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There is a dance upcoming at Wally's school and Wally has been appointed to be the Blind Date Committee, which is supposed to find dates for all the girls who want to go to the dance but can't find their own dates. Wally is a bit apprehensive about this job as he isn't sure how to proceed. After taking advice from his parents, he is even more unsure about it as the task seems harder than he could have imagined. It seems especially difficult to find a date for Jill Bartlett, a girl he doesn't even know and has never seen, but who he learns has a reputation for being a "gopher" as he calls it, or what his parents refer to as a wallflower. Not being able to find a date for her and unable to get out of doing the job from the dance chair Duke Hathaway, Wally decides to be her date himself. Wally wants to do whatever he can to make sure that Jill has a good time at the dance, but sends Beaver to do some reconnaissance work first just so that he has some idea of what Jill looks like ...

First episode in the new, bigger home after the Cleavers move, as promised in last episode of season 2. They also changed networks from CBS to ABC.

"TV" Tommy Ivo parleyed his appearances on tv shows like this into a top fuel dragster driver in the 60.

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    • Author: Kashicage
    As the story unfolds, you (the viewer) can't wait to see what "Jill Bartlett" looks like, as the suspense of it all really builds up. In the end, Beverly Washburn was perfect as "Jill." They picked exactly the right kind of girl to play that role. Wally is in charge of getting her a blind date for a dance, and nobody seems to remember what she looks like.

    Earlier, in this Season Three opener, we get a short visit by LITB favorite "Eddie Haskell" (Ken Osmond) and from Beaver's pal "Larry Mondello" ('Rusty' Stevens). Tommy Ivo, a name that sounds familiar but I can't place where, guests as "Duke Hathaway," an older classmate who sort of bosses Wally.

    Washburn, meanwhile, went on to do a number of TV shows, particular on "The New Loretta Young Show," where she was on 26 episodes as "Vickie Massey."
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    • Author: Lanin
    The Cleavers have a new house and the series a new opening, but situations seem familiar. Wally has a new position, chairman of the blind date committee. He was appointed by Duke Hathaway, a senior who is sort of a big deal. His responsibility is to see that everyone has a date for the upcoming school dance. How hard can it be, there is only one girl without a date: the new girl, Jill Bartlett. Beaver figures she is a real ugly girl with warts all over.

    Wally is unsure how to go about getting a date for a girl he hasn't seen or knows anything about. Ward suggests he call and speak to the girl. When Wally calls he ends up speaking with the mother and he asks probing questions like what does she weigh. Armed with such quality information, Wally now needs to call his friends to see if he can find Jill a date. Chester says no because Jill is in his science class and she doesn't talk to anyone. Tooey says no because Chester called him and warned him off. Wally decides he can't call Lumpy because he wouldn't do that to any girl.

    At school, Wally tries talking with Duke; he wants to resign but Duke says no. Back at home, Beaver is talking to Larry who knows the problem of getting a date for a girl: Larry says his sister doesn't date because she's ugly. Wally finally calls Jill and asks her if she would like to go with him.

    Eddie Haskell stops by and gives Wally the business for taking Jill Bartlett to the dance and Eddie claims Jill is a gopher; an insult I am not familiar with but it's easy to get the gist. Meanwhile Beaver and Larry are at Jill Bartlett's house trying to get a look at her so they can report to Wally on her looks. They do get to see her but Beaver's report isn't helpful because when he gets home he can't describe her at all. Beaver just concludes that Jill is mostly nothing as he can't remember a detail.

    Wally is about to leave the house but Ward speaks to him and admits even he had dates with girls who weren't attractive. Ward says for one date in college he even had to pay his fraternity brothers to dance with her. Deciding to act on Ward's story, Wally borrows a dollar from Beaver thinking his two dollars might not be enough to bribe his friends.

    We find Wally at the malt shop after the dance having a soda and talking. But Jill even knows that Wally paid his friends to dance with her. Wally says he didn't find anything wrong with Jill. Jill says she just doesn't know how to talk to boys the way Mary Ellen Rogers does. Then Jill asks Wally what is he interested in. Good idea because Wally can talk about himself with ease. Maybe Jill is catching on as to how to talk with boys.

    At home Wally tells Beaver that Jill is nice. Beaver hopes nice doesn't mean he is in love with her. Of course not says Wally. And that's a good answer for Beaver who doesn't want Wally running off and getting married.

    A fun episode if a little uneven, but Wally is now established in high school and Eddie's appearance is a good indicator we will see more of him. No doubt there is some good advice for girls from the 60's as to how to interest boys; but it certainly seems dated by today's standards when it seems every teen in the US is on social media.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Barbara Billingsley Barbara Billingsley - June Cleaver
    Hugh Beaumont Hugh Beaumont - Ward Cleaver
    Tony Dow Tony Dow - Wally Cleaver
    Jerry Mathers Jerry Mathers - Theodore Cleaver
    Robert 'Rusty' Stevens Robert 'Rusty' Stevens - Larry Mondello (as Rusty Stevens)
    Ken Osmond Ken Osmond - Eddie Haskell
    Tommy Ivo Tommy Ivo - Duke Hathaway
    Beverly Washburn Beverly Washburn - Jill Bartlett
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