» » Zeit der Sehnsucht Episode #1.10569 (1965– )

Short summary

Shawn finds Belle, Claire and Philip before they can leave but Philip punches an already injured Shawn and tells Belle they are leaving. Belle tells Shawn "God Punishes Sinners" as they leave. When Bo finds Shawn he tells Bo what Belle said and they are both confused and head back to the hotel where Gabby is able to put together that "God Punishes Sinners" is Belle's code for GPS. They realize she was trying to tell Shawn she has the GPS tracking device on so they can locate them. Kayla meets up with Adrienne and asks if she brought the gun she asked for but Adrienne is hesitant to hand it over. E.J. tells Lucas that Sami drugged him the night of the fire so he would pass out. Sami admits she did it because E.J. was demanding to see her and Celeste came out with the whole plan to kill E.J. Lucas is upset with Sami but is able to forgive her much to Kate's dismay.

Episode credited cast:
John Aniston John Aniston - Victor Kiriakis
Matthew Ashford Matthew Ashford - Jack Deveraux (credit only)
Brandon Beemer Brandon Beemer - Shawn Brady
Blake Berris Blake Berris - Nick Fallon (credit only)
Joy Bisco Joy Bisco - Gabby
Steve Blackwood Steve Blackwood - Bart Beiderbecke (credit only)
Darin Brooks Darin Brooks - Max Brady (credit only)
Bryan Dattilo Bryan Dattilo - Lucas Roberts
Judi Evans Judi Evans - Adrienne Kiriakis
Mary Beth Evans Mary Beth Evans - Kayla Brady Johnson
Christopher Gerse Christopher Gerse - Will Roberts (credit only)
Bill Hayes Bill Hayes - Doug Williams (credit only)
Brody Hutzler Brody Hutzler - Patrick Lockhart (credit only)
Jay Kenneth Johnson Jay Kenneth Johnson - Philip Kiriakis
Lauren Koslow Lauren Koslow - Kate Roberts
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