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Hikaru Tsutsui is a high school student. He enjoys animation and video games in the virtual world, but he doesn't enjoy his real life. People at his school don't even know he exists. One day, he cleans up the pool at his school with beautiful Iroha Ikarashi. Iroha approaches Hikaru and confesses that she likes him.

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    • Author: one life
    Real girl 2018 Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa Cast: Towa Araki, Yutaro Goto, Mari Hamada, Moka Kamishiraishi and Sayaka Kanada Plot: A high school student lives in his virtual world but outside his virtual world he cleans the school pool with a girl he likes who also likes him. Review: I really enjoyed this movie because it shows you that people don't realize that is going on around them when plugged into technology. The direction and screenplay are both really good. Both the casting and acting are really good also. All in all I would give this five out of a possible five stars.
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    • Author: Golden freddi
    3D Kanojo: Real Girl has a story that it feels as if you have watched it somewhere before. It doesn't offer much of a surprise or a nice never seen before twist. It just follows the well known melodramatic love story. I did like the otaku theme, however, and how a lonely boy found friends and love. The couple, actually, had chemistry and they looked nice together. Though, after the five year time skip, all the characters looked the same and too childish to be grown ups. But that is I guess a minor misstep, concidaring that the movie was just so so. At least the CGI were nice.
  • Credited cast:
    Towa Araki Towa Araki - Kaoru Tsutsui
    Yutaro Goto Yutaro Goto - Yuto Ito
    Mari Hamada Mari Hamada - Kie Tsutsui
    Moka Kamishiraishi Moka Kamishiraishi - Sumie Ayado
    Sayaka Kanda Sayaka Kanda - Ezomichi (voice)
    Takahiro Miura Takahiro Miura - Shingo Mabuchi
    Ayami Nakajô Ayami Nakajô - Iroha Ikarashi
    Hayato Sano Hayato Sano - Hikaru Tsutsui
    Hiroya Shimizu Hiroya Shimizu - Mitsuya Takanashi
    Riki Takeuchi Riki Takeuchi - Mitsuru Tsutsui
    Yuri Tsunematsu Yuri Tsunematsu - Arisa Ishino
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