» » Days of Our Lives Episode #1.9637 (1965– )

Short summary

Belle finds Rex fighting with his new surprised roommate Shawn and pulls her boyfriend out, trying to calm him down about Rex's intentions; he gives in to stay close to her. Tony resents more references to Stefano, whose ashes urn mysteriously falls from the mantle-piece. Mimi tells her ma Maureen 'Bonnie', who was abandoned for the fourth and final time by her dad David, there's no way she's bringing her fancy boy-friend Rex home, nor ask him for money, but starts handing ma some 'for repairs', then takes Rex's side against Shawn and hands Rex the loft's keys. Belle tells Mimi her rent check bounced, then finds her savings at the bank are gone- ma cashed them in. Jack keeps snooping into the snitch killing, despite of Jen's premonition wining; Abe catches him looking into his police computer but they agree to bring Tony down 'to protect their families'.

Episode credited cast:
Matthew Ashford Matthew Ashford - Jack Deveraux
Jason Cook Jason Cook - Shawn-Douglas Brady
Judi Evans Judi Evans - Adrienne Kiriakis / Bonnie Lockhart
Farah Fath Farah Fath - Mimi Lockhart
Deidre Hall Deidre Hall - Dr. Marlena Evans Black
Thaao Penghlis Thaao Penghlis - Tony DiMera
Kirsten Storms Kirsten Storms - Belle Black
Eric Winter Eric Winter - Rex Brady
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