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Billie's daughter is going on her first date. Since he was a real girl chaser in high school, he is sure her date will be the same. So he gets a date with the school nurse, (he a widower) so he can follow her around and make sure she doesn't get into trouble.

Cindy Newman who played the "Girl in Closet" was discovered at Sugar's Uptown Cabaret in Austin Texas where she was a topless dancer known as "Ivory".

A TV film made for the NBC network.

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    • Author: Zainn
    I had a feeling that this was a Made-for-TV movie, just judging by the opening credits in that TGIF kind of font. What we have here is a safe, amusing film about an overprotective dad who is so nervous about his 15 year-old daughter's first official date, that he follows her. Of course, you should expect unusual consequences given a plot like that. Something to make dad realize that he had totally overreacted.

    Although the film is somewhat lackluster at points in both plot and humorous gags, it turns out to be an amusing little film. And one which oh-my-god the teenagers were not super-depressed or apathetic as many of today's teen productions are (i.e. the entire teen catalogue on the WB Network). Plus, an added bonus (and the reason I picked it up) is a small part by Pauley Shore as the clueless heavy metal kid at the school dance who thinks that his locker has been possessed by the Devil, whom he'll release, in exchange for turning the Vice Principal into a frog so he can dissect it in biology class. You also get to see Bull (from Nightcourt).

    It's nothing more than a bit harmless fun and humor.
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    • Author: Bev
    Not stating ripe-off as being bad, but for those who seen this will note that Michelle Thomas played Theo's girlfriend on the Cosby show, Tempestt Bledsoe was daughter Vanessa, and Kadeem Hardison played Lisa Bonets friend on a Different World. Not to take away from the movie which was great but seems that ever movie done in the late 80s took at least 2 to 3 actors from a show. Example as follows: Dance Till Dawn '1988' had Tempestt Bedsoe (Cosby), Alyssa Milano & Brian Bloom (Whos the boss),they both were in 'Crash Course' together, Tracey Gold & Alan Thicke (Growing Pains) and the list goes on. I am an 80's freak but looking back at some of these movies you have to wonder if they even put any effort into them or was these movies basic plugs for the actors. A push off away from their regular sitcom issues.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Tempestt Bledsoe Tempestt Bledsoe - Danni Fairview
    Clifton Davis Clifton Davis - Bill Fairview
    Kadeem Hardison Kadeem Hardison - Jim Parker
    Brandon Maggart Brandon Maggart - Charlie
    JoAnn Willette JoAnn Willette - Stacy
    Michelle Thomas Michelle Thomas - Sally Palmer
    Pauly Shore Pauly Shore - Rudy
    Richard Moll Richard Moll - The Man in the Theatre
    Anne-Marie Johnson Anne-Marie Johnson - Donna (as Ann Marie Johnson)
    Howard French Howard French - Mike
    Bill Bolender Bill Bolender - Billie Ray
    Margaret Bowman Margaret Bowman - Woman in Hotel Room
    Jason Sokolosky Jason Sokolosky - Dave
    Daniel Foley Daniel Foley - Waiter
    The Pictures The Pictures - Band
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