makes me start crying (almost hysterically) Nothing I've ever seen in my life has come close to how this affected me! So perfect, so sublime, so haunting It's a masterpiece in every sense of the word
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    • Author: Jesmi
    This was an anime series that I wasn't interested in at the time. At that point I wasn't into anime as a whole but around 2015 I decided to give anime more of a chance and I'm glad I did. I have seen about 15 different series and Am still looking for more good ones as well. This anime was a good start to the Clannad series even tho I do think it's not as epic or as emotional as After Story is. The comedy is funny, the characters are very good, the acting is good in Japanese (tho the dub is pretty good but Japanese audio for this anime is the way to go imo), and it's drama is sweet. It's a lot more light-hearted then After Story but it still contains very sad scenes in it. I would recommend this to any anime fan and even to those who are into Romance/Drama. The show isn't perfect tho, I feel as tho some episodes drag and at times the pacing can be slow. Still this anime is Worth watching.
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    • Author: Ceroelyu
    Very cute story about a Fed up high school student who falls in love with a lonely girl, it definately gives you a lot of emotions and it is nice to watch! 8/10 I give it!
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    • Author: Cordaron
    This dude goes to school, and meets some people. This chick beats the CRAP! out of everyone. This one chicks all naieve but her parents kick hind quarters. And then there's this one crazy CHICKh. Oh yeah, DANGO! DANGO! DANGO! FREAKING DANGO!!! I think it;s symbolic or something. But anyway they all make friends and go to school and beat up bikers and stuff like that. So you would think they all stay happy and live on with babies and stuff, RIGHT!?


  • Series cast summary:
    Yûichi Nakamura Yûichi Nakamura - Tomoya Okazaki 24 episodes, 2007-2008
    Mai Nakahara Mai Nakahara - Nagisa Furukawa 23 episodes, 2007-2008
    David Matranga David Matranga - Tomoya Okazaki 24 episodes, 2007-2008
    Luci Christian Luci Christian - Nagisa Furukawa 23 episodes, 2007-2008
    Ryô Hirohashi Ryô Hirohashi - Kyou Fujibayashi 22 episodes, 2007-2008
    Shelley Calene-Black Shelley Calene-Black - Kyou Fujibayashi 22 episodes, 2007-2008
    Akemi Kanda Akemi Kanda - Ryou Fujibayashi 21 episodes, 2007-2008
    Brittney Karbowski Brittney Karbowski - Ryou Fujibayashi 21 episodes, 2007-2008
    Daisuke Sakaguchi Daisuke Sakaguchi - Youhei Sunohara / - 21 episodes, 2007-2008
    Greg Ayres Greg Ayres - Youhei Sunohara / - 21 episodes, 2007-2008
    Mamiko Noto Mamiko Noto - Kotomi Ichinose 17 episodes, 2007-2008
    Emily Neves Emily Neves - Kotomi Ichinose 17 episodes, 2007-2008
    Houko Kuwashima Houko Kuwashima - Tomoyo Sakagami 16 episodes, 2007-2008
    Kaytha Coker Kaytha Coker - Tomoyo Sakagami 16 episodes, 2007-2008
    Andrew Love Andrew Love - Akio Furukawa / - 15 episodes, 2007-2008
    Kara Greenberg Kara Greenberg - Sanae Furukawa / - 16 episodes, 2007-2008
    Ryôtarô Okiayu Ryôtarô Okiayu - Akio Furukawa 14 episodes, 2007-2008
    Kikuko Inoue Kikuko Inoue - Sanae Furukawa 14 episodes, 2007-2008
    Hilary Haag Hilary Haag - Fuko Ibuki / - 14 episodes, 2007-2008
    Ai Nonaka Ai Nonaka - Fuko Ibuki 13 episodes, 2007-2008
    Melissa Davis Melissa Davis - Botan / - 14 episodes, 2007-2008
    Maggie Flecknoe Maggie Flecknoe - Yukine Miyazawa / - 13 episodes, 2007-2008
    Blake Shepard Blake Shepard - Students / - 14 episodes, 2007-2008
    Minoru Shiraishi Minoru Shiraishi - Avid Fan / - 12 episodes, 2007-2008
    Shannon Emerick Shannon Emerick - Voice of 'I' / - 11 episodes, 2007-2008
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